Tuesday, November 3, 2009

AyaPhone Home(off the hook)

Perhaps the best way of understanding Ayahuasca is by seeing it as a phone.

A spiritual phone.

It is an instrument we can use to dial up various spiritual beings and realms in order to communicate with each other (or other facets of ourself is another way of seeing it). When I mentioned this idea to Jeremy Narby he remarked how he had thought of it already himself (of course he did).

What he told me is that too many people are consumed with the phone, and that what is important is not the technology, but rather the conversation. There are a lot of people picking up the phone and hearing nothing, or at worst making prank calls. There are few who are engaged in meaningful dialogue.

Get smart, put the shoe down and try some Ayahuasca my friend.

That is why a true Maestro is always recommended when using Ayahuasca.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

"Hello, is the President of the Plants there please?"

The vine above is 300 years old and a vintage phone. In the world of plant technology, being old makes for a better phone.

Another layer to this metaphor is in the actual phone numbers dialed.

When one wants to connect with a specific spirit of a plant it is best to make a medicinal brew out of the plant. Next one enters into an isolated vision quest where they only drink the brew made from the plant in question. This is how one dials a number. At the end of the diet one take Ayahuasca, or they pick up the phone and begin their conversation. This is when the spirit of the plant will visit you and teach you what you need to know. Plant spirits are actually just souls that have long gone past the earth and who maintain a phone line with earth so they can help others follow them deeper into the infinite. We all eventually become plants.

There are some plant spirits that when dialed hold the black books of phone numbers. These plants can teach one how to make numerous other plant interfaces, or give you lots of phone numbers.

Ayahuasca as Phone.

"Like my AyaPhone? I use my Red Seeing Jupiter Finger to phone home all the time."

Why do I describe all this? Well, because I think we can find some profound syncs with phones and Ayahuasca in POP culture.

More specifically I feel the destiny of humanity is to activate this phone once again. Making the phone call and awakening seems to be the same thing.

The two films that sync up best in my mind are E.T. and the Matrix. The classic line "E.T. phone home" sums up our job here on Earth.

I see E.T. as our Spirit, and its yearning to "Phone Home" is an integral part of the spirit's journey to return home back to where it came from.

Where I find the Matrix fits into the equation is that the act of phoning home is the stargate action necessary to get out of the illusion of the matrix. Neo just needs to phone home to return back to "reality".

When we phone someone, we are reaching out to make contact. This is often a first step to eventually meeting someone in person.

I believe we here on earth are about to phone home to heaven, where our divine self always resides. We are in the midst of phoning God and when we make contact he picks up the other line, perhaps we become God.

2010: The Year We Make Contact with our Higher Self that resides on Jupiter. In 2010 we become Jupiter. Joy reigns.

PLANet, PLANeT, planE.T.



(Obviously these ideas are ridiculous and I have no idea what I am talking about. Remember that.)


Who knows what anyone is talking about Jim.... Personally I feel that the phone booth is used alot most notably of course in the picture above being the main changing station for Superman. The phone booth was used again in the Matrix 1 as Neo steps out at the end to do his superman thing into the sky's.Keanu is seen above in the classic sync-fest Bill & Ted's above... Note the old school sync of having his leg highlight the word One to reinforce his latter role as Neo or the oNe.... The booth is a time machine that connects them to the dead people of the past.... AKA spirits and resonates soundly with the nonsense sprouted above by Jim. It took me awhile pondering all the stargate themes around the telephone booth to realize that it truly is a stargate that can connect us to someone liying in another timezone. Quit literally a time breaker.There are alot of underlining unintentional similarities to the Harry Potter and Matrix franchises one that needs note here is their uses of the phone booth of course. In the book the Booth was highlighted a little more vividly and the numbers to activated it sending them to the underworld(or at least the world under the street that lies unseen) were 6, 4, 2, 4, 2.... Don't quote me on that because it's been a while however I'm sure that the number can be easily lined up to the 666 stargate number that has more to do with enlightenment than evil necessarily.
Now another example that I had of this, but was unable to put together completely until this post is Get Smart. Oddly enough Jim used this example above except with the shoe instead of the Booth. The Booth once again is the way to the unseen underworld.
In the Get Smart movie we actually see another way to the underworld by communication with a Conscious Plant... The Plant being played by an actor named Bill Murray. Murray is most noted interacting with the dead in Ghostbusters, but also had the same thing happen to him in Scrooged. In 2009 however he himself died in the movie Zombieland.Bingo direct hit... And one of the most original and hilarious moments in movie history. In my mind Bill Murray is dead ever sense I saw this. This all reinforces subjects above. After talking to Plant Konciousness Smart walks on water in true Almighty Evan style in the city he was Evan in and dowsed with an Aquirian flood. Also to note is that it is right in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Lincoln was killed by a man named Booth and rode in the time traveling Booth with Bill & Ted.He then goes down a spiral staircase for a secret meeting with agent 23 or Dwayne Johnson or The Rock.... The DNA strain like staircase that also resembles Ayaphone interacts strongly throughout the scene.

Jim's post about Jupiter Juice (aka Ayahuasca) just so happens to be Nr 241 here at the sync whole.

Me and Jim were on our way to Stella's, where I ran into Frank Albo for the first time, when the conversation turned to Ayahuasca as phone.

Jim mentioned "E.T Phone Home" and then the phone as Matrix StarG8.

I stopped in my tracks and electricity ran up and down my spine, the impact of the sync was that strong.
Peace In


  1. Ishmael - Too funny.
    Will: Awesome syncs.
    Jake: Those numbers are haunting us. Thanks for the Jupiter moment
    on twitter last night.

  2. That was crazy.... I felt electrocity running up my spine.. Great sync.Its all about connections.. The faster and cheaper the better..

  3. Can I has Ayahuasca?

  4. Hi james,

    Well either i need to come to NY or you come here. But yes. I would really love to see a bunch of you all come here to the Peg next summer and do a couple ceremonies with us. I think it would bring this work to a new level. Plus it would be great to actually have a beer and hang like normal people as well.

  5. i could see a NY trip in the future. for sure by late 2010.

  6. I would definitely be available for a trip to Winnie-peg next summer and I am available to host some folks in my apartment. Do you all ever go down to Peru to hang out with Juan?

  7. cool.

    Phone cords used as a strangling device turned positive. Double wammy

  8. Wait a minute, (please deposit fifty cents for the next 60 seconds), where's the TARDIS in this arch-tickle? Outside the Vine of the Soul, the spiral itself is an intriguing form, one which the Universe dreams up when it wishes to create life. Just real-eyes that the parasitic poison ivy vine, too, climbs trees in spirals. Speaking of trees & tree people, I just found this wonderful tale about the Willowfolk ….HERE.… And yes, a compassionate guide is always deemed essential on such Explorations of Inner Space, lest the traveler get losted.

    Walking softly & carrying a spiral stick,
    Anadæ Effro ~ (•8-D}

  9. will: yes i just got back from peru last thursday.

    james: would love you in winnie peg next summer. and yes i head to peru and hang with juan when i can. tough with two little girls. increasingly he is traveling at this stage. so him and his wife will be in manitoba for three months next summer with plans in the future for them to spend half their year here with us and half down in the jungle. our goal is find the local variant of ayahuasca here in manitoba.

    i will send details soon about dates next summer for people.

    much love


  10. AE - TARDIS - That's hilarious.

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