Thursday, October 15, 2009

Real life UP (ET comparison) "We're all Monkeys" (with addendum by AM)

Afternoon of 15 October:
Real life Up scenario unfolding as big homemade mushroom/UFO shaped balloon with a 6 year old boy inside floats away.
Boys name is Falcon.
Syncwinnipeg The movie UP LIVE now on 9News of the Millenium Falcon Child flying through the air.

(Syncwinnipeg is a Twitter account me and Jim share, this tweet is from Jim.)
It just came down...
A Zeppelin crashes into a clocktower with a bright yellow sun/flower.
Very strange.
I saw this a few hours ago while watching "Kiki's delivery Service" and proceeding to read UP on the Hindenburg Disaster.
Kirtsten Dunst, the yellow flower star, voices Kiki who saves the little boy from the doomed dirigible.
Evening of 15 October:

An old Blob post Divine Dirigibles goes into how airships are resonators of UFO's, mushrooms and Atlantis.

Balloons crowning Mary-Louise Parker in Weeds and Rose Byrne in Damages today. Both shows I'm following with balloons on the same day as this news story and writing the above lot.
Come on.

Morning of 16 October:

"12 Monkeys" 1995

James Cole played by Bruce Willis
Kathrine Railly played by Madelaine Stowe
Just a joke.

-- an hour ago have been unable to
determine the location of the boy in the
150 foot shaft...but a TV sound man who
lowered an ultra-sensitive microphone into
the narrow tube claims he heard breathing
sounds coming from approximately seventy
feet down...

COLE reaches over and changes stations. MUSIC again.

Does that disturb you, James? Thinking
about that little boy in the well?

When I was a kid I identified with that
kid, down there alone in that pipe...a
hundred feet down -- doesn't know if
they're going to save him.

What do you mean -- when you were a kid?

Nevermind. It's not real -- it's a
hoax. A prank. He's hiding in a barn.
Hey, turn left here. Left!
Later in the movie...
(glances sadly toward the TV)
He's dead, isn't he -- that little boy?

He's fine. It was just a "prank" he
and his friends pulled.


ANGLE ON THE TV SCREEN, showing footage of a sheepish nine year
old boy being led out of a barn by the police. The cops look grim.

Authorities have so far been noncommittal
about whether they will try to file
charges against the families of the
children involved in the hoax.

RAILLY stares at the TV, stunned.
Fascinating considering the film 12 Monkeys revolves around James Cole (Bruce Willis) a time traveler with "prophetic" knowledge about the future.
Two posters with British actor Rhys Ifans (Spike in Notting Hill) where he entrains with balloonboy.
(Thanks Jim)
Rhys Ifans in Danny Deckchair
Rhys Ifans in Enduring Love

Addendum: Artislav Mel

This is a fascinating thread.

The Ifans Balloon sync resounds with the post Kli'pothic thema of Supertramp's Asylum.  A quick spoiler alert.  If you have yet to see Enduring Love, beware that its finale is revealed herein.


The final image of Enduring Love is Ifans staring into the camera from his room in a secure mental facility.  Ifans, in Love and Deckchair is encoded as the ante-Dunwich Lovecraft Horror.  The Cthultu (Kli'poth), who remain a wholly external media, have seeded themselves into the Crypto-Christ.

In EL, Ifans insists throughout that the Craig character needs 'to confess' - a need that Craig can not assimilate.  The subject of this need is never articulated on screen, and although encoded into the novel, we must use character grafting to solve its meaning.

Samantha Morton, who is Craig's lover in EL, also appears in Code 46.  The ground theme of 46 is that of state controlled procreation through a Monarch style mind program.  It is because of this program that the Morton in 46 can not consummate her desire for Tim Robbins. They are brother and sister, although neither know this fact, and have been programmed by the android meme to remember the Alamo and deny their natural lust.

Now, the repentance demanded of Craig in EL is exposed as a causal reaction to incest.  This exact theme is modeled in the superb Atonement, which is from the same pen as EL.

Thus, the final image of Enduring Love can be located within the walls of Arkham Asylum and Ifans as the child of the Dunwich union, whose message is that, because of infernal incest, humanity is doomed into the moods of a madman and his dreams of angels and insects.


  1. Interesting, the linked article's comment: "When the Heene family aren't chasing storms, they devote their time to scientific experiments that include looking for extraterrestrials and building a research-gathering flying saucer to send into the EYE of the storm," it says.

  2. Thank you for this post. Interesting indeed.

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  3. This sync resonates quite intensely a particular American film called Black Sunday - which is the story of international intrigue and domestic terror.

    Should any of thee come across this film in the next little while, watch it for a wild sync trip - for RealUP.

  4. Crazy good. Collisions everywhere. Ascending collisions. Fusions.

  5. Nice ET/kid montage.

    The whole thing is more stinky than a bag of rotten eggs though! The Heenes are pawns who like being paraded out. Hybrids, or MK survivors?

  6. links to alleged death on the same day of false prophetess Elizabeth Clare Prophet. A key theme of Prophet's doctrine was "the ascension" and the "ascended masters".

  7. Woooo-hoooo! In all honesty, Magus, as if I'd pepper this media feat of Falcon Heene's with any UNtruths, perish the Thoth, the moment I 1st saw the footage of the saucer-shaped craft speeeeeeeeding along yesterday afternoon, I Thoth, "Wait a minute! This isn't 'manned', it izzint e'en CHILDED!", as there was just no way for it, the helium-filled balloon, to have reached such a velocity with any passengers ONboard its gondola.

    Björn (Farmer)? Thank you for the news of the, as you said, "false prophetess Elizabeth Clare Prophet's" final repose. I, too, was involved with her Church Universal & Triumphant 30 years ago. This is their official web site, The Summit Lighthouse. They're one of the top cults to watch out for in The Rick A. Ross Institute Internet Archives of Information about Cults, Destructive Cults, Controversial Groups, and Movements, which see. Fortunately for me, they never quite 'took', or I'd be in their Grand Teton Retreat intentional community, "…at the doorstep of yellowstone National Park", not here, free, writing whatever I might & living my true destiny, not a false doctrine.

    As regards the Falcon Heene non-event media event again, innit it odd that for as long as this adventure of little Falcon's persisted in the news as though it was the ONLY newsworthy event to be covered for those few hours before it reached its gratefully fortunate conclusion, Master Heene was safe all along, as snug as a bug in a rug, nestled amongst his family's boxes & boxes of Christmas decorations in the attic.

    So, whether one draws parallels to this & films such as Up, or E.T., or Twelve Monkeys, & there WILL be more comparisons, rest assured, it's yet another e.g. of life imitating art imitating life imitating art. Yay, Falcon Heene, hooray! Your star shines brightly.

    Doing art for my goddess-daughter's birthday party mañana,
    Anadæ Effro (•8-D}

  8. ET phony @ home

    Kiki's got a massive booty...

  9. I saw them do that Downfall Hitler thing with Micheal Jackson also. Pretty good.

  10. Wow. They do that with everything. I am so gullible and green.