Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dances with floW (while C-ing Red)

Yesterday I met with Frank Brown, an elected, as well as traditional chief of the Dakota people in Canada. His people have never signed a treaty with the Canadian government. They never surrendered their rights to the Queen. This really scares the government because they know they would lose in a court of law. It is a fascinating story. I am currently making a short for TV documentary about it called Ancients of the Heartland. I believe these people are key for global peace. They know it as well. Check out some of the research based on their knowledge and the myth of the Turtle and the Serpent.

Anyways, synchromystically I began wondering yesterday about what kind of resonance Dakota has in the modern meme stream.

Of course the first movie I think of Dances With Wolves starring Kevin Costner. Us syncheads would see this title as Dances with floW.

The Dakota were known as the Buffalo People.

If anyone has any insights of the Dakotas and Kevin Costner, I would love to see it and ponder it all.

I mean, I quickly noticed these two posters below. American Flyer and JKK. They sync well.

What interests me about JFK is that not only does Costner star in it, it is also directed by Oliver Stone. Who by the way goes to Amazon to take Ayahuasca.

Avatar & Waterworld sync up swimmingly with each other and the themes of liquid floW.
Both blue faces with a bright yellow/golden eye. Makes vivid how the eye is a fractal of the sun.
Royalty are called blue bloods making such type images suggestive of Mastery.
The blue Avatar has little star spots mimicking Waterworlds single large sun.
More entrainment comes in the form of VATAR sounding perfectly like water in Afrikaans (spelled the same as in English). On the Waterworld poster Costner has become a giant making him resonate Sumiruna the big blue Amazonian water god.
I see these as representing the blue spirit of humanity rising into heaven - where the sun and stars dwell - right NOW.

When I hang out with my Yoga and Vegan type buddies I hear them talk about Ayurveda, an Indian system of medicine involving diet. A word that frequently comes up is Vata, also present between A and R on the Avatar poster.

Wiki says.
Ayurveda stresses a balance of three substances: vata (wind/spirit/air), pitta (bile) and kapha (phlegm), each representing divine forces.

The SpiriT/VATA inside the AR or RA.
Again a nice interchangeability or commingling of air and water resonance here..

The Golden Eye and Sun, our yellow sub/chariot that swims the blue waters of spirit, also resonates the yellow flower.

Richard: While trying to find an old Kevin Costner banner I had up on my blog a while back I came across this poster which shows KC with his head in the Clouds (ala Tom Hanks):

The X of his crossed Legs target the Field of Dreams behind him. While wondering about this Field/Plant connection I noticed that the name KEVIN contains the word 'VINE', and the surname COSTNER contains the word 'STONER'. His name alone brings to mind Plant KKonsciousness.

I've recently been looking at synchronicities involving the Cauldron/Pot so it was interesting to find that KC resonates with the Cauldron/Pot/Cup of Jupiter:

In Lucky Cauldron Jim pointed out that Maestro Flores uses a large Cauldron/Pot to brew the Ayahuasca vine and chacruna leaves. This is then served to the initiate via a Cup. Once again we see that Kevin Costner, with his Jupiterian Tin Cup, resonates with Plant KKonsciousness.

I noticed that KC has Red Eye in this poster:

Here's another example:

At the bottom of the poster we find that the month of June, resonating Juno/Jupiter, is highlighted by what looks like a Red Rose/FloWer.
If you turn the poster 90 degrees you can also see that Kevin Costner/Mr. Brooks is framed by a Red C/Sea.
Red Eye helps us to C-Red.

This brings us to this next movie which also features the color Red (on Costners life-jacket) and the C, or Sea:

KC connects with Plants/Earth but he also seems to have links with the element of Water. He was a Water-loving mutant in Waterworld (mentioned earlier) and in The Guardian he plays the role of a Life Guard whose perfectly at home on the ocean waves. Both films point to The Blue One who goes by the name Sumiruna, along with many others.

Finally, in the movie Dragonfly we see that KC entrains with the giant Blue One who watches over us as we each walk our Path. The 3-pronged Trident and the Blue Skin also bring to mind the Sumiruna resonating Shiva:

The Hindus associated the Dog-Star Sirius with Shiva, bringing us back full circle to KC's connection with the Wolf/floW:

Come to think of it, the letter C (Red-C or C-ing Red mentioned above) was attributed to the Wolf/floW in this image:

To the ancient Mesopotamians, Sirius was also known as the Bow-Star or Arrow-Star:


  1. Dear Hermes,

    I have some info re: Dakota/Kennedy/Turtle/Serpent.

    The ken of my work is slanted toward the cryptic emergence of Horus (total war) as a pre-programmed event and thus may conflict with your personal aim. Nevertheless I suspect you may find the material to your interest as a psycho-naut.

    The research is very detailed and though not prepared for literary excellence, is quite cogent.

    My email is Please drop me a line and I will send you what I have.



  2. I might get me some beer or coffee, or a mix of the 2 this weekend and site down and watch '500 Nations', long long documentary hosted by Kevin Costner I have been putting off watching for some time now till my mind was clear and ready 4 it.

    I remember the first time I "contacted" native American spirits (I parts am Blackfoot and Cherokee). And a few days ago I am pretty sure I contacted the spirit of Sitting Bull. I think he wants to B my "Native Spirit Guide". I will get into more eventually on my private blog the signs and number he sent me.....

    Peace! C

  3. What is it w/ that patch of sky?
    Orion, Sirius, 7 sisters, Bull, Hare, Dog. . .

    I got nothing on Costner. Bodyguard?
    Frank Farmer:
    (-would you call this non-local-entity-storming?)
    I connect that with Yojimbo (Kurosawa) and Adam Sandler in Bulletproof

  4. I had a thought in the bath tonight.
    Connected to the heartland is corn. It is our tribe's staple crop. And the person who has been most illustrative on this subject is Michael Pollan.

    It is his belief that most of our disparate problems could be solved by solving food. By changing the way we eat, we could address climate change, be healthier, cut the cost of health care, and reduce our fossil fuel consumption.

    His solution? "Eat food. Mostly plants. Not too much."

    Capitalism says, "more, better, cheaper, faster!"

    Gaia replies, "seasonal, fresh, local, organic."

    Thoreau: "Simplify, simplify."

    I read something else tonight in the tub I should share:

    "I think that we reject the evidence that our world is changing because we are still tribal carnivores. We are programmed by our inheritance to see other living things as mainly something to eat, and we care more about our national tribe than anything else."~*The Revenge Of Gaia*

    -So Dances With Wolves, huh. Return to a simpler way of life. Lead a life within a community with a natural connection. Sounds good. The plains Indians revered the Buffalo. It was holy.

    Our culture reveres nothing. There is nothing sacred, not even life.

    I'm inspired to continue. Thanks Jim. Nice stream. I'll use this tomorrow when I write about onions for my "other" blog.

    I'm reminded of something Eunus Noe said speaking about "Big Men" last winter:
    "Remember that you vote everyday with your money. And the most important decision you make is how you eat. Live and eat local. Instead of more, better, cheaper, faster, try seasonal, fresh, local, organic--in that order. Don't support Mr Potter. Make him irrelevant. Be a part of your unique community. Grow something this year. Grow the New Earth."

  5. Thanks guys.

    WWiz, I will email later today. Would love to see what you got.

    C, I should check that doc out as well. hard to do as i am getting the real deal these days and what a mystery it is. i look forward to sharing the doc i am making with you all. fascinating stuff about the origins of the mounds and sacred sites of the heartland. what we are going through now has happened before and their are markings and oral traditions to prove it.

    Ishmael, agreed on all points. i am part of a rural revival community in southwestern manitoba, and there we are developing an eco village and a permaculture type existence. this is where i will be building a healing centre with maestro flores, and it is on dakota land. so my plan is to negotiate with the dakota first, and not the government, as it is land they never ceded.

    i know from past experience that by going to the source and following ancient protocol everything will run smoother in the end.

    peace yall


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