Saturday, October 17, 2009

this is not a sync post


some thoughts i thought i'd share...

this is not a pipe. nor is it a painting of a pipe.

nothing seduces us quite like simple truth. except maybe the complex lie.

my recent work regarding Wonderland and the whimsical work discussed here at the Whole has really unsettled me. i dont like having my ideas of truth fucked with. what else do i have?

i need something solid in all this.

a few weeks back, discussions at The Blob regarding Sigourney Weaver et al had me questioning my own existence as a unique being. i felt the solid ground of my previous studies on Ego turn to clouds of questions. these clouds gave me my Wonderland series (by way of the circular logic of ferris wheels and eyes), and now thanks to Wiz's Arkham, once again, i feel cloudy uncertainty.

"What is real?
How do you define real?"


this poster does not have a scent. this is not a poster.
it is not raining food.

i went to a friend's album release party last night, and i met a woman named Kanika who i can only describe as a goddess. she recognized my energy as a seeker of truth (she quoted afrikan proverbs! in a bar!) and i was captivated by hers. in the moment, there in her eyes, nothing else mattered. well not really. that's a lie. i felt like nothing else mattered. truth is, the world didn't stop turning.

the experience reminded me of a strongly-worded comment from The Patternist in which a reader challenged my use of the term goddess to describe Beyonce. i couldn't really defend myself soundly. who was i to say who is a goddess and who is not?

i told my friend that night that the woman was the meaning of life. but, i was pretty drunk. she could have just been a very beautiful lie.

this is not a kiss

this is not Beyonce

my most recent post over at the patternist discusses the duality of the red and white queens from Alice's Adventures in wonderland. the first people to take to the dance floor last night were twin sisters; one's hair was platinum blonde, the other's was dyed blood red.

if both faces of the sacred feminine are truth, then in a way, they are also both lies.

in Beautiful Liar's Beyonce and Shakira, i find two images of woman;

this is not a metaphor

the delicate flower, the captive porcelain doll

and the raw passion, emotion, the force of mother nature

both of those descriptions of woman feel as true as they do false. this also describes much of the musing done here at the Whole. there is something real and true happening here, but so much of it is based on illusion. john travolta is not zeus. ryan reynolds is not an amnesiac god [cool term though].

jim carrey is not ebenezer scrooge, and his new movie will not actually be shown in 3 dimensions. funny red and blue glasses do not transcend dimensions of real.

again, not really 3D. those balloons will not lift that house.

the boy was not in the balloon, NASA did not bomb the moon [how ridiculous]... oh wait... maybe they did. maybe i'm wrong about all this.

does it matter?

i sure hope so. i need something solid in all this.



  1. Personal resonance BIG TIME! Well mostly the last image. At work today I watched a fellow welder's helper work in an unsafe manner. He was inside a pipe grinding the flange face. He actually looked like he was in the Mario Bros style pipe. It was actually quite shocking and...random?

    Something to keep in mind. Be shocked! Be in awe! Lose your self in the beauty of it all once an a while. I'm not saying be ignorant. I'm saying realize and appreciate your real eyes. Being awake is fun. We're just getting through the initial stretching and yawning. Next comes the alertness and energy...I hope.

    Lets argue and chaff and laugh and scratch our heads.

    Thanks for the anti-sync post ;^)

  2. Nice musings... I watched the movie Twilight earlier and found myself in a state of distress thinking something along the lines of "this movie was NOT a huge success", as it seemed entirely impossible. As the vampires played baseball, I thought "these vampires are NOT playing baseball". Of course, my thoughts were more in sarcastic disbelief than reality-shattering Gestalts. It's just a movie...

  3. Beautiful. I love to hear your talk.
    The only thing that is solid, that you can really count on, is the story. It never changes. Science changes every 15 minutes revealing a completely new and different truth--funny thing to base a religion on too, but the story never changes. It adapts, but it's solid man.
    Beyoncé *is* a Goddess. Of course you do realize though, that you are a God too, right?
    keep on trucking.
    Your work is golden.

  4. interesting advice, Jon. stretching and yawning... i dig. as i read your words, i felt my head nodding. i am never really comfortable with my state of sync when i write, and yet i've never felt more comfortable with anything else, ever. i realize i need to try to accept the newness of it all and just let it all happen, instead of trying to predict what it might be.

    tommy; i thought the exact same thing watching that movie. especially the baseball scene. instantly i thought of a scene from an x-men comic where the team tries to play baseball w/o powers, in effect to feel more "normal". sometimes that's how i feel about writing sync-stuff; like i'm trying to make this non-linear, multi-perspective nonsense sound "normal"...

  5. ishmael; it adapts, but its solid. of course, you're right. of course.

    me? god? *smirk*

    very timely. i just watched a film called God on Trial (vouch) that had me thinking about that very concept.

    thanks for the love. really.

  6. Beautiful toure, and poignant.

    Let me tell you something that I tell to the world. You are real, you are all that's real. I'd lay my down life to defend it - on a whim.

    Fcuk it Dude... let's go bowling.

  7. hm. on a whim...

    how the group of rogue mental mutants here ever found each other, i will never know. i feel so blessed to have the company of minds humble enough to ask and confident enough to answer.

    ...and hell yeah, man, let's go bowling!

  8. maybe One need to let go of the image and focus on oneness?

    BENEDICK : I do love nothing in the world so well as you: is not that strange?

    BEATRICE : As strange as the thing I know not. It were as possible for me to say I loved nothing so well as you: but believe me not; and yet I lie not; I confess nothing, nor I deny nothing. I am sorry for my cousin.

    Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing

  9. Dude... For real.... I went to my friends CD release party tonight and thank the clouds in the sky I got home alright.

    Did I ever tell you guys how much i love this place?

  10. The synch Whole is like a masters program for syncro mystics. The Dude abides. Keep digging syncro pioneers. Dennis

  11. Love it all friends. What is real? Good question. I do personally feel we should not get to concerned with the infinite loop of "unrealness" that can be felt in exploring synchromysticism. I feel our ability to share this right now in such a way is unique and represents a cusp of great change for what it means to be alive in the earth. i also feel we are all ultimately blind as to why our souls guided us here to know each other at this point in time. my hunch is our role together is much more than simply synchromysticism, but the revival of the hermetic arts with a whole new flavour. we would not all be doing this together if we had not known each other all before. i think things will feel more "real" once we all meet in person and go from there. so i am inviting all everyone to winnipeg next summer/fall for a 2010 gathering. i will have all the details in a couple of weeks after i return from peru. love you all incredibly so.



  12. Jim, excellent sentiments (and I WHOLELY / HOLY agree!) - To Peru and back with you, on the wings of Condor and Eagle!


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  14. The tower of Jello from Cloudy really reminds me of Devil's Tower from Close Encounters..

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