Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Slowly, slowly.

Only a few days ago, Mr. Ratte photoshopped this above image with me as a RABBIt and
Maestro Flores as a Turtle. A Rainbow touches both of us. I like this image a lot. For me it captures perfectly my relationship with Maestro right now. 

Ever since I met him his main saying is "poco, a poco." Which in English translates as "little by little." His teaching is that when one goes "little by little" then one is cautious and it soon becomes a lot. The turtle is often considered the slowest in the material world, yet the fastest in the spiritual world. My problem as a student of Maestro has been that sometimes I go too fast. I am a Rabbit trying to learn to be a turtle.

Now where this gets interesting is that I was just about to post something from my recent trip to Peru to visit Maestro, and it involves the Turtle.

Here are the images:

First here we have Maestro (Jeremy Narby is on his left) and he is wearing his Blue Feathered Crown. This crown will be seen again soon.

The next day as I am leaving Mayantuyacu I get into a taxi and share the front seat with Maestro. As Andre takes our picture I pretend to be a baby on his lap. Notice his Turtle T-shirt. A gift from his last trip to Manitoba.

As we roll into PUccalpa, the nearest town, I notice an ad with a turtle on it. The turtle just so happens to have the same kind of feather crown that Maestro wears.

Here it is again a few minutes later near the Maestro's head.

A close-up of the poster shows the shaman turtle giving the thumbs up and its slogan is
"Vive Tranquillo". 

Live Calmly. Funny how Maestro's favorite response to people when they ask him how he is,
is always "Tranquillo."

Funny times indeed


  1. I think it's time to read Godel Escher Bach by Douglas Hoftstader for the third time ... the narrators are the fabled tortoise and hare ... Juan is wearing a turtle that imitates a Simon Says ... I've done some posts on terrapins before ... get it? terra-pin, the turtle or earth anchor ... think plant roots (it get's into Flow via 13 and polyhedrals)

  2. How often do people wear those feather crowns? cause if not so often that is pretty interesting, to say the least.

    Here in Maryland we have Turtles (sculptures) everywhere. They paint them with different themes but they are the same statue. I have seen a few and hope to try to visit them all eventually, when I got some time.

    Says there is 50 of them. I have seen one in Silver Spring with Eisenstein quotes all over it. Wonder what the rest are..

    We also have the same thing here in Baltimore with crab statues, same thing all the same with different themes.

    Yeah I agree "Funny times indeed". Stephen King was about 2 miles from my house signing books at a local Walmart, go figure. If I didn't have to take care of my kids all day I woulda tried to go meet him.

  3. Hi g8ors, always enjoying your refreshing great stuff :-)
    Hope you could help me with this question:
    If Winnipeg is the heart-city, is there also a "pineal gland city" or point so to speak?

  4. My personal opinion. Is that there is one point in the centre of our heart and that is the great attractor. everything is within that point. pineal gland city. good question i will think about that. take care nexus.

    and quark, a headress like that is obviously used by shamans downs there. but at most a few, and I have seen no other ads around the city with it. it was a divine sync for sure.

  5. I like that - "vive tranquilo".

    Got a few tortoise/turtle syncs myself lately.

    Wrote a couple of weeks back "follow the green tortoise" on my messenger status as a joke on the whole follow the white rabbit thing.

    Maybe a good message not to hurry or stress out indeed.

    Peace and love


  6. Loved it! Great advice.
    Your post reminded me of the Turtle sensei in the movie Kung Fu Panda. I guess that would make you Po the Panda. You've always synced well with the Bear.