Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jonny Death...

The screen shot comes from one of my most favorite films of all time. Probably cause it just gets better with time.... Fear and loathing in Las Vegas...

The Death Ship is a novel written by B. Traven or Traven Torsvan(raven tits). One way you could think of him would be as a dead man; seeing how he kept himself almost unidentifiable. He is known in the consensus as an anarchist. He is known by three different names.

Here is a wiki fart on the novel...

Set just after World War I, The Death Ship describes the predicament of merchant seamen who lack documentation of citizenship and cannot find legal residence or employment in any nation

That kinda sounds like pirate to me. Pi rate?...

The narrator is Gerard Gales(77), an American sailor who claims to be from New Orleans, and who is stranded in Antwerp without passport or working papers. Unable to prove his identity or his eligibility for employment, Gales is repeatedly arrested and deported from one country to the next, by government officials who do not want to be bothered with either assisting or prosecuting him. When he finally manages to find work, it is on the Yorikke(KK!), the dangerous and decrepit ship of the title, where undocumented workers from around the world are treated as expendable slaves.

The term "death ship" refers to any boat so decrepit that it is worth more to its owners overinsured and sunk than it would be worth afloat. The title of the book is translated directly from the German "Das Totenschiff"; in English, they are called "coffin ships".

I have written about Fear and loathing in las vegas before. Its strange cause I posted a huge collection of screens last year around this time. And now its starting to come back again. Yearly pattern. Connecting Jonny Depp to the hexagon is quite easy in that movie. He bares the hexagon halo many times and is scene throughout the movie interacting with them and many other shapes of interest....

Saturn connects to Cronus in obvious ways. We've been over this quite a few times.

*I find it amazing how Saturn is the sixth planet away from the son and it dons a hexagonal static crown.*

His famous Gonzo Logo...

step one - Note 6 fingers
step two - Note ONZO = Oz the land of the dead.
step three - Note knife furthering death theme.
step four - Note mescalin button clenched by fist.
step seven - G onzo

Step four again...Wikkied

"synesthesia can occur especially with the help of music.[7] An unusual but unique characteristic of mescaline use is the "geometricization" of three-dimensional objects. The object can appear flattened and distorted, similar to the presentation of a Cubist painting.[8]"

Here he is again sportin' a pistol. Note use of Jupiter finger and also note how the gun is shaped like a J as well. Note his visor is green and note how his aviators highlight his third eye....note....note.....

Wow I want to say allot more but I need to sleep. Glad I had a nap first. Can't stop thinking about the 42 doorway. Not relevant to the post but I don't even know what it means.

Be well for f@#k sakes!


  1. I hate that movie. I thought it was the worst & most pretentious piece of shit I ever watched. I remember after seeing this I decided to not watch movies if they sucked balls about 30 mins in cause thats about 2 hours of my life i would never get back.

    With all that said I do remember liking that part where the guy is hi on drugs and he asked him did he want him to throw the toaster in there when he was "peaking". Like when that that was playing was "most intense". That kinda sums up how I feel about all people who take drugs. Drugs creating enlightenment IMO = Pretentiousness.

  2. I'ma pretentious guy. That's my shitty disposition as of NOW. So you are what you eat/read I guess. I know the movie's cheap as hell. But I think he explains that drugs are not the way. He talks about Timothy Leary's failure in endorsing LSD as consciousness expansion.

    I pretty much enjoy any media now. Some days I hate things though. Not as often as I used to.

    When White Rabbit peaks I want you to throw the tape recorder in the tub.

    Thanks for reading all these things 'Q'. You are a loyal subject ;^D I kidd

  3. "Drugs creating enlightenment IMO = Pretentiousness."

    Are herbs different? What about entheogens? The only "drug" (a synthetic chemical) I ever took more than once had me on the road to so-called 'enlightenment' very quickly, as I immediately began to surf the internet for info on UFOs and it all spiraled out from there. Then again, I am kind of a pretentious twat. I probably would have never learned most of the things I know now without a little help from herbs, entheogens and drugs. In fact, I found that my highest states of "understanding" occur on the brainwaves induced by such supplements. Enlightenment IS a drug.

    I've only seen Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas once or twice, but I found it had a certain craziness to it that I haven't seen in any other movie since. It's intentionally that way, of course, given the subject matter.

    Nice syncs, Jon.

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  5. Jeez Quark

    You seem to be having a bit of a mad-on...

    Taking your comment at my earlier post and your comment here as one thought, it seems that you are suffering from a kind of emotional and/or sexual repression.

    It is worth noting that 'plant' consciousness, in the shamanic tradition, is often paired with id/sexual confusion.

    The passive anger of your comments is fine by me, but your complete lack of critical balance indicates you have some very serious blockages.

    Milk of Magnesia works wonders.

  6. Jon

    FYI, in gematria (Hebrew Math) the word smoke = 420.

  7. I noticed your a little on edge there 'Q'. You don't bother me a bit though. To each there own path. Your still a young man learning too. Really miss your blogs. I was just starting to get into them.

    Hi Angel of the Mourning ;^)

    Man that's a synch bomb right there. I gotta learn the Hebrew one day. No vowels huh?

    Ive actually cut down on the dope substancially. I'm feeling my memory coming back. Hopefully I can pull my self together and have a decent conversation with you that doesn't consist of me saying

    "uhhhhhhhhh errr uhhh I can't remember this cool thing I was gonna tell you about err uhhh."

    I have my bad days. And my good days where the Gemini silver tongue kicks in.

  8. Fear and Loathing can seem incredibly pretentious, especially if the experiences described therein are foreign to the viewer.

    as for drugs, they are awesome. especially serotonin and adrenalin. i'm a fan.

  9. Toure

    Those two drugs don't get anymore natural ;^)

  10. BTW Quark I hope I didnt come off Rash or anything, excuse me if I did Ive got nothing but love, I just had to disagree there, Be very well :)