Monday, October 19, 2009

Tigger, Tigger

I've had an epiphany re: Tarot Theory.

It is generally accepted that 'the cat' is provisionally immortal. Nine lives is alot of time to learn how to stay alive, and as an evolution of an alchemy, 'the cat' has plenty of time to make sure that his final life lasts forever.

Most numerologists are aware that by adding 9, a base number is regurgitated. Eg.: 147 is numerology base 12 base 3. 147+9=156. 156 is base 12/3. No matter the number, if Nine is added, the result is the same. In a very critical sense 9 serves the same properties as 0.

A switch to Twilight Language: The German word for No is Nein (sounds like Nine).

The overlay of Twilight and Numerology provides that 'the cat' has No lives and is therefore immortal, or more properly trans-infinite.

In Thoth, Crowley suggests a Tiger in the place of the dog, at the heel of the Fool. Moreover, superb scholar Carlos Suares insists that the Fool = 1 and not the more common = 0. I think both these great masters are wrong.

The dog is correct because 'the dog chases the cat'. 'The Fool' is the Tiger!' The Cat with 9 (0) lives. And an immortal hand or eye does frame his fearful symmetry.

Kevin/Indra: Awsome stuff AM, loving your work here lately! This rung a quick bell for me as Im thinkin alot about "Where the Wild things are" coming out this month. THe Wolf/Flow King boy stands next to his fuzzy STRIPED* Astral Psychopomp guide. Ive seen folks connecting the Tiger to 2010 the Year we Make Contact/Birth and stripes to Spirit. The Fool is Card of Birth and begginnings, and also resides as the first path of emanation in the Spiritual Yetzirahtic Triad of the Crown* on the tree of life.


  1. I was thinking about '0' this morning. I can't remember what I was putting together. It seemed kinda important at the time. Damn weed. I haven't smoked in over a week! I either need to be more diligent with my mental notes or quite smoking MJ. choices....

    Then alone came this f@#king pigeon Mike Tyson stuff I'm not gonna explain at this time.

  2. Ahhh, good old MJ.

    Can't life without her - can't live without her.

  3. i dig... the dog chases the cat... up the tree? i really dont like dogs. i con tolerate them; but i think me being a leo has something to do with it. is the lion meant to be at odds with flow, i wonder?

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