Saturday, November 7, 2009

floW in the sNOW (slushed up) Updated w/ Doubles and Bridges

I just noticed this poster for the Wolfman to come out in 2010. It is slated to be released on February 12. Also written as 02.12.10. This is the same date that the next Winter Olympics kicks off in Vancouver, Canada.

Notice the number on the sNOWboarder is 42. Of all the numbers to pick!

02.12.10 seems to point to the phase I like to refer to as Twenty Twen, that is the collective awareness of the non-local, non-linear flowering of consciousness to take place in the linear time of 2012 and 2010, both dates encoded in the 02.12.10 date that is to signify the lighting of the Olympic Torch and the release of Wolfman.

Heck even 02.12.10 can give us 21 + 21 = 42.

The best part about all this 2010 talk is that it is just around the corner. So the guessing game is almost over.

Peace yall.

(I am now off to go see Couple's Retreat with my wife. God knows we need therapy living with a psycho syncromystic like myself.)


Richard: While reading this post my attention was drawn to the fire burning on this Olympic torch. Notice that the flames are almost touching the 'C' of the 'Cauldron':

The Fire and Cauldron coming together on February 12th 2010 may point to a time when things are beginning to heat up. February could be a month when the sNOW is going to go through a gradual warming process, a thawing of Consciousness which helps our transition into Twenty Twen. This melt-down may help things floW a little easier.

The February 12th release of the Wolfman movie, starring Benecio Del Toro, suggests that this could be a period when some form of metamorphosis is taking place, a moment when the MOON/MON/NOW is full.

Benecio Del Toro has also played the role of Che Guevara. The letters Che, or Chi/Ki/Prana/Life Force Energy, point to a transformation which is taking place at the energetic levels. This Che/Chi/Ki REvolution, beginning on 2.12.10, could start with a bang.

February could be a month when chaos reigns supreme. Some may experience it as a Fear & Loathing as the inner-wolFman goes on the rampage. Others will use it as an opporunity to tame the beast, to go with the floW of Che/Chi/Ki, rather than against it. If we fight the transformation during this period then there could be sirius repercussions. We might see this inner-struggle being reflected on the world stage as the media shows us some crazy shit happening around the world. The chances are that I'm waaaay off the mark here, but if February is a quiet month, then I'll eat my own shoe!

Here's another thing.

The Wolfman/42 connection that Jim pointed out earlier in the post brought to mind this image from the movie Teen wolf:

The above Wolfman/42 sync was used on this blog a couple of months ago and it's only now that I can appreciate a new dimension to the synchronicity thanks to the Beaver, the animal mascot for Michael J. Fox's basketball team:

Why is the Beaver's connection with the Wolfman and 42 (the number of Jupiter) of any syncnifcance?

Well a couple of days ago, while in the middle of writing a post about the Siriusly Podcast, I was researching the Gemini Twins and discovered that they happen to go by two interesting names:

In Greek they were known as
"The Sons of Zeus (Jupiter)"

In Greek/Latin they were also known as the Castores.

Castor/Castores means "Beaver"

Here's what Wiki has to say about the Beaver Brothers, or Sons of Jove/Joy:

The Gemini Twins, or Beaver Brothers, also entrain with Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome who were nursed by the Wolf:

The Beaver's home is called a Lodge and this brought to mind the Freemasons who are also members of a Lodge. This Beaver/Freemason sync reminded me of this Porky poster which Jim used in an old post. We find Porky in the centre of the Freemasonic square and compass as his eye desperately seeks the female genitalia, symbolic of a portal or starg8, which some refer to as a 'Beaver':

The Porky's poster suggests that 2010 could be a year in which we have our first opportunity to glimpse the 'Beaver', to finally get a chance to peek at the ellusive G-Spot (or God-Spot?), a source of Bliss/Ecstasy/Joy.

2010, the 'Year of the Tiger' in the Chinese zodiac, could also be called the 'Year of the Cat', or the 'Year of the Pussy Cat', or simply the 'Year of the Pussy'.

'Beaver' and 'Pussy' are names which some use to describe the female birth canal which makes me think that 2010, Year of the Beaver/Pussy, is a time for REbirth, and as Jim said earlier, an opportunity to floW in the sNOW.

One last thing.

Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster have been working together for a new movie entitled 'Beaver' (directed by KK/Kyle Killen):

When I googled 'Mel Gibson Beaver' I noticed that he's been going to a lot of trouble to show off his Beaver puppet. Why is Mel (Passion of the Christ) Gibson highlighting this particular animal at this particular moment in time? Why are the Wolfman, the number 42 and the Gemini Twins; the Sons of Jupiter; Beaver Brothers sired by Wolves, involved in all of this?

If we follow the lead of Jodie Foster we find that it all boils down to 2010: The Year we make Contact with the planET Jupiter.

Contact tagline:

Bea-ver or Be Square!

Kevin/Indradhanush: WOW Lovely flow I feel like were really moving into resonance with a new FloW for surely as demonstrated gracefully by us G8ors and being itself. MoM and PoP would be proud!
I felt this post and its considerations of Twins, 42, Wolf, Jupiter, etc would be a timely place to drop some Ideas ive been having about all these memes were threading together, So here goes a stream of Kkonsciousness off da dome a bit.

I really totally dig the connection between Jupiter/42 and the Twins. Symbolically we can see the Twins archetype or the Good/Evil Duality or Double concept as reflective of our Dual Nature as well, we have our Physical Animal Bodies (WolfMan/Flow of the Moonbody) and then our Spiritual or Energetic or Subtle(solar-light)Bodies which exist in Dimensions not presently perceivable(unless...). So we are all Twins! Theres the External Kevin (me), and theres the Nameless nature of that which Animates and Causates me(the astral self).

Note the Dove(holy spirit/kundalini) Striking the Tower of the Spine with enlightenment in the Tower Tarot card. The Serpent on the right symbolizing the activated Spiritual transfer of energy from Source-being, the creative destructive all seeing Eye of Shiva.

We can see the Plane as a Dove, delivering dramatic Change, just what the above Tarot Card would symbolize in personal Divination.

So the Twin Towers coming dowin in 2001 could also be interpereted as the Dove(plane flight 11)of Holy Spirit/Kundalini or new higher KKonsciousness Striking the Towers (the Spinal column) of the Physical and Astral Selves. Since this time KKonsciousness seems to be becoming aware of its Dual Nature and simultaneously Dissolving that Illusory Duality. The connections between NY OZ and the Rainbow Bridge event and 9-11 are many.

Dennis Mckenna

The Rainbow Bridge connects our Earth and Astral Dimensions, Rainbows are light hitting water at 42 degree angle, 42 also resembles Jupiter, which Shamans Juan Flores(johnny FloWers), and Dennis Mckenna(tru hallucinations audio Cd) have both stated that on Jupiter is a Spiritual or Ideal DOUBLE of all of our souls, Mckenna calling it a Mirror. These selves of OURS that may be just over the Rainbow just might be the KKOnsciousness that is settling into our previous Konsciousness, thus KKonsciousness Squared (KK).

11 is one and one together, not one plus one, is that also Duality Dissolved? Anyway, I do beleive that Jupiter is a Key part in the process of all of us realizing that all is Spirit. Jupiter Rules PISCES, Jupiters Symbol is the Crescent of Spirt and the Cross of Matter thus also resonating the Duality or Twin Double flow of Spirit and Matter. Now Jupiter is also a ruler of Saggitarius the Centaur, which typified as a Man overcoming his ANIMAL Nature, or his inner(lunar) WOLF MAN. Now through 42 -Michael J Fox, Centaur Saggitarius and Cross nailed Pisces we can connect Jupiter to Overcoming the Animal and Physical Self awareness and the attainment of Spiritual Liberation from the suffering of attachment, and moving into the Birth of a New KKonsciousness.

Overcoming the Animal Self can be connected to Jupiter and the year we make contact 2010 through the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Tiger which is 2010, and the Tiger Rug is what C-ing Red Shiva Sits on symbolically showing KKonsciousnesses Dominance over Matter and the Animal Lower Self. 2010 to me represents when the Rainbow Bridge will meet "the other Side" at both ends, now we can also see how the Astral Double/Jupiter/42/Rainbow Bridge can fit right in with The Lepus Rabbit Hole Maat Duat 42 connections explored here, 42 is a Pointer toward our self that lies beyond form, the "underworld"s and Shamanic Planes of unity to me.. This Wolfman 2010 can also be connected to the resurgence of our Lunar Feminine Self the Anima, which is coming back into alignment with cosmic Animus as we move toward the Green Revolution of Returning home to MOMma GAIA, The Moonwalker Michael Jackson did alot of work on feminizing and unifying kkonsciousness in his time here, and he passed away in Aquarian 09, and he had many connections to the Rainbow Bridge as explored here. Ive got alot more to say, so many analogies, but these are some thoughts I felt resonated with these ideas and would love to hear what we can all synch off with this. Rainbow Love to all <><>

Today, November 8th 2009 WE entered the 6th Night of the Mayan Calendards Galactic Underworld. We will ride this stage in the Calendar until November 2010.

November 3rd 2009 Rare Midnight Moonbow Photographed!

What a promisingsign of protection and potential for this "Cosmic Tigger" year.

Peace in, Bee the light in the 6th of Nights!


  1. James: That's a hilarious pic. watched most of the piece. reminds me of my good old "dada world data" and black bloc days of cop battles, tear gas and paranoia. my personal opinion is that all is a consciousness trap that can suck the best of people into it. still a necessary part of the journey though. but increasingly its clear to me that any dark energies thrive on this type of response to oppression. sadly i feel oppression just gets stronger and worse the more we fight fire with fire. but alas, for me at least, its seems like its all part of a greater alchemy at play that is reaching a "head" as we speak. for me once i realized death was but a word and there is nothing to fear and that my spirit really is eternal then my breadth of strategy changed. just watching that got me all riled though. take care.

  2. Wow dudes. Richard and Kevin. Most exciting su'synct stuff i have read yet. i so agree. we all have an ideal self on jupiter. that is the dealio for sure. nice to see this flow emerge. exciting times indeed! chills up and down reading your take on things. peace bros.

  3. Jim, James, RA, and Kevy well done.

    F@#k that was an awesome flow.

    I laughed pretty hard at your tie-ins RA.

    Its nice to have the element of humor with this Sirius work.

    I wish Kevin did the horoscopes for my local newspaper. That would rule.

  4. Loved it.
    Nice to see you guys dig into Castor / Pollux, Romulus / Remus and the SHE-WOLF.
    Though Classified's song, "O Canada" echoed through my head from the first mention of beaver!

    google Classified - O Canada we love our beaver


  5. For whoever cares,
    there was no "J" in latin, J was "I" (and "U" was "V") ... finally my Jesuit schoolin comes in handy - nod and a wink to Jim!


  6. incredible, guys.
    Richard, you really touched it!
    I'm happy to serve in the same underwolrd as you guys.
    -now I think I need to read it again.

  7. I just watched my little jupiter vid again. i now realize the film won't be out until at best the end of 2010. i guess everything that goes down in 2010 is part of it. story ain't over yet. so the Winnipeg 2010 Cosmic Tigger will be part of it. heck maybe a few more of you will be in it! funny how that having no funding (yet freedom) allows for a documentary to last longer and for a better story to emerge. when the plants (gods) want it done it will be done. peace yall. this post pumped me up big time.

  8. wicked videos Jim and Kevin.
    This post was even better the second time.

  9. Jim,
    see if you can spot the syncs in this youtube-user created vid for Classified's Oh Canada...


  10. Thanks for the kind words friends! Grateful to be working with yall, peace in!