Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cloudy With a Chance of Tom Hanks (Feels like -50 with Clear Skys)

Seeing lots of clouds, owing to the amazing "Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs" and George Clooney busting them with his mind in the trailer for "The Men Who Stare at Goats".

Wanted to compile a few recent posters like "Up" and "Astro Boy" to suggest a pattern but soon realized its too ubiquitous for the desired impact.

Like seeing yellow flowers everywhere I find its hard to get across that something so common is still a powerful sync if You allow it to be.
Sync just being something that arises in consciousness connected to something else, indeed meaning eventually you realize all is sync..

Still its helpful for the conditioned mind to have an anchor like Kirsten Dunst/Yellow Flower to realize a simple flower as an amazing gift from God.

Same just happened as I was looking through Tom Hanks film posters having seen Toy Story 1 and 2 in 3D yesterday, noting the cloud wallpaper in TS 1.

Here then the striking Tom Hanks Cloud Pattern.

Clouds resonate the Aquarian Air Age and the dawning of Heaven on Earth.

Richard: Here's a strange twist on the Street Fighter game which seems to follow Jakes pattern.

Tom Hanks vs. Cloud

The character 'Cloud', whose defeated by Tom Hanks in the video ^, is the lead character from the Final Fantasy game series. The Cloud is obviously linked with the element of Air and the Aquarian Age, as Jake mentions above, but it wouldn't exist without Water. In this Final Fantasy poster we see that the Air (Aquarius) and Water (or Water-Bearer) are One:


Over at Syncwinnipeg I twitpic'd a mural that is found on Corydon Ave. in Winnipeg. It has been there for as long as I can remember. I grew up around this area. Anyways, the mural depicts Winnipeg in a weird way. Of course the Golden Boy and the Bull are both proportionally way too big. But what stood out for me this time (and I swear I never saw this until this time) is
the cloud shaped Winnie-the-pooH. This is obviously in the mural as Winnie-the-pooH is named after Winnipeg the Bear.

Winnipeg in the clouds. Notice the 420 license plate as well. That was my first clue to stop at this place. As well in the back is Winnipeg Vacuum. Seems like a good metaphor for it all.


So, help me if you can I've got to get
back to the house at Pooh corner by one.
You'd be surprized there's so much to be done,
count all the bees in the hive,
chase all the clouds from the sky.
Back to the days of Christopher Robin and Pooh.
Richard Bach was an individual I knew nothing about until I noticed the book seen above following my ass around... I once picked up a book called The Tao Te Ching on a whim. I opened it and it told me exactly what I needed to know at that exact minute. After that I realized that divination at anytime is merely coincidental... Be it a Tarot Card reading or throwing Yarrow to discover a point of reference with the I Ching, what ever comes up is merely random and the meaning you put on it would not be understood if the factor of you and your personal experiences to that point were taken out of the equation. You are what you see and when! But there is more. Our consciousness to this point tells us that we are conscious of where we are and when... But what I'm experiencing right now tells me different.... There seems to be another point of reference. There seems to be a purpose.... Preplanned if you will. An universal intent. Always two or three steps ahead of me. So I never have the opportunity to catch up because my personal point actually determines how far ahead of me it is, just like light. So Relatively speaking Reality is Relative to where you are, but something else ahead of you knows where your at and how to talk to you. What is it.... You?!? What else could it be right... Some how your ahead of yourself.... You just won't know it till later. Somehow because of even contemplating that worm hole, I picked up that Illusions book(latter I discovered the book itself is an Illusion), because of the Tao Te Ching I was inspired to read Illusions Adventures of A Reluctant Messiah. It was just a book. But when you see the most random people reading it in the most random of places, yet no one who knows you knows what the hell it is.... It deserves to be read on mere curiosity if you understand me. At least that's what I thought armed with what the Tao had taught me... It was following me for some reason.

That book however gave me games to play.... Two very important experiments that proved unpredictable. One was Cloud Vaporization.... The other was trying to "Pull Shit" to you. In the book the character was asked to envision an object and see if he can bring it into his life. He chose a Blue Feather(Garuda, Winged Serpent, Blue Bird, Peacock Feather.... Free associate). The messiah like guy, who actually turns the book into a Messiah Type Handbook that you can just flip open and experience the perfect next lesson with, tells the main character to see the feather with gold around it. That works best for healing as well he says.

The next morning they go and get milk to discover the Blue Feather coincidentally on the milk carton.... I think to my self at this point "being on a Milk Carton would make you Missing in today's lingo", but yet there's his Feather right not missing.

I made this happen in the Syncromystic practices and gotta fucking surprise..... Best result I had gotten to date in all the times I had tried it. I wanted an Elephant... I got this.This had the Peacock Blue Feather as well as the Elephant... It was weird enough to freak me out. Read Now It's Personal... For a better idea of how this effected me.... Then read Surfing the Rainbow Wave by Arrowsmith for an even more spectacular connection to Barbie Eyland and Genesh. This had another ping because of Jon Kidd who also roams the halls of this museum. He named his video with Keanu Reeves after the book above without knowing the book in memory.

Please Watch and enjoy.... Whoever you may be.... For your supposed to be here after all, right? Remember your here for a reason you don't quite understand yet.

When he sent me an E-Mail about working with him on the above video... (I still think your the best editor, Jon. Jim has got madd skills.... But, your shit talks to me.....) I saw the title and knew immediately to help with it. When I told him latter why, he didn't believe me.... He thought that the title was original. That he had come up with it by himself. Going back in relationship to Richard's Rainbow post(Richard Arrowsmith, not Richard Bach), and seeing Keanu with the cobra hood on him in Jon's video above tonight makes even brighter connections to all the above topics.

Moving on I had the game of vaporizing clouds as well.... I've done it hundreds of times on a variety of substances and strange occasions.... That's the point no one knows when your doing it... I mentally recorded my observations, and I can tell you sometimes it works better than others. But it always works enough to keep testing. I've tried to get others interested. I even brought it up to Jake in an E-mail only a couple of days over a year ago... I mention this because it's too far weird that all of this is absolutely lining up a year latter almost to the date.

What a trip that was.... For some reason I was unsuccessful in E-mailing you earlier. The day you left me the comment about the movie poster I tried sending you something about Bolt being a dog as well, and then you had them both up that night. Truly ill, mad props. My computer was ackin' stinky because of all the fucking movies on it right now. It is weird you know, we're following the same pattern as these actors. Everything gets lined up for us in perfect succession. However.... How do you teach people that it is an equation of sorts.... It's already there. So the idea of originality, is out the window. Your only watching it talk, it's got a sense of humor and it is other.... True other. But, why then all this stake on liability? No one is listening to you. Possibly denial, but I'm not sure. Let me ask you Jake... Have you ever tried to make clouds dissipate? Will to Jake On Sun, Oct 5, 2008 at 10:44 PM, William Morgan

He responded simply

I have not tried to interact consciously with clouds......

Now Jim today actually made a cloud appear while pooh chased them from the sky....


  1. Wow, spot effin on brotha! Your really fine tuning your synch vision man, lovely and elegant! Really dug the mention of Heaven on Earth and the Airy Age were dancing through. Great Cover on Volunteers too man. Peace IN!

  2. You'll be interested to see where Tom Hanks goes as professor Langdon in the newest Dan Brown book--essentially it's synchromysticism wrapped in a fancy paper (noetic sciences).

    I see google is up to their tricks today.

    This summer I watched Tom Hanks go from being *lost* in the dungeon and wanting to *exit the game* by jumping from the twin towers (Mazes & Monsters) to becoming the dungeon master himself--that is God (The Lost Symbol).--I note w/ interest the poster for *Splash*.

    Probably there is post there for me if I want to take it up. It's built on the notion of Hall/Hallow/Hallows/Halloween. Naturally Tom Hanks resonates heavily w/ Tom Cruise, Tommy Creo, Tommy Walker, Tommy Gnosis, Tom Riddle, (& Keanu of course!)

    anyway, nice work Jake.

  3. Saw a giant Elephant in the clouds the other night. It's head was raised to the Full Moon, as if it was saluting it.
    Really dig this pattern and particularly love the Volunteers poster with the Elephant walking across the Rainbow Bridge.
    Thanks Jake.

  4. Great connections ArrowSmith!!!!!! Elephants appear to be Ganeshas removing Obstacles for the Building of the Rainbow Bridge, another Jupiter 42 Bridge connection! Clouds are certainly resonant of the Noosphere, Air=Thought, and water=Emotion, its a hard its a hard its a hard, a hard RAINS a gonna fall!( I met a young girl she gave me a rainbow).

  5. Wow. I just kept scrolling down, and the Hanks-Cloud posters never seemed to end. Simply incredible.

    His head is in the clouds.... I was looking last night at an amazing display of clouds in the night sky, and I even attempted to "bust" one. Didn't work, but it has before. I noticed how focusing on the clouds made it seem as if I could see the earth rotating.

    Could there be a Clown/Cloud connection? Is the "Cloud" a reference to the "Crown"? Let's not forget the popular term "Cloud Nine"...

  6. i was thinking the same thing, tommy, about the cloud/crown thing. those posters made me think "head in clouds", angel, saint, robert downey jr... halo. i've been thinking recently about the meaning behind the christian crown of thorns.

    the force is strong in this sync...

  7. No sooner had I read this and a link elsewhere dropped me on a page with the ZOMBIELAND trailer.


    ZOMBIELAND (HD trailer) with WOODY Harrelson (HoR-EL's-Son) playing the character of Tallahassee opposite Jesse Eisenberg's (Eye-Zen-Berg) "Columbus"

    ... so of course I had to check out more trailer versions... Yahoo Trailers/Clips for Zombieland

    it's looking like a damned synch-storm, this Zombieland!