Monday, October 19, 2009

Knowing the World Ends Today! (The Midnight Ride begins)

Get this. Jim watched "Knowing" yesterday and realized the date the world ends in the film is today! 10/19/09

Above is the code Nicholas Cage finds - channeled by kids ViA aliens - with dates and numbers representing disasters and the death count of each individual event.
The last date ends with EE - which they first think represents 33, classic WE3 Spinner - but later learn means Everyone Else (is dying, dig?).

The last one reads 10/19/09 and the actors stress this date numerous times, October 19th.

The fact that Jupiter Jim would just so happen to watch this, just in time to put 2 and 2 together staggers.

Synchromystically, the world ends today, no shit.

I do however hope to be around tomorrow to blog about it.
Above Jupiter, the Jovial/Joy planet entrains with Star Nicholas cage holding the Sun/Star.
Here Ezekiel's vision of the Merkaba or throne of God is correctly identified with the Sun by Rose Byrne's daughter.

The sun in my current sync life is the yellow flower or mandala of energetic Joy.
Here Rose Byrne's daughter (who realizes the Merkaba is the sun flower) and Nicholas Cage's son/sun meet at the wolf exhibit. Wolf is Flow or flower. When WE/ME become ONE with Joy/Jupiter we are ONE with the flow and start to flower.
Cage meets Rose called Diana - the goddess of the moon - at the crab, bear and C-gull exhibit.
As a Moon resonator our brains liquefy when we see the legs of the crab - Cancer/crab is ruled by the moon - stick out of her back as Star/Goddess and animal merge.
The code is cracked ViA finding 911 emdedded in the grand design. This is the same story of synchromysticism. The StarG8 was opened by realizing the 911 Mega Ritual pulled apart the veil of Solomon's Temple.

See The 911 Stargate (I cant watch these old films anymore, there to funny..)
At the Cage residence sun and POP watch primarily Tiger docs. Tiger is 2010 ("the year we make contact") in the Chinese Zodiac, a system governed by the twelve year orbit of Jupiter.
Cage discovers solar flares will end the world today as Jupiter emanates from his face.

The drowning of the Earth in yellow flower light will end the illusion/Maya.
The only hope for salvation is to reach the coordinates which start with 42.
The red star where Cage must venture for his date with destiny is at the end of a "yellow brick road", at 42 (Rainbow/OZ/Jupiter).
This is Jupiter's alchemical symbol, it contains 2, 4 (and 1/One/Juan).
Right after he realizes solar flares a.k.a the rising of the Sun/Horus/Jupiter will happen today rainbow lens flares entrain with another Jupiter wall hanging.

Jupiter resonates rainbow as light refracts into the color spectrum when broken at 42 degrees. Jupiter's number is 42 (421 in some instances).
Rosy Byrne, as was prophetically foretold, dies on midnight/12 (12/24/42 same.. same) as we hit 19 October, 2day.

Peace In
Updating as your read this.


My Sunday night started out by my sister-in-law's partner come over and return my book, Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye: Alchemy and the End of Time by Jay Weidner and Vincent Bridges. This book is a great book based off the research of the mysterious European esoteric master Fulcanelli.

I read this book in 2007 right after Juan Flores' second trip to Manitoba. I was definitely moved. What resonated with me at the time was the passage directly from Fulcanelli's work Le Mystere des Cathedrales. This is the passage:

"In this way we obtain the following strange announcement: Il est écrit que la vie se réfugie en un seul espace (It is written that life takes refuge in a single space) 2 and we learn that a country exists, where death cannot reach man at the terrible time of the double cataclysm. As for the geographical location of this promised land, from which the élite will take part in the return of the golden age, it is up to us to find it. For the élite, the children of Elias, will be saved according to the word of Scripture, because their profound faith, their untiring perseverence in effort, will have earned for them the right to be promoted to the rank of disciples of the Christ-Light. They will bear his sign and will receive from him the mission renewing for regenerated humanity the chain of tradition of humanity which has disappeared."

The night that Chris returned this book to me I had rented the movie Knowing, as my wife was heading out and since we never watch testosterone-driven apocalyptic movies at home, I took the opportunity to do so. I have never had such a powerful moment of inner gnosis than this experience. What a trip.

My big revelation was that I was watching the film at the same time that it all takes place in the film. I realized this watching the film on October 18th at the same time it is October 18th in the film, and the 19th, today, was the End of the World.

But let me get back to the beginning of the film and lets go deeper into the syncs. Because there is a message that is coming loud and clear.

The film starts off with a young disturbed girl, Lucinda, who writes out what seem to be random numbers as her entry for a school time capsule to be buried for 50 years. This still below shows her writing the code out with the words dog above her head and an abacus nearby. Is she revealing the calculations of God?

Her teacher checks on her and we notice the pEARl necklace that acts as a gate for our awareness to open up to new realms of beingness.

As we leave the school I can't help but notice the 8 rayed film reel on the projector.

A perfect wink to what is to come next in the film. Film is perhaps the best metaphor that exists to define our existence in relation to the earth and the spirit world. We are just a movie. A projection.

Next we have the scene in 1959 in which the Time Capsule is lowered into the vault. ( also spot the red eye in the scene below).

The vault just so happens to be a stone 8 rayed star that eerily resembles the 8 rayed Pool of the Black Star in the Manitoba Legislative Building.

Now it is weird that only a couple of weeks ago while watching Frank Albo on CBC talk about the Manitoba Legislative Building and Dan Brown's new book Lost Symbol, did I learn that underneath the Pool of the Black Star there is a vault - just like in Knowing. Here is the clip:

The capsule is set to be opened in 50 years in the year 2009. This 50 year time period is made to look like a full turn of a 12 hour clock face. It is to be opened at Midnight. A yellow ballon is released by Lucinda at this moment. The Helium Gold Balloon on a Blue sky signals ascension. Helium is also one of the main ingredients that makes up both the Sun and Jupiter. (also what fueled the flight of balloon boy the other day that we all know about now).

We see Nicholas Cage (still caged and not floWing with gnosis yet) teaching his class at MIT where he is visually trumped by the planet Jupiter. If we look close the clock looks like it is saying 11:11, or what we know here in the syncrosphere as K2. The top of the Mount Olympus. Hey, Zeus! are you up there? If you are maybe, grab that yellow balloon floating towards you.

In this pic below we have Cage holding the Sun which is then in line with Jupiter. Increasingly I feel that Jupiter represents the Son of the Sun.

We then go back to Cage's home where is he is with his son. Here we see his son watching a documentary about Tigers, which winks us to 2010 - the Year of the Tiger, the Year we Make Contact and the Galactic Manitoba Homecoming.

This 2010 connection is cemented with a quick pan of the camera to some playing dice which have 2010 peering out at us, and even the Red Eye of some 3D glasses to boot.

Here we have Cage and son sharing their custom hand signals that symbolize their eternal love for each other. The exchange always starts with them pointing their Jupiter fingers at each other.

We now go to the day of the opening of the vault at William Dawes school in the Fall of 2009.William Dawes is a perfect name for this location as he is one of Paul Revere's Midnight Ridersthat is immortalized in the book The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference.

The Midnight Ride to warn the world. The Tipping point has been met. School's colours are of course Blue and Gold, the colours of the robe of enlightenment and the Holy of Holies.

After years, the 50 year clock is now a blueish hue. A Blue Sun/Son perhaps. The time capsule is opened and spirit becomes present in the wind that gusts.

For the first time we now see one of the silent men that will act as guides for Cage's son to the Land of Eden and new beginnings. These silent men always hover on the edge of the forest. It is in the forest that their Merkaba ship is revealed. These men are plant spirits. Because the plants spirits are both the angels and the aliens. The Yellow and Blue Helium balloons and the two red stars on the trees can not be more clear what these mysterious beings represent in the film.

Cage now becomes entranced with the 2010 Jumping Jupiter Tiger. After finding his son looking at the paper with the code he begins deciphering it and realizing it predicts disasters.

One number we are made to focus on is 1221. A sync wink to ABBA, Father, Midnight and 42.

I also notice that right after the camera scans the dates for the Oklahoma bombing. April 19th, the day before 4/20. There are many tragic days around April 20th, Hitler's B-day and international smoke Mary Jane day.

What is weird is that Paul Revere's Midnight Ride took place on the night of April 18/19th as well. (Weird how in Knowing the End of The World is on the night of the 18/19th as well.). The 4/19 date is resonant soon after as we see the number 419 again reveal itself as Cage goes through his first explosion of inner gnosis.

He is in awe, he puts his hand against his O/Awe mouth, as if to try to stop the kundalini awakening from going any further.

He drops his drink and the glass shatters. There is no turning back now.

To be finished later flux willing. I leave for Peru tomorrow morning, but I really want to finish this movie post. We shall see...

Much love


Here's a Red C/Seeing Red with the yellow balloon Jim mentions above in the hands of Rose Byrne's mother in 1950. The Red C/See, ties back to Jupiter, a planet, like the sun, connected to helium with its huge Seeing Red Eye.

We connect this obviously to the recent helium filled UFO balloon that caught the worlds attention.

See Real Life Up.
Goro also finds the Balloonboy incident as clearly resonant of UFO's, contact and Jupiter.
A Red C, mark of Jupiter, enters screen as Rose Byrne's kids are taken by ET for ascension.
24 hrs/hours/horus yet again Jupiter.
She pursues her child who has been chosen to ascend and is hit by a truck as Lighting/Zeus/Jupiter sync winks.
Cage makes it just in time to see her reverse birth inside the medical chariot. A blue star with the caduceus/DNA/Kundalini of Thoth/Hermes entrains. Recent syncs with Jim have me believeing the Blue Star is the second sun or Jupiter. The Blue Star that activates our DNA/Caduceus/Pillar of illumination.
Rose - she who rises - passes at 12, but her offspring lives on to go to heaven.
Rose as Diana is the Crab/Cancer who's place is in the keystone portal. 12 crowns the clock, Diana Crab crowns the arch.
Blue Spirit Palms try to jump her heart with electricity or Zeus/Jupiter bolts.
One of the last things we see before she departs, 241/Jupiter.

L8ter G8tors!


  1. Hey Jake,
    In the spirit of sharing, a couple of nights ago I had a dream in which I witnessed a meteor burning through the sky and strike my neighbor's house. It was strange because I didn't have any fear, and it didn't harm me or my house, but I still tried to help through the fire.

    The color that I've been tuned into is green. The fourth chakra-La Vita Nuova.
    Nice work.
    Be well.

  2. In the darkness finding light. . .

  3. Interesting stuff... There is a huge change in Timewave Zero around October 24th, this may be more of a "warning" period, but the sun (originally typed "sin" because the "U" on a keyboard is right next to the "I") is currently shining strongly into my room giving a personal Solar sync... You can bet it's projecting rainbows onto my wall through the glass.

    Looking at Timewave Zero, the exact midpoint in the World War 2/2006-2012 resonance period is in October 2009/July 1942. July 1942 was when the first Jews were rounded up in Warsaw ghettos to be sent to concentration camps. Anne Frank took refuge in her attic during this time, syncing with the Balloon Boy hiding in the attic.

    Another interesting tidbit: "The First Battle of El Alamein 1–27 July 1942 was a battle of the Western Desert Campaign of the Second World War, fought between Axis forces commanded by Erwin Rommel, and Allied forces commanded by Claude Auchinleck. The battle halted the second (and final) advance by the Axis forces into Egypt, El Alamein being only 66 miles from Alexandria.

    Wow, your old videos really take me back!

  4. 10 19 09

    101 909

    09 11 09

    sometimes this sync stuff is really just too much... especially when we start scrambling stuff around...

    i just finished watching The Day The Earth Stood Still, about fifteen minutes before coming to check on new stuff here at the Whole.

    right before i started the movie, a website i was working on the night before mysteriously went down. while i scrambled to get the site back online, i noticed the site wasnt really down; the files had been scrambled around. maybe nothing, but it struck me...

    and yeah, jake, those old movies are classics. i hope they're archived.

  5. Maybe this connects to the 32 new (paths of wisdom) PlanETs just found today, who knewws

  6. Ishmael, we are just about at the peak of the ORIONIDs meteor shower.


  7. The Knowing has the ability to generate new interest in what we're doing.... I haven't seen it yet, but people who know what I do always tell me to see it.

    PS... This isn't the first time Nick Cage has told the future.

  8. (with all respect, you have the most complete grasp of sync shit shaman).

    Mr Smith is the the most insightful.

  9. I would call shaman the heart and smith the third eye.

  10. This is deep Metaphysics and correspondence. This 3rd Dimension bullshit is done. Everyday is a celebration.

  11. 1+9+5+9 = 24, Jupiter number inside the Red Eye...

  12. Alright it's downloading. Leia is sick today(yes my daughter's name is Leia and no it has nothing to do with Natalie Portman) so no work for me.... I'll just watch Nick Cage.

  13. Jeez Jake you act like me not seeing Knowing is the end of the world or something...

  14. Shaman, you could probably watch today's episode of Oprah and see this whole story repeat there.

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  16. The date is 19-10 this year 2016!?
    Not finísh world.
    But California destroy and attacks terrorista,collapse América,?

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