Monday, November 23, 2009

Ring of Power

Right on Frodo's Jupiter finger. 2010 is the finger and the year we put on our Ring of Power.
The space patch for the current Atlantis shuttle mission looks like the face of God to me. The Moon and Mars are the eyes. The shuttle is the nose (gnosis), the Earth is a Vesica Piscis mouth, and the three lines symbolize the energies converging at the the Third Eye of the G-star, 0r the top of the X-mas Tree.

Xmas is the season of JOY and Jupiter is the Jovial Planet. Santa is from Jupiter for sure. He live at the North Pole. I now know that in freemasonery North is the direction of Death. Santa comes from the land of the Dead. 

Old men with White Beards like Zeus, Gandalf and Santa Claus.

Zeus and Santa connect again around rings with the 5 Golden Rings of the song "the 12 days of Christmas" that resonate the 5 rings of Zeus's Olympics.

Did anyone notice the mention of B.C. (British Columbia) 2010 in the film 2012? It was there. It was mentioned in passing as the place and time that a preparation document for a 2012 emergency was written.

Interesting how Jupiter itself has rings and a halo around it. Something that we did not realize until not too long ago. 

The relationship between the Moon and Jupiter is becoming more prevalent. Not only is it the stepping stone in the 2001/2010 movies for getting to Jupiter and realizing cosmic consciousness, but it is also what gives light to Santa so he can spread his Joy late on Xmas Eve.

All this stuff entrains with the recent Jupiter 24 Project led by NASA to monitor Jupiter for 24 hours straight. This picture below is of the team of scientists conducting the project. Notice how one of them is wearing a sweater with a Man on the Moon on it. 

Now the ring thing also leads us to Telephones and Bells. The telephone being invented by Alexander Bell kind of tells us they lead to the same thing.  If 2010 is the year of the Ring that fits nicely with it being the Year We Make Contact. It is the year we get through on our "phone". We phone home and everything changes. We also dial phones usually with our Jupiter Finger. Same finger that Frodo wears his Ring of Power (at least in the film).

Lord of the Ring. Lord of the Phone Call. Lord of Contact. Lord of Ayahuasca.

The Atlantis shuttle flight is slated to land this Friday November 27th. This day just so happens to be the Day of the Miraculous Medal. A Catholic holy day in honour of a woman who received visions of Mary, Mother of Jesus. In the vision she saw Mary wearing rings that emitted light that symbolized the Grace she gives out to those with faith. November 27th seems to be a day resonating the Ring of Power.

That day also happens to be the day of the Manitoba Touchdown party for the Canadian Football League's Grey Cup. A logo for Manitoba Touchdown is not only Blue and Gold, the colors of the Robe of Enlightenment and Mary, but also the logo is inside a Golden Ring. 

What does it mean?

Nothing. Its just a beautiful weird mysterious sync.


  1. Jupiter has rings, awesome.

    Cool write up. I had a huge comment but I accidentally closed the window. Serves me right cause I started ranting about the moon.... again. Hehe.

    I'll jus' kick back and think about this one for now.

    But that mission patch is nuts.

  2. Dr. Carl Calleman's new book "The Purposeful Universe" mentions halos as the primary quantum force that drives evolution as proported by the Mayan calendar. Great read--I highly recommend it.

  3. you might know Arthur Clarke's original had Saturn as the first planet where the 2001 space journey goes to - this resonates somewhat with our Saturnian (RING) nothing-religion currently focused on limitations, time, structure etc. It's span - the Saturnian preiod - is supposed to end in 2010 (9 magical years...) with the Jupiter mission. Satan is the primordial Santa, Santa is a manifestation thereof (old men eating children...). That's why this winter solstice will prove particular interesting exactly due the "9th gate" phenomena (think of the movie "9" also)..

  4. i know. that is why i find interesting that jupiter was chosen instead for the film. says much. thanks for the info. i am feeling this 9th gate for sure. take care.

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