Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Grace of V

When H1N1 first jumped onto the scene I remember trying to play with the letters and numbers to see what other meaning I could deduce from this funny name. Of course I replaced the 1's with A's.


HANA is derived from the Hebrew Word HANNAH which means to be graced by God. H1N1 somehow pointed to Grace.

I didn't think much more about it until I talked with Jake about it not too long ago. He mentioned how HANA and ANNA where the same name. I left it again to mull around in my noggin.

Then suddenly I am informed that the remake of V is soon. I see the trailer and read about it and soon learn that the leader of the Visitors (reptilians) is a woman named ANNA. It is her face that is beamed over all the world's major cities during the moment of first contact.

I just watched this first episode tonight. Funny how this show is appearing at the same time
that the H1N1 meme dominates our environment.

It would be easy to come up with tons of conspiracy theories about both the airing of the V series and H1N1, but the only conspiracy that has any weight with me is the conspiracy of All that Is.

It might seem like the last thing to think of in these times, but for me ANNA, the evil reptilian and H1N1, the deadly swine flu both point us to the Grace of God.

A Grace that is on our doorstep.

(Notice in the above poster for Miracle for St. ANNA. we see an arrow pointing at a Buffalo. The arrow is also an upside down V. This tells me the Buffalo is connected to Grace. The Dakota people of the North American plains are also known as the Buffalo People. Perhaps they hold the key to our Grace.)
Sleep tight syncsters.

Here are V syncs a ran into today.
Above, an episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer I revisited this morning and below 28 Days I finished tonight.
Funny enough the hands in both frames belong to the same lovely lady.

Just last night I discovered this whole cluster of syncs that tie so many things together, intimately involving the mystery lady.
My mind was proper blown.

How in the world we account for the fact that this, entirely unrelated V thread (to my original reason for investigating the matter), appears in her hands, is the magick of sync that keeps me here and excited.
Look at how they are both red and tilted at the same angle, even though these are entirely unrelated media pieces, save the commonality of the actress, my interest in her today and awareness of the V theme!

Consciousness is giving us loud messages that the fabric of the universe is intelligent and waking up to itself. That's about as good as I can put it at this late hour.

Allow me the melodrama of keeping her identity to myself until appropriate context can be collated to make the sync shine the way it deserves, Grace willing.


  1. alternatively...


  2. Like the ANKH was the "Symbol of Life" (Philosopher's Stone/Manna/MZKFT) to the Egyptians, the Buffalo / "Tatanka" was the "Symbol of Life" for the Native American (Lakota/Dakota). Without the Hide and the Meat and the fat there was no good life - no protection from the weather, no lamp oil.


  3. Ha Ha ... A copy of Slaughter house found it's way into my library as I searched through what my last room mate left behind

    You know AnnA from V was a Political Prostitute in FireFly and her image is projected through a field of hexagons.

    Well as for H1N1, I am amazed y'all can try to find positive messages from this Pig's presence. A large part of me can only see the nefarious tradition. Synch related the last time the ZOG lied to us about Flying Pigs was 1976 (1+9+7+6=23) this year is 2009 (11), we already know how 11 can be 23, just ask me military time.

  4. Far, FAR worse is the (largely undiagnosed & often misdiagnosed) spread of Lyme disease. A documentary, "Under Our Skin", has its virulence nailed. Click here for the trailer.

  5. Very interesting. I haven't been interested in watching V, but now I think I'll give it a chance. A couple of years ago, I kept seeing the name/word "Grace". During that time, my granddaughter was born. And that's when the name "Grace" became even more special to me. Her name: Anna Grace. "Grace" has been showing up again. And then today of all days (11-11) I google "synchronicity" and "77" I find one of your blog posts about Heroes and the number 77.

    I read that in 1918 in Philadelphia, the flu was almost gone by November 11. It's Wikapedia, so I don't know how accurate that is, but hey, look at the date.:)


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