Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Cheers" -C-hug-alug

I had an alcohol attachment which ended with me in rehab before I came to Canada in 2004.

Recently I thought I would give it another go and see if I can keep it in check.

Not so much as I just came out of a 4 day binge. It felt just like getting sick, an infection of unconsciousness.

It's teaching me allot about lingering fears, my avoidance of pain and being humble.

Yesterday I put on the first show during this phase of "recovery".

Damages S1 E5 Regular Earl Anthony.

Ted Danson, famous as the bartender from "Cheers".

This scene focusing on actual substance abuse.

Alcohol is SpiriT and this is literally true. It is a plant spirit you need to respect and honor or it makes you sick.

Spirit can also be interpreted as Essence. The essence of a plant Being merges with your self when we ingest them.

Perhaps these plants are trying to teach us about how we misuse them in the production and consumption of them by making us ill when we do not respect them.

The substance abuse entrains with ones attachments, fear and pain - all forms of unconsciousness or areas where you do not have awareness - and interacts with them.

This is all there is, consciousness and less consciousness. The ebb and flow of awareness/Being.

Where we have extreme areas of unconsciousness, they can eventually take physical form as sickness.

I would go so far as saying all illness is unconsciousness having taken physical form.

This is why all phenomena that raise consciousness are healing, as they spread awareness into areas where there are blocks in the flow of consciousness.

"Heal my body heal my soul"

Peace In



  1. Sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience with alcohol, Jake. Hope you have a full recovery soon. Alcohol has played a very negative role in my life since I was little, I took up drinking about 2-3 years ago but have since stopped completely because it was causing me to do and say very dumb things that I could not make right.

    Interesting how you relate unconsciousness to sickness. I am allergic to banana peppers, yet about a month ago I ended up eating a sub with banana peppers on it. It was like I had completely forgotten I was allergic to them, and I got really sick. My eye got swollen and red (c-ing red? Oh yeah, interesting sync... If you close your eyes while the sun is out, a very vivid red appears, I took note of this yesterday) and my sinuses were killing me. My unconscious decision to eat the peppers made me sick.

  2. Very interesting on the personal synch front.

    I too only just went back to the bottle just a few days ago - for the first time in a long time. Hmmm...

    Take care Jake and keep fighting those demons with your usual panache..

  3. I am done with blogging syncing etc myself, but I will tell you the funniest thing happened the other day. I was watching 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' and the main guys eye was all crooked and he looked just like the alien guy from 'Men in Black' (the one that they shot his head off and it grows back). It would be a funny ass split screen.

    Good timing on this one as I have just quit coffee last week and now back onto beer. Being Mercury/Hermes and all I move fast enough and with the coffee it's quit insane.

    Peace TQO

  4. Jake, your a pimp, a gentleman, and a wicked Mf'in scholar.

    ego this ego that

    your openness makes you the coolest kat.

    Peace g8or brother from another galactic mother

  5. Dude, forget the spirits, let the holy ganja fire fill your empty spaces. It is a plant that speaks. The bum's rush is alcohol. Take yourself to the sleepy grove. Hail Isis.

  6. Thanks dudes.

    Know all our struggles are part of the great healing we are all experiencing.

    All our pain bodies are connected non-locally.
    All trials are initiations to show us where our awareness must go.
    All trials are birth pains of conciousness.

    When WE/ME go through turbulence we are doing the great work for ourselves and everyone else.

    Peace way way in.

  7. peace in brother, Ive been facing my attachments recently too, Im glad your getting through it,thankyou for sharing, bee blessed

  8. inhale. get blown.

    imbibe. implode.

    thanks for givin us such a pure Kotze snap[shot], jake. healing and dealing, right?

    facing attachments... profound.