Sunday, November 22, 2009

Banner pan-ic-NOW with more adds!

Kevin: Awsome work Kidder! I found this over at the Religion of Nothing blog. I happened to see 2012 on Jupiter 24 hour Watch day, and the car ahead of us all the way to the theatre had the liscence 2012 ahehe. Movie is synched out, and is very Noahs Arc thus Rainbow Covenant resonant too, Jupiter is most certainly happenin, exciting times! Im glad everyone digs the banner, Much love yall~ Namaste

Kidder~ Nice one Kevy. Here's a collage from one of the first posts here at TSW.

Here's a classic manipulation...


  1. One of Jake's tweets from today...

    "77/OZ/Pan/Whole is 7 times 11. 7 and 11 are numbers of Pi."

    NOW that's a big piece of the pie. Pan pizza pie.

    November = 11

  2. nice jon. i can s see the towers now in the 2012 poster. crazy stuff.

  3. Yes, awesome.

    Frying the meaning of life on our Pi Pan.

  4. "everything synchs"


    pure joy. : )