Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Golden Way of Woody(In Blossom)

We see the amazing entrainment between Woody Harrelson's Kingpin and The Cowboy Way with their 'LEG' design.
The Winnipeg LEGislative is shorted in popular use to just Leg.
On Kingpin we see the gold and yellow balls, the colors inside the Holy of Holies/HH (as seen in the image of Winipeg's LEGislative Holy of Holies above) and the Kings of Egypt and their Nemes (iconic Tut headdress).
The ark and Holy of Holies in the Peg Leg face East entraining with The Cowboy Way tagline "How The East Was WON" (NOW/ONE etc).
The Cowboy way again echoes the Holy of Holies as the Twin Pillars (WTC) and Isis (Statue of Liberty) reside between the LEGs of the Cowboy.
Woody as Cowboy is also a shooting star and we note that The Way of a Cowboy is Yellow/Gold.
Another famous Woody & Cowboy is voiced by Tom Hanks in Toy Story. The clouds of Tom Hanks entrain with the heavens we see between the LEGs of The Cowboy Way.
In a recent post we saw how The Way of the Teaching Sub/Bus is yellow, vivified by the Subway bread chain.

The cow brings milk thus The Cowboy Way, as related to Isis, is The Milky Way. The Cowboy Way as Milky way unveils the spread legs of the Cowboy as the fertile womb of MOM's Galactic Center Heart.
This version of "The Milky Way" has Woody on a horse, fronted by yellow cabs. Very susynct as the yellow car connects to the ancient charioteer gods as symbolic of the sun. We saw on the LEG variation that the Cowboy/Milky Way is yellow.
The horse drawn chariots modern day version is the car exemplified by the yellow variety such as the Bus (Sub) and Cab.
The Chariot Tarot are full of gold and yellow. Lets highlight the yellow stars/suns and crown of Waite on the left and the yellow brick rode (think Aferrismoon noted this) under the Crowley on the right.
The gold red theme are seen on both cards as also present on the red title and yellow cabs of The Cowboy Way version 2.
The red and yellow way on the road we follow into OZ/Pan/Whole/Totality.

This is the golden road that leads to US becoming Stars/Enlightened/Illuminated.

Lovely how the red (Red Road) and yellow roads (Oz's yellow brick road) have NOW merged.
We note that ZO/OZ crowns Woody in Zombieland where his choice of chariot is the Yellow H2 (Holy of Holies) Hummer upon which he paints a 3.
The Trinity of Sun rise, Midday and Sunset. The daily 24 Hours (Horus) cycle of Horus (Hours).

The birth of the golden sun/son in this Aeon of Horus are all interchangeable with the realization of NOW and Joy.

Woody quests for a single Twinkie, directly referenced in the film as being yellow.
Twinkies are also explained as being called Submarinos in Mexico.
Woody is a horse riding cowboy and yellow car charioteer resonator extraordinary.
Woody stars in the documentary film Go Further inspired by the Merry Pranksters psychedelic bus Further.
Check out Strange Eyes great work on ZO-MB(Manitoba)-Eye-Land
Crowning the Peg Leg is Golden Boy or Hermes who holds wheat as Manitoba is the breadbasket of Canada. The golden/yellow flower derived from wheat makes the bread/sub, the body of Christ.

(That bread/flower/Golden Boy stuff is all Jimbo's. He casually says stuff like that from time to time.)

When we take the sky into account Golden Boy's subtle body is Blue and he has both the blue & gold aspects of HH.

Might update this in a little.


Woody also follows the Yellow Brick Road in the form of a Spiral Staircase that resides in the form of a DNA Double Helix. DNA is often seen as a definite track of unavoidable destiny. Your genes(in the common view of science) determine who you shall be from birth till death. The Spiral Staircase in Zombieland(a word that also has DNA hidden within it) is attached to a Roller-coaster like chariot that Harrison mounts to bombard Zombies with Shot-gun fire. In fact the over all visual is of a MC Escherlike land scape covered in tracks and Spiral Staircases with the Ferris Wheel dancing in the back ground. The Ferris Wheel like DNA and like the tracks of a train or roller-coaster follows a certain path. The Ferris Wheel in my opinion can be interpreted as entrainment of the NOW. I see this because the Ferris has no beginning or end it is nothing more than a constant loop. It only matters where you are on this loop NOW. My mother left a message on my phone not to long ago about a dream she had of a Spiraling Stair Case that turned into train tracks then into a Ferris Wheel.... I lost the message and may have the order incorrect but clapped gleefully non the less as I showed her this scene during her visit this weekend. She pointed out that the Roller-Coaster actually dips through the exact center of the Ferris Wheel.
It interacts with Woody the entire ride and obviously became a visual theme for the movie all the way down to the movie posters that we looked at in earlier post Here and Here.

In August during the ceremonies that drowned Winnipeg Manitoba in Ayahuasca Jim Sanders came across a interesting way of looking at things.... He mentions in the Sync Whole post called Manitoba Wildflowers and Honeybees that Ayahuasca can be seen as the Honey and the people taking it can be seen as Bees... Interesting that the Roller-Coaster that Woody rides is logoed with a Bee upon it's side. The DNA spiral of the Staircase can also be seen as a nod to Ayahuasca seeing that it's vine grows in the same formation which of course leads one to the visualization of the snake wrapped upon the Tree of Life in Eden. Also of interest is that on August 12th just 2 days after his post a certain unusual crop circle was reported.This has absolutely little to do with bees however it is considered to be a representation of a Rose Window... Read more here. The Rose Window is a representation of the Wheel and is greatly attributed to being inspired by the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card that we shall look at here soon(not in this post I'm afraid I'll have to add a link latter). They where often called "Wheel" windows, but the Rose label took the lead when the designs became more flora in appearance... Remember Bees like Flowers. The Circle above was also labeled 12:12 because it's date of discover and the obvious incorporation of the number 12 through out it's design.In the center of many a Rose or Wheel windows a figure was placed usually representing Jesus...Making Jesus the center of the Flower surrounded by his 12 disciples.Ayahuasca can bee seen as the blood of Jesus as well... Blood of my Blood, Flesh of my Flesh.... The honey we receive from the center of the flower. Of course the over all appearance of drinking and eating the flesh of a long dead Jew is no stretch to connotations of Zombies... As explored in one of my favorite post lately The Land of the Dead. By the Stygian Port. The interesting connection is that Zombieland and The Land of the Dead are synonymous after all. And don't forget that DNA, which lies inside both word labels mentioned in the last sentence, is in fact a link to all those in your genes that came before you.... The Ancestor if you will.... Jesus being brought back from the dead is a Zombie. Other connotations of the Land of the dead are of course The Land of OZ.... Also covered by Jake above. The land of Oz with it's Green center of the Emerald City resonating two fold with the Green Man Osiris from Egyptian Mytos, who was the lord of the dead and a Zombie himself. OZiris.... Also we see that even though the LAND is not in a circle it still falls into our flowered center theme seeing that it is surrounded by Posies in the Movie adaptation(not in the book).Another tale that was inadvertently(as far as I can tell) taken from old fairy mythos of The Land of The Dead is Stephen Kings Dark Tower series..... See post For The Dead or Dying parts 1 and 2 for more. It should be mentioned here that the main character in the Tower series is a Gunslinger resonating with Woody's Cowboy way and the Toy Story.

The Star Gates that surround the Land are joined together to connect in the middle where the Dark Tower lies.... Surrounded by Roses of course. Each with a galaxy swirling in their center. This particular rose is being witnessed in this scene by Jake Chambers.... He himself resonating with Jesus Christ in initials and the fact that he dies and is reborn multiple times with in the story. He's a Zombie.

Woody then is seen riding the Bee tagged Yellow Tracks to the center of The Land of OZ.


  1. awsome as always, bee very well!

  2. Notice the 66...6 on the OZ chariots.

  3. Jake,

    great you point on it - thanks Jake!

    I follow this symbol for pretty a while now.
    There is a German Cult Leader Heinrich Elijah Benedikt (working together with Club of Budapest, in Middle East Politics and linked with Institute of Noetic Sciences). He promotes this 12-around-one symbol in connection with a Horus-Ritual in all of his German Kabbalah-tree of life-books. His opening page depcits the spiral staircase:

    I have written about him and this symbol here
    (in connection to the same ritual in Indiana Jones 4):

    (May 22: -is Biodiversity day for UN,Eucharist Day for Catholics, Night of Dialogue for Euromed, was start night of Indiana Jones4.
    It's a setup to declare Earth/Universe as (false)Christ.12 around one.)

    also I wrote here in conection to Chartres and Benedikt friend painter Ernst Fuchs (who painted a strange Eucharestie picture for 30 years):

    more on Heinrich Elijah Benedikt's books in English:

    and please see also this:ée-Odette-Pactat-Didier/dp/2912731070/ref=pd_sim_b_5_img


  4. It is an awsome sight to witness the actions and words of WE/ME taken further and given context!

    Truly excellent Jake (/Will)!


  5. Side Note: Woody Harrelson often comes to Winnipeg as he is a partner in a bid to make a non-wood, hemp-based paper mill here in Manitoba. He is friends with numerous people here due to this connection. Great stuff.