Friday, November 20, 2009

Bow to the Reign - blOZZOmed

"Everybody sees a slightly different rainbow even if standing side by side: each one has his own personal rainbow! The drops of water refract and reflect the rays from the sun backwards, at 42 degrees to the incoming rays. A secondary rainbow, which sometimes appears outside the primary one (at 51 degrees) is caused by two internal reflections instead of just one." link

Upon reflection we can see justification for searching a mirrored and/or rotated 42 symbol. Which links us with 24, maybe even 5b or be. I see a pattern here between 51 and 42, they make me think of 33 and 6 ( 60, 51, 42, 33, 24, 15, 6) It's also important to remember that the tip of the head of your shadow is the anti-solar point and center of the rainbow. This intrigues me about the concepts of Ego and Solar Illumination.

One more thing. The primary rainbow is 96% polarized and the secondary rainbow is 90% polarized. I see the dualism. I see the 96% as a close approximation of dark matter and unconsciouness. I see light was as DNA. Polarization and rainbows talk about parallel lines. They speak of straight and curves. They are Rays. They Flow.

Check out Strange Eye's Code 144 link


  1. James,

    from the cycling of the Ennegram: 142857 3,6,9


    Scroll to the bottom of my March '09 post
    6 Days of Creation - the Ring, the Sphere, and Jimi Hendrix


  2. ... and AWESOME to see more colors of the rainbow added to this ancient divided by 7 mystery!

    BTW... it all begins with 17 (or rather 1/7 = .142857......) and like Christopher Knowles at The Secret Sun always points out, where there's a 17, 33 is sure to follow!
    In esoteric math you can also understand 17 as ONE before SEVEN which references the number SIX.


  3. The more I research this Enneagram figure the more I also think that Richard C Hoagland should consider looking deeper at it, beyond the double inverted terahedron in the sphere figure, that he references in his HyperDimensional Model.


  4. omg, I didn't make that connection, awesome

  5. I know hey!
    It is one of those things that the more (the deeper) you look, the more you see in it!


  6. Just back online and noticed the Tooth header at THE BLOB and the fingers here.
    Today there is a report that they have found Galileo's Tooth and Two Fingers.

    Didnt he invent Jupiter or was that the Vatican


  7. James, Jon...

    Here's a few concepts very loosely strung together, which after viewing the videos included will hopefully make more sense to you.

    We have the Rainbow of 7 colors in a half circle, implying a full circle.
    We can't say "half circle" without implying the FULL CIRCLE.

    Ferris Wheel...
    built by George Ferris. This wheel was 264 feet high and had 36 cars

    360 degrees / 36 cars = 1 car every 10 degrees

    36 x 10 = 360

    264 feet high
    264 / 3 = 88
    264 / 4 = 66
    264 / 6 = 44
    264 / 8 = 33

    and then following our magic number of 142857 (3,6,9)
    derived from x / 7
    (or in this case Egyptian PI at 22 / 7)

    which means
    "In the Beginning"

    which means
    "He made 6"



    6X6 = 36

    360 / 24 = 15

    36 x 10 = 360

    360 / 5 = 72
    360 / 6 = 60

    The Secret of the Universe - Magnetism, Coral Castle and the Freemasons

    Sweet 16 (1 6)

    (s)19 (w)23 (e)5 (e)5 (t)20 = 72 + 16 = 88

    (s)1 (w)5 (e)5 (e)5 (t)2 = 9 + (16)7 = 16

    Ring twice


  8. 'Twas I. Glad you liked the banner Jon.

    Thanks for the info James. Interesting stuff.

  9. i'm still watching the 144 video, quite a bit of 24 synchs, amazing site ... i had to run back to say that I drew Herzog's panel from the Masonic temple ... it looks very similar I will post it