Monday, October 26, 2009

Aligning with Galactic Centre Is Close

Glenn Close GC (Galactic Center) iconically boils Micheal Douglas' rabbit in Fatal Attraction.
A rabbit with a broken leg died in front of me a few weeks ago...

I've been connecting rabbits to the moon but fertility seems also spot on. Lots of sync heads associate it with "down the rabbit hole", all groovy.
Funny then that GC plays Cruella De Vil with this further moon entrainment. Note that 101 is popularly a number associated with mystery and strangeness. Most iconically Room 101 in 1984 and Neo's apartment in the The Matrix.

The moon can also be associated with feminine fertility, thus chiming along with rabbits and the concept of 101 puppies. Further Galactic Centre itself is the O.G womb WE/ME all are from. Fertile Rabbit, Moon and GC, dig?
GC's latest role is in televisions Damages where she is Rose Byrne's lawyer mentor. Her opening credit appears over this statue of Mercury, I think this is the one at Grand Central Station in N.Y. If so Grand Central Station again syncs perfectly with Galactic Center and Glenn Close, no?
Mercury is the Roman version of Hermes and Egyptian Thoth. Above we see one of Hermes', thus by extension Mercury's, animals is the dog. Further Thoth is a Moon God meaning all we have spoken about interacts gorgeously and harmoniously.

I feel all this signifies alignment spiritually and galactically is fertile, pregnant and ready to go POP!

Peace in Dogs and good night 2 all my fellow Lunatics.


  1. "can't catch me cause the rabbit done died"


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  4. Lovely! Hey Grand Central station is on 42nd Street too hehe, the view of the ceiling art is of the belt of the ZOdiac but from the perspective as if one was Outside the Universe looking in too..Cool spot, Gg8 Post, bee swell fellow Lunatic! Namaste

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