Saturday, August 22, 2009


Sex, War, Intoxication

Pillage, Plunder, Rape

-awake/fall asleep

Now that's fucked up!
Otto Dix: "Soldier And Nun"


  1. In what way does "fuck" equal waking up and falling asleep? I can relate, but still...

    Pretty graphic imagery there.

  2. i've been feeling the same way, let's offend people to-get-her

  3. Seeing Red. My mood this year in a nutshell.

  4. there is little difference from circumcision, instead of seeing a black & view on sexuality consider us both as composites of a masculine earthly form and a feminine spirit. (men/men, men/women, women/men and women/women)

  5. Good post. Based in the times we live.

    No moment is more fucked up than the next. Be it sobre or fucked up. Everything intoxicates. Its just up to us what flavour we like.

    War and violence against women is a real thing though. How do we alleviate this suffering? There are ways I believe and a good goal for any soul to undertake. Just best not to go about it in a reactive way because that makes the matter worse.

    But this world will forever be a school and a place of purification. We are here to learn and to transcend beyond.

    Recently Maestro Flores told me that during War the souls of those killed go into the plants. If you kill someone that person just comes back in the next life stronger. I guess we are just here to learn that it is pointless in killing each other.

    Nice to see all the new people.


  6. Evil is kind of a vague term, but I think it best describes what we're discussing here (concerning the last picture there), more in terms of "we're fucked".

  7. I have no clue what I'm doing either. Just speaking my mind. I agree with you 100% on all your points made here btw.

    I wasn't attacking your post or anything, there are no real rules here so you can pretty much post about whatever you want.

  8. The new/old control agenda - Don't think, Shut up and FUCK.

    Become the predator, find your target for your lust. Be dangerous, be a star, be the Bull Shark.

    "Tonight's gonna be a good night... do it and do it and do it and do it again..."

  9. "Tonight's gonna be a good night" I hope soo as today has been a horrible day...

    I am speaking in terms of the 6th night and the 6th day... One day im motivated beyond belief, then next I just say "Fuck it"

  10. Had a thought today.
    Love is (definitely) giving.
    Fuck is (probably) taking.

  11. Fuck:
    ORIGIN early 16th cent.: of Germanic origin (compare Swedish dialect *focka* and Dutch dialect *fokkelen*); possibly from an Indo-European root meaning [strike,] shared by Latin *pugnus* ‘fist.’

    Dan: You think love is simple. You think the heart is like a diagram.
    Larry: Have you ever seen a human heart? It looks like a fist, wrapped in blood! Go fuck yourself! You writer! You liar!