Monday, October 12, 2009

In Arkham As I Lumber (and the One Eyed Jimmy)

(The following does not represent the views of YellowSwitchPalace - ed)

Gutenberg killed the Word
Beethoven... the Ear
Wagner... the Theater
Einstein... the Light
Joyce... the Euclidian Plane 
McLuhan... the Academy
Zappa... the Study
Nintendo... the Tactile
Kubrick... the Eye
Tolle... the Flower

The list goes on.  A name for every nerve.  All of them dead.   Ask not flower, hum - the bull Tolle's.

TV was knocked-off long ago, in the Glorious Age of Cesar and Kovacs.  Burnett and De Mol fail to revive it, although Bully Beat Down comes dangerously close. TV is in the shadow of youtube.

Not until a medium is dead does it truly come to life as Art.  youtube is dead some time now, but for us, the cruel objet dart found target only yesterday or so, and with shocking alacrity.  youtube made flesh by YellowSwitchPalace.  youtube is dead!  Long Live YellowSwitch!

Fourteen years back, in 1987, we predicted that cinema would die by 1963.  The result of a regiment of boob-tube babies getting hold of Dad's trusty Super 8 with Home Movieola and summarily pwning the Grand Buffalo CineMasters of days but just gone by.  Although we are certain of the accuracy of this prophecy, how long we trenched to feel it in the gut...

Our weight is over.

YSP's Ayslum

The overlook has five branches.

1.  The old 'in and out'
2.  Phallo-Narcissism (eiwige Blumenkraft)
3.  Ritual Circumcision (a personal fave)
4.  Kli'pothic Reversal (Rear View Bracelet)
5.  Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
6.  Freudian Lips

1. Freudian Lips

The star of Asylum is called 'Jimmy'.  The persona of Jimmy is fractalated.  Jimmy is: a) the narrator of Asylum b) the obsession of the narrator c) the Actor in the role of Jimmy and Narrator d) the viewer and listener of Asylum as both Jimmy and the Narrator e) the resulting 22/7 coruscation of incarnation-tarnations.

The tricky lyrics of the Supertramp classic are lip-synced to perfection with one glaring exception: Jimmy's last name.  Could it be Cream?  Hugh Betcha!  We circumvent the usual 'ground-up' treatment with an eagle-eye cherry.  This is no 'freudin' slip'.  It's acci-purposely on dentist.  Our star does not mis-lip 'Cream' to obscure his theme but instead to re-inforce it to invincibility.  Clever fellow.

2.  The old 'in and out'   

Looking back from the ersatz slip and we devise the YellowSwitch camera as a medial extension of the phallus and the image as the birth canal.  We confirm it in the second group of images that feature the sock-puppet, where the control unit for the video camera is seen in the hand of our Star - he's got the whole world in his hands. .  The distinction is that of conception and birth with the viewer as its subject.  We go in and plant a seed.  It all comes out in the end.

3.  Phallo-Narcissism

The main unit of YSP's Asylum is the monadic phallus or Maypole.  This complexion is not sexual but Saturnine.  Jimmy has no wife, no counter-sexual image.  His issue is altogether imaginary - and springs forth into the womb of space - the cosmic mind.

The Dick list:

- The standing Jimmy at 'in and out'.
- The yellow flower
- Jimmy's first T-Shirt (double phallus - 11:22)
- The purple sock puppet
- Obi Wankin' Knobbie
- The exploding eye into X-wing/Falcon/Shuttle Launch
- etc. (use the force and find more!)

YSP's special use of Kenobi vs.Vader illuminates at last not only Kenobi's sacrifice, but also of his secret aim, not to save Luke, whom he uses merely as a tool, but to regain his friend Annakin.  The scene is masturbatory.  By killing Obi Wan, Vader-kin the jerk-off releases his seminal essence into the astral as a spirit guide.

Hugo ought to have done the same for Javert.  Star Wars is necessary as Art because it resurrects and revitalizes Les Miserables from the bloody sewers of Paris and unto the Tannhauser Gates as a super-looper cosmic space-orgy.  All that Obi does, he does to exculpate Annakin.  YSP does the same for Supertramp.

They ought to get paid for it.  Real paid.

4.  Ritual Circumcision

This one is easy for the Rhise-Oh-My-Sticks (black synchromystics).

When one inhales smoke (whatever is burned) one is breathing 'negative air'.  Strangulation is an extension of the same act, as is mastur-urbation (chicken choking) and circumcision/castration.  This theme is rich with detail.

Jupiter, Jew Peter, J-Zeus, is the crown of the circumcised phallus.  The Hebrew word for 'smoke' has a gematria of 420.  When one breaths smoke, one releases the essence of Jove into the atmosphere.  By cutting-up over smoke and strangulation, YSP opens the cosmic one-eyed jack and stares right at the viewer with the mighty truth of Asylum raging down the pipe at light speed.

Joni was only half right: we are Stardust...

Of course we mustn't ignore the feminine value, where Jupiter is a gy-normous space boob that suckles (sickles, cycles) the cosmic enfant terrible.  By our assessment, YSP's Asylum is just as good for breakfast as it is for sowing seeds.

5.  Kli'pothic Reversal

Jimmy and his Fight Club doppler both wear a red bracelet.  We can not easily discern the wrist that it adorns.  YSP uses a simple, subtle image-flip to achieve this effect.  The received truth is that Ka-blah-blah and its New Age spiritual progeny are supremely ego-based pursuits.  We love the ego. 

Kli'poth is Kaballah.  Heaven is Hell.  Buy and Swell.   

6.  Mirror, Mirror

In the mirror, Jimmy confronts a terrible truth.  Oh how he once loved the movies, and in particular 2001: A Space Odyssey.  Now, facing himself at last, he sees the emptiness in his heart.  There is not to be a great new age of light.  There is no stargate leap for this lonely creep.  The Great Black Monolith is nowt more than a mirror.  Caliban is a blindman's bluff.

And it is at this precise moment that YellowSwitchPalace's Asylum becomes a glass elevator.  The soul of Jimmy explodes into color - his head upon a piece of writing paper: the Womb of the Cosmic Mother, who accepts the wretched face with amazing grace and out and into perfect space.

Jimmy's all right!          
The Kids Are All Right!
Bloody well right and out of sight.
Pax Jax

As my name growing up was Jimmy, I smoke lots of grass and I love Jupiter, I can relate. The Search for the One Eyed Jimmy syncs best. Samuel Jackson is in this film as well.  

- Jimmy


  1. sir, thank you for the exposure, but what are you talking about? there is nothing sexual or masturbatory in this film. it is purely about a man's decent into madness. A man being torn off the streets due to society's definition of 'insanity.' The mirror was simply poetic justice as if throughout earlier in the piece he was speaking to a psychiatrist or therapist, but he was really talking to himself in the mirror foremost confirming his lack of sanity.

    I'm glad you enjoyed, but maybe you should have gotten an interview before you mis-translated our work. I think you were pushing a little too hard for what you saw and what really made sense with the film. Granted there was a lot of theatrical elements and poetic justice, but it wasn't as abstract as you made it out to be. I have no idea where you got phallic symbols and signs of birth canals and sexuality, sir.


  2. Hey YSP,

    Have you ever seen the movie 'Tootsie' with Dustin Hoffman?

    There is a short monologue from Bill Murray's character, who plays Hoffman's roommate and works as a playwright. I'll quote it as best I can...

    '...some writers, after their play has been seen, want the audience to say "wow, that was great" or "jeez, that touched my heart", but I want people to come out of one of my plays and say "What Happened?!"...'

    This is my goal with 'In Arkham As I Lumber'. Read it carefully. Very carefully. It is not a serious review but instead a devilishly tricky use of outlandish punnery.

    To earn a deeper understanding you might click on one of the 'missing links' at The Wrong Way Wizard or just google 'synchromystic' (the term is the property of a brilliant young man named Jake Kotze. He writes over at The Sync Whole as well as at his own blog, called The Blob (link on my site).

    For myself, I am an anti-sync-head, or as I like to call it a 'Rhisome-Eye-Stick'.

    To the 'syncers' it's all about cozmick consciousness. For me, it's about having fun with words. Nothing More.

    Read 'In Arkham As I Lumber' again not with a serious head but for a laugh and maybe you will get what I am after.

    Peace Dude.

    Da WWWiz

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  4. What is YellowSwitchPalace
    And what, pray tell, a phallus....

    And why do they sound the same.

    J-Zeus would be,
    to me,
    and excellent rapper's name.

  5. Peace Shamam,

    You wampum big rap, but methinks Jay-Z is already taken.

    The gang at YellowSwitchP aren't quite sure what to make of it all> I wonder if it would help if they knew I was under 24 hour pysch-watch, for my own protection.

    Happy Thanks-Giving

  6. Perhaps i missed a crucial post, but i have no idea what you're talking about here. I think you make some interesting points about Medium, and i think i understand the concept of anti-sync, but what exactly are you saying here?

    I see spots of light, but most of what is said is lost in a fog of over-complexity due to your love of wordplay. For example: you speak of Kli'pothic Reversal; i'm guessing you're referring to Qliphoths, the shells around the kabbalistic sephirots... but that's a guess, and that concept alone has its own fog of depth.

    this is a place for dialogue; the interplay of perspectives... what you're doing here doesn't seem to offer much space for piggybacking or even discussion. it seems like you're writing more for yourself than for the advancement/understanding/amusement of the whole.

    you're not being serious -i get it- but what good is wordplay/theme-play/concept-play without basic communication? Help me out here wiz.

  7. toure,

    Thank you for your thoughtful comments. I will try to answer them as best I may.

    First, and I am not being glib about this - apt answers for your questions and main themes are all quite apparent in the lyrics of Asylum. Could I presume to ask you to listen to them, with myself in mind as the narrator and spoken into your ear?

    To do so should provide a profound answer to your inquiries.

    Second, I strive to channel 'real ART', which means that all interpretation of the work is inherently valid. I celebrate your consternation and indeed preprogrammed this very response into the essay.

    Last, have you read 'The Picture of Dorian Gray'? There is a link to gutenburg on my site. Check out the short preface for a primer on one facet of the mindset of this essay. To Wit: creating something useful is acceptable as long as one does not admire it. To create something useless can only be forgiven if one admires it intensely. All Art is quite useless.

    The approach is symbolic, in the sense of the symbolist movement, and is an excercise in synethesia and sharply honed criticism.

    The object of the critique is Eckhart Tolle who is symbolically entrained as Death Itself. If the ego is so meaningless to Tolle, why do we know about him? After all, there is nothing he teaches that is not readily available to every living soul at any moment or place in time.

    Synchromystically, Tolle is consonant (poetic) with Donne. Tolle/Donne. Tolle rings (tolls) a bell when he convenes his death-cult-sesh. The Tolling bell entrains Donne and his deeply engrained words... it Tolls for Thee.

    Now, as a hyper-romantic post-symbolist who is also an old man, I must rage against the likes of Tolle and the dying light what he proposes.

    I do not desire to contemplate ('con' into a 'template' or 'label') I do not contemplate the flower. I eat the flower, love the flower, know the flower. It's blood is in my blood and my blood is immortal.

    Because of internet pornography, sex is no longer a cogent sales technique. Looking back through Alice Bailey and Benjamin Creme (Jimmy Cream) Tolle is the absolute beginning of Death as a Sales Pitch.

    Now decoded 'In Arkham as I Slumber' can be appreciated as a rage against Death Itself. A Great Big Funk You Finger, cuz Da WWWiz don't by it.

    I hope that this clarifies your doubt that my work is syncrhomystically valid.

    Read me again. In all seriousness, I jest.

    Pucks for Biscuits,

    Da WWWiz

  8. Hey toure,

    Have you read any Downard? King Kill 33? It's out there on the net some where...

    I think you might dig it. The notion of Twilight Language is that it is NEVER overt. Folks who read Downard as a critic of Masonic chicanery have got him all wrong. Downard was an Artist. Art (re:McLuhan) is the ONLY method capable of probing the absolute unknown.

    I have published a short work in the style of Downard about the movie 'The Maltese Falcon' at . It's funny, cuz when I submitted the article the assistant editor complained the thesis was 'not overt enough'. I added a 'set zero' and he was even more confused. The publisher, who is the head of media studies at the U of Ohio (?) just bade the editor to 'publish the whole thing'.

    I would be honored for your thoughts


  9. Wiz, all I hear here is a mind and ego trying to defend its existence.

  10. Hear, hear Jake!

    That's all I hear here too. Folks trying to defend their existence. But how does one defend what does not exist?

    Back to me, if I'm just an illusion, how come I'm so darn annoying. Your stingy comment disproves it's own appearance. Why would you deign to throw in two cents just to say you find nothing? For the sake of pity on poor little old me?

    My work defends not only my existence, but also the existence of every other 'person' who don't take too kindly being told they're not real.

    How's the Turkey out there in Winter-peg?

    Love me or leave me,
    Take your choice but believe me,
    I love you... I do I do I do I do I do


  11. E.T says we are not the mind/ego and its stories about itself.

    If we believe we are the mind and its stories anything that undermines it is seen as a threat.

    This can be very subtle and cunning.
    The intellect will go to amazing lengths to preserve itself.

    If you believe you are your opinions then you are correct in seeing E.T as death.

  12. I don't believe in my opinions...

    I believe in myself.

    I Yam that I Yam and that's all that I Yam

  13. Yes, I Am That I Am.

    So, we are facets of I Am speaking to itSelf.

    Then all is well good and you get yourSelf?

  14. Jake,

    I must add that it is disappointing that you do not address 'the work' but instead 'the person' whom you insist the work represents.

    Furthermore, I am not in the least bit threatened by Tolle. He's so cute and full of shit. I have whiled away countless hours trying to hide his deeply repressed homosexuality and desire to be dominated... oh what I was talking about myself again...

  15. Nope, still Jake talking to Wiz.

    One mind made self to another.

    Ha Ha.

    We are a bunch of dopes right NOW.

  16. Peace Jake,

    Whatever U R

    Happy Thanks

  17. Thanks Wiz.

    Peace to you also.

    Be well

  18. Okay, I think I'm beginning to follow some of this. let me know if i'm smellin what you're cookin here;

    the medium is brought to new life as it is killed, in the same way the ego is transmuted as it is cut down [and re-realized] by synch. the contradiction-play exhibited via the phallus and womb [and inhale-exhale] Validates the use of complexity to reach simplicity, madness to reach sanity.

    through the all to get back to the one?

    i still feel like much of this over my head... am i getting closer to what you mean to communicate?

    there has Got to be a way to explain this to the un-initiated...

    your patience is appreciated

  19. I'm more of a Taoist than a Joycian.... I believe in making things simple and not complicated... I feel that this is key in a large percentage of Kotze's success(yes I'm talking like your not in the room, sir)... However I respect being anti-simple as an aspect to not wanting to be heard.... I feel though that as unimportant as your analysis is trying to be, it makes sense. It really is quit basic. Your attempt in bucking is obvious, your want of the response you got, said by your own lips, is a cry for attention. You want the consciousness to know your there, but you don't want it to look. Your want to be insane, makes you an observer of your own sanity. "Mha ha ha... They fell right in to my trap."

    Psychiatrist listen to words.... The words most spoken are the most valid. "Masturbation"... "Please read"...

    The work above is dead on.... From a certain point of view...

    We see things from the point of observation we are capable of seeing, at that time of observation. That's why movies change... Because we do. Toure sees Qliphoths because he is desperately trying to find their relevance at this point. Kotze sees only giz thrown in the face of death....

    And then something else because his perception is incapable of standing still, but I digress.

    I hear nonsense at first and don't want to read further... For I've got other shit to do, then I see the twist and turns of a trickster poet out of water.

    You want me to read multiple times so that I finally get it... However you roll the dice in not getting it read at all...

    But, that's ok to you, or so you tell your self, because for some reason you still write. One writes for others to read.

    Your not breathing in this work.... You haven't found that groove that so pleases you, that you get something back from it other than the self mutilation you wallow in.

    Fish flopping around.

    Your not wanting to hear the collective, once again by your own lips. Others come here to find themselves in others work.... Cute and full of shit.

    Your welcome hear anytime my friend, find comfort in hiding amongst the trees of Sherwood.... But, please make arrows so that others may shoot.... And realize that your further than some and not as most... At least that's how I see ME/WE.

    PS The third read of it was the best by the way.... But, you already knew that.

    Excitement.... Not Excrement.

    Epiphany..... Not Epilepsy.

    Love and Thanks.

  20. Shaman and toure,

    To both of you, thank you for your awesome reflections. You have returned a thousand fold to me anything I hoped to achieve with this particular post. I really mean it.


    You get me. I just want to make something beautiful. The best way I know to do this is to somehow encorporate my audience into a mystery, something I don't understand, that they can solve and then explain to me.

    You have apprehended the hidden meditator I wildly self-deny. For me this is profound. Your general appreciation is on the money, too, and yet you still find me out of reach.

    Truth is I'm just a wannabe, a cheap hood coping with ecstasy. My Art is the means to that everlasting pastime.

    The real talent is at


    If you're an idiot, I'm glad I don't know any smart people. Your comment is poetic and incisive. I will re-read it again.

    Nevertheless, I confess there are no arrows in my words.

    Please consider my proof as prelude to a question I have for you, or any other reader.

    Proof: There is not a single word of criticism aimed at any person or pseudo-cultural manifest anywhere in 'In Arkham As I Lumber'.

    Instead one will find

    - no personal pronoun ( 'I' that refers to the author)
    - the celebration of a great song through re-imagination
    - the consist use of rhetorical eprime
    - the celebration of YSP's film (in spite of the filmaker's naivete)
    - relentless humor that is void of grievance
    - a non threatening mystery to solve
    - fantastical and richly complex sync work
    - sub-textual self-deprication

    The sole negative value is Tolle as Death and is not really a negative. Death kicks iz-azz, my biznitch! I love all the cards in the deck and propose no revision. On the 'cute and full of shit' I call a gimme - I was defending against the mighty Kotze, down from his golden chariot to defend world wide best seller E.T. Besides, applies to babies and I love babies.

    In light of these findings... my question.

    Why does my work elicit such a prickly and parochial response? You've got to admit it's a teaser.

    I am in no way defensive here guys (and goylze), but I am a little confusterated. Seen in this light you must surely sense the mystery I am after.

    On Pins and Needles I remain

    Da WWWiz

  21. Great post Da WWWIz! Loved the jupiter 420 smoke connection, I came across this today . Bee very well

  22. Yip.

    Tolle's message is so simple and clear that mind recoils in horror.

    All is self, perfect and whole, right here and now.

  23. It takes humility to see that the masses are ready to embrace Self.

  24. I knew this was a good idea!
    I deserve a pat on the back guys!
    ...not a dominate pat or anything....
    ...not an ego boost either....

    fuck shit piss everyone!
    Hope turkey was good.

    Meeyah shmee...

  25. I am an idiot because I probably shouldn't have said anything... Like my first comment would imply.

    I was just giving you a critique on the work as you asked... I would love more people to critique me, I know. I would like to say however that I have nothing derogatory to say about you at all.

    The greatest Art is an uncut block of wood -Lao Tzu

    If I were to draw a picture of Jon Kidd... And I'm talking an undeniable picture of him, unmistakeably him. Then it could only be him. If I draw a smiley face, then it could be anybody. And uncut block of wood could be anything, if I carved a horse, then a horse it is. We have problems interpreting our own art. As YSP so perfectly illustrated...

    Purple Hand Puppet=Purple Yogurt Slinger...

    I personally think by not putting the word "I" in your work. That only you recognized it for what it was. Paradoxical... But, that's how things are... True?

  26. Perhaps the strange attraction of YSP to our black Sync Whole and the Yellow in there name and flower means they are future sync heads extraordinaire.
    Hearing the calling ViA sync?

  27. Shaman,

    We walk shoulder to shoulder.

    Tao = 23 (6 cubed is 216. Tao is T2 A1 O6) Joyce is 11 and 22.

    I really dig yer Taoist sensibilities. The block of wood thing is a nice analogy. We differ in the notion that a person (say the affable Jon Kidd) can only be Jon Kidd. I think that folks can, in some magickal mystery way, be both themselves and whatever they might imagine themselves to be - at once.

    Today, I am a plate of Blanc Mange, eating itself with relish.

    Mmmm Mmmm Good

  28. Shaman,

    Very interesting point re: pronoun paradox.

    Hmmm, we do love a paradox.

  29. Hey Gang,

    Re Tolle: Let me make myself partially clear.

    I agree with Jake. Tolle preaches a truth that that has the magnitude of fact (absolute truth). I'm not being coy.

    Thing is, as universal truth his teachings are fundamentally superfluous, static.

    Like Mecca, or the Rosary, Tolle's 'wisdom' can be accessed anywhere at any time (in history), in any place by anyone.

    Therefore the 'message' of Tolle is that it isn't really Tolle's message at all. Instead he is iconic focal point that - as a media sales pitch - 'distracts' the listener and reader from the 'ground figure' of his message/massage/Mass Age.

    I have spoken ;)

  30. Hey everyone look at Tolle's finger...

    That kinda shit?

  31. and miss all that heavenly glory?

  32. thanks wiz. my noodle's been baked in two ways at once...

  33. So someone POPularly points his finger at the moon and we dislike him because most still suck his finger?

    Aren't we at an amazing stage where there is even such a thing as a POPular finger to be pointing?

    Doesn't the collective finger staring suggest a massive yearning for the moon itself?

    Peace In