Friday, July 24, 2009

And Around We Go (big Wheel, keep on Turnin)

Months ago I started seeing all these Ferris Wheels everywhere. I really wasn't looking they just came out of the wood work. I then noticed that as soon as my attention was looking for them they started appearing in newer movies that were made after I saw them. They have no fixed meaning for me other than the fact that the ride itself is a practice in the NOW. It has no beginning or end. It is just forever going around in a cycle. This of course mimics the spinning motif seen through out mythos. The Yin Yang, the Dog and the Unicorn, The Lion and The Unicorn, The Bird A Flight and the Flightless Bird.... All symbols of the force made from the constant ebb and flow due to the struggle of Soul and Spirit. See the Spirit is the fire that motivates. IE "That's the Spirit". The Soul however is air.... The thing that binds all of us together and is constantly trying to go home. Soon after this interpretation Christopher Knowles started talking about them... His Archives is strictly overwhelming so I am not going into that to look for his references. He calls them Illuminiti Ferris Wheels and sites the fact that more of them are being built today than ever before. It should also be mentioned that one of Jake's first post was of the London Eye, Spider-man, and Dr Who. It is also obvious that a large amount of these Ferris Wheel's are the same ones.... Landmarks from LA and NY.

In Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium(MWE) Portalman has a Ferris Wheel dance behind her head for most of the show.

The Origins Wolverine movie has many a strangeness including the Ferris Wheel above.

Silver Surfer AKA the Angel of Death above the London EYE.

Iron Man Ferris Wheel Fly by.

The Joker's big rig in Dark Knight.

Sync Happy John Hurt.... Ferris Wheel behind in Hellboy 2.

Linemy Snicket Literal EYE Ferris Wheel.

"Important Scene" in Hancock.

Cloverfeild ending attention to Ferris Wheel.

Weirdness in Southland Tales....

Bedtime Stories Ferris Halo.

Richard: A few more examples...

Krop Kircle reported yesterday...

Having both the Ferris Wheel and Peacock elements.


"The Eye... exists in a category of its own.... It essentially has to fulfill only one function, and what a brilliantly inessential function it is: to lift people up from the ground, take them round a giant loop in the sky, then put them back down where they started. That is all it needs to do, and thankfully, that is all it does."

-Steve Rose, describing the London Eye,
in an article from G2, August 2007

On December 31st, 1999, the highly-publicized opening of the London Eye started a worldwide trend of super-sized Ferris wheels in Europe and Asia. 17 of the 20 tallest wheels (sometimes called observation wheels[c?]) in the world were built in or after 1999. Countries one-upping each other with architectural landmarks is in no way a new phenomenon, but what's with all the new Ferris Wheel openings?

Is the opening of all these giant "eye's" strictly symbolic, or could there be some cosmic significance to having huge, strategically placed spinning wheels around? Can we "see" through these "eyes"? No, no... that's crazy talk. Note that none of the new eye-wheels (I-Will) are opening in the United States. Just yesterday, I was discussing with some friends the possibility that the fall of the U.S. as a global empire could put a more positive Spin on the 2012 awakening...

The concentric circles of the Bull's Eye have found their way into the research of just about everyone at the Sync Whole, most recently in Will's awesomely extensive For The Dead or Dying series, and reiterated in Richard's cleverly constructed Diesel, Denim & the Dog-Star. This meme brings together the ideas of the shattering of the Ego, via the LEG/EGL and the L'aquila quakes, and the blue gene/genie awakening through the handy DNA chain and the bull's eye of Mr. Manhattan [mad hatter?]. Round and round...

I sent a bunch of images connecting Christina Aguilera to the color blue to Rich a few weeks back, thinking maybe his work in Blue stuff would connect. Turns out Ms. "Genie In a Bottle" entrains heavily with the bull's eye wheel as well...

The super-heroine ad campaign Xtina starred in recently (pictured above) is an obvious nod to Wonder Woman (we3 spinnin like a ferris wheel), a character who has made several appearances in my studies on Beyonce, Sacred Sex and the sacred feminine rising.

Once Beyonce enters the pattern, the Ego-Leg is never far behind, it seems.

Artwork from Trinity, Issue #21

One of the Ferris Wheel winks mentioned earlier was from Hancock, in a scene in which Charlize Theron -playing Mary- and Jason Bateman [batman?] -playing Ray/Ra- stare at the giant heart [centre] Wheel Smith has carved into the Moon. Crazy. Charlize resonates the Wonder Woman meme in Hancock by playing a super-heroine who opens the I of Agent (W.) Smith. Bateman double-synchs here: he also stars alongside Natalie Portman in Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium and enters at the very scene where the halo-wheel kisses Portman.

Bateman in Mr. Magorium with his 8-point vesica wheel

Out of all the Ferris Wheels on the list above, the Cosmo Clock 21 stood out the most (although there are quite a few interesting names).

PeaClock Feather on the River


While all of the giant spinning circles reflect the great wheel of time on some level, the Kosmo Klock makes it literal. The clock reference, combined with the circular calendar/clock of the Mayans, brought to mind the Doomsday Clock central to the Watchmen storyline. "Watch"-men. Interesting that we call the little clocks that we wear on our wrists "watches". Eye'm starting to C...

The wheel is the clock, and the eye/I, and the target/center. But what is the message of all the Ferris Wheel/Eyes opening? Awakening the GeneY in the bottle or Countdown to Doomsday? What does it mean if it's both? Whatever the case, I get the feeling our ego eyes and our view of time are in for a major re-adjustment.

Received a message from Afferrismoon due to the personal sync that spawed for him after this post.... Or before this post.... Or whatever. The picture above is from a movie called Kin DzaDza that he talks about below.

Couldn't really say what they represent or why their so popular today. Obviously it shows stages in engineering, and today they seem to show that the country or place who builds a big one has 'made it' into the developed world league.

Of course they could be giant electric generating gravitron displacement plasmate flux drives

I only downloaded Kin DzaDza the other day so it was a nice synch with your ferrising.
The film is great and much different to the stress of Hollywood filmsThis little edition was really an eye opener for me. There are 12 peacock feather like appendages from the center.. This twist the post into multiple realms of thought considering the Ferris Wheels being named Eyes and the Multiple Eyes of a Peacock's feathers. After thinking about the relationship between this and what I was trying to get across over at AFSTS, and then the e-mail from Afferismoon I realized it wasn't a Ferris Wheel.... But, a Fairy's Wheel.


  1. The Murugan image is really cool to look at now with your context.

    A ferris Moon... I never knew that's what it meant!


  2. Malcolm Lowry's "Under the Volcano" has ferris wheels figuring predominantly throughout. I didn't know it at the time I read it, but Lowry was steeped in the traditions of the "C"abbala.

  3. ..its the vortex - central pattern of all no? but hey could also be the steering wheel of the titanic

    we all sit in our little cabins going round and round untill the vortex swallows us up

    ego dies won way or the other

  4. Re: my moniker 'aferrismoon' - found this word 10 years ago , a respelling of the Hebrew APhRSMVN which means 'persimmon' [ originally a Virgina Algonquin word]

    Ok so nowadays there's quite a bit with Moon, though it doesn't actually spin and so I wonder on connections between :
    Iron [ due to ferrous]

    I read a book called 'The Mind Parasites' by Colin Wilson. To rid the world of the evil emanating from the Moon a group of Earthians access the telepathic power to spin the Moon out of Earths range and all earthians get better as the parasites inhabited deep wells of the mind and anyone who gets close to them 'commits suicide'

    APhRSMVN = 437 = 19x23 [ cosecutive primes]
    19 = ChVH = Eve
    23 - ChYH = Living


    A bit from Downard: inordinately concerned with railroads and railroad personnel to the extent that outside of lawyers and circus performers, no other vocation has a higher percentage of Masons than railroad workers.'

    Circus performers and Ferris wheels seems natural links


  5. Railroads coming soon... Needed to know that. How perfect.

  6. Great additions Toure. I find the image of Wonderwoman with the broken leg in Trinity #21 quite fascinating. Very similar to the map of New Zealand which is broken just above the ankle.

    In the Mayan Calendar clock face image (above) I noticed that the X (formed by the 2 Hands) highlights the Nose. The Nose forms the central axis of the Mayan Calendar.

    Whoever made the new banner, my hat goes off to you. I finally got round to watching Coraline last night (awesome film!) so the Timing is quite perfect.

  7. Also in Lost is the 'leg' left from the statue. As well they have the time wheel, though it works horizontally

    APh 81 means 'nose' in hebrew


  8. Cheers for da insert

    Wheel also = ring

    And Argus had 100 eyes and they got magically transferred to the peacock

    In the kingdom of the blind ..........

    or maybe someone's keeping one eye open


  9. Rich: I was thinkin the same thing. I had that image in an old folder for the very first Beyonce post i wrote. Once I saw the New Zealand quake image, I had to dig it up. Funny how certain synchs can lie dormant for a while, until another patternist wakes them.

    Isn't Coraline awesome! besides the synch-fest, the art and animation are just beautiful.

    Aferrismoon: didn't get your comment;

    "Also in Lost is the 'leg' left from the statue. As well they have the time wheel, though it works horizontally"

    are you talkin about the tv show Lost?

  10. Yes the tv prog. They have that wheel deep in the ground which moves people through time.

    There is also a statue that gets destroyed leaving a leg from knee to foot.