Monday, August 10, 2009

Manitoba Wildflowers & Honey Bees (Updated)

These pictures  are from an Ayahuasca ceremony with Maestro Flores I was part of last night. It was my 10th ceremony in just over three weeks.

The first picture is before the ceremony started.

This next picture is 6 hours later. Check out the energy and aura. What the f@#$!. 

Peace, Jim.

I am back...

So to further discussion on this seemingly auric smoke emanating from us. The guy in the in the blue shirt in the above photo is Frank Albo, the researcher of the Manitoba Legislature that is often mentioned by Jake and I. He is a master mason as well. There where two other Masons there that night as well. The Gatorade bottle is incredibly suitable as the G stands out as resonating with the masonic G in the square and compass.

The TV is there because my partner Andre does not understand Spanish well and Sandra, Maestro's wife was trying to tell him that the Maestro wants to do a healing on a woman named PHOEBE and that he should go get her. Andre thought Maestro wanted a TV (which sounds like Phoebe). This was not finally understood until I came to their aid and did the translation. Considering Andre and I work as media artists, as well as Ayahuasqueros, The TV in the altar during ceremony was priceless. Spirit at its best. Perhaps the best cosmic joke I have experienced yet.

Now as for the Black smoke notice in this next picture below there is the same black smoke around people, yet less intense. What is interesting is that there are black smoke imprints left where people where sitting and had since left. There is a good orb over a woman's face as well. 

Last night was the last ceremony in Manitoba as part of this month long stint with the Maestro.
Just before the ceremony a swarm of bees appeared outside of the window where I was hanging out at in the centre where our ceremonies where being held. I took some photos.

Maestro said this symbolizes connections between people. 

Ayahuasca is the honey. The People are the bees.

At the end of the ceremony I looked at my pictures from the day and I noticed in this one below that in the direct centre of the photos there is a circle of bees. radiating away from this centre seems to be the formed bee swarm of 5 flower petals. 

These bees are forming a flower shape in the midst of their "chaotic" movement. Can you guys see the flower as well or am I crazy?




  1. whaaaat... amazing image.

    i was talking to a friend of mine a few days back about our december 2012 plans; i suggested a weekend-long Ayahuasca ceremony (the 21stt through the 23rd) to "catch the wave" as it were.

  2. I used to analyze pictures for Ghost Hunting teams(I've had a lot of hobbies)... I'm gonna send this off to a couple of old buddies for shits and giggles. I'd personal draw attention to the guy on the right with the blue shirt... I can understand that they are smoking but his face, like Juan's is almost completely blacked out.

    You'd get some nah sayers talking about the light from the camera striking the floor and reflecting, you should compare the two images and see... You can also see the beginning of a ray orb at the top of the pic slightly to the right hinting at the reflection. The big blackness around Juan could(and I say this loosely) come from the TV obstructing the reflection. This dose not account for Blue Shirt dude however.... I always try to disprove shit, it's how I roll... This is definitely a weird picture because the shadow lines just don't make much sense... You could say the TV, but really that just doesn't do it.

    Sorry old habit.

    PS the second picture also has some weirdness going on with that blue bowl...

    I'll shut up now this could bore people...

  3. My dear friend Lori was at that ceremony.
    She says that Juan's wife Sandra was asking Andre to bring a girl called Febe..
    He misunderstood at thought she wanted a TV.
    They actually went and found a TV!

  4. Anyone know anything about Orgone energy? I think TVs put out a frequency (whether they're turned on or not) that dissipates this energy/puts out energy that Orgone works to eliminate. That could explain the big black aura... Just speculation though, really. Everything looks peachy until that TV comes into view (then again, it was 6 hours later)...

    Also, it looks like there are waves exiting (entering?) the head of the guy in the blue shirt on the right.

  5. I see the Flower... But, you are crazy.

  6. Ahhhh....reality...I get so caught up in my mental realm sometimes; it's nice see something tangible and trustworthy.

    What and adventure you must be having!

  7. Yeah. You know you're crazy, Jim. I see the centre and the petals too, but I also see e-worms! Been out of the syncrosphere for a couple of weeks and am hanging to get in and share a bit of what's revealed itself.

    Shine-on, crazies!

    green vw = susses

  8. The Shamanistic Way of the Bee. Read it. : )