Friday, October 16, 2009

Up, Up and Away in my Cthultu Balloon(The Eye's have it)

Now that the Heene hoax has been busted but good, the hyper-cube is revealed. The Kid was in a Box in the Attic. Translated: The Self is in an Ark(ham) in the Asylum. Revealed: the Self Flowers in the Attic (Attic = Darkened Mind)

See again Jake's Real Up (just below - with addendum by AM) for an expansion of this thema.

To be clear, it is not possible to discern that the Heene family are the originators or the victims of this hoax. I opt for victims, of a sort, and hope they can weather this storm without too much suffering.

"The Box"/Cube/Ark/Christ from Donnie Darko director Richard Kelley and writer of I Am Legend, out 6 November (according to IMDB, unlike the poster claims above..?). Very close temporally to the events of balloonboy and his attic box.

Some syncs of recent note present in trailer:
The Yellow teaching Sub/Bus and Chariot.
James Marsden appears to be a NASA employee getting the sack as the moon backs.
The moon syncs loudly in this time and space as we have recently seen Micheal Jackson a.k.a The Moonwalker (Goro is working this angle..) reverse birth, the actual release if "Moon" with Sam Rockwell and the LCROSS lunar impact mere days ago.
I've been picking up the moon ViA Rose Byrne (seen in The Rage in Placid Lake above) and have tweeted a bit about that. Might compile something for the Blob or Sync Whole, about Rose Byrne as Moon Star, soonish.

We note briefly that Darko resonates the moon ViA Frank the rabbit...
Marsden is famous for being the C-Ing red Cyclops in X-Men.
Which is fascinating as inside the box is a composite C-Ing Red Eye dot spot and Button!

See C-Ing Red and All Buttoned Up (there's that UP again..)
Plus Pots & Pans for dots/spots etc..
Cameron Diaz and a yellow flower/sun/star.

Good night!


Beautiful Gentlemen...

Although I have not clipped "Up" yet the first impression that it gave me is the obvious attachment to the cliche.

"Tied to your home"

This speaking of course to a mortgage.

I watched as the depressing first hour showed a aging couple's hopes get dashed across the unpredictable set backs of life. The elderly man floats his house to the dream location for he and his wife shortly after her death. He ties the floating house to himself in a Physics breaking.... Whatever you want to call it, and hikes his house, tied to himself around the waist with a garden hose, across South America.

He is tied to his house through inflation.... Get it?

The fact that our dear sweet flying Falcon(thank god he's OK, I don't really care if prank or not) is found in the house instead of the balloon I find an interesting paradox....

Now on to the Box.... Haven't heard of it, but however find the story familiar so I suspect some recycling... I've seen this story before, perhaps Stephen King. However I like James Marsden as he has been seen on my radar before. First off as Cyclops in X-Men. Cyclops is an over exaggerated analogy to the all seeing eye.... The Cyclops in Mythology is basically one who sees all and can be coupled with the likes of Odin, who was one eyed, Yahweh, the back of the dollar bill, or just straight up the ego, no chaser....
A Still from 27 Dresses that I used in a post called Love Syncs. Marsden is haloed by a crown. Making him a king. In the Kabbalah Tree of Life the top Sephiroth is called Kether meaning Crown. It is equivalent without effort to the all seeing eye above the pyramid. A Pyramid like a mountain, tree, or pillar is symbolic of the human spinal column.Notice that the symbol of Kether is a trident like icon. The opposing figure to this would be Malkuth the bottom of the Tree it's number being 10 to Kether's 1. Malkuth is Matter or the world, and Kether the self or spirit. Matter versus the intangible if you would. Matter coming from the word mother, Malkuth is often seen as the woman and Kether the mescaline. Phallus and Vaginal, or Blade and Chalice for those deep arcanaians.

In the Egyptian mythos we have the iconic Osiris and Isis.... Sister brother lover shit. Osiris would be the un dieing spirit Isis the impenetrable matter, solidarity. Echoed of course in the movie The Mask, as Sync Christ Carrey(JC) is green man Osiris to Diaz' Isis.Of interest is that the 5th Sephiroth is associated with red as shown above and is the dividing number of 10 and 1.... Big problems between Husband and Wife over that red button in the movie The Box I'm foretelling in this insight.

Marsden is also seen in the movie called Enchanted where he is a cross over between the Cartoon underworld and the real world.... Also he is seen in Superman's Return as the segregate father to Superman's child.... Note! However Cyclop's power of the eye blast is stolen from him in the new Wolverine; Origin X-Men mythos.... (X of course being a symbol connected to Malkuth and symbolic of the four converging rivers in the Garden of Eden.)... And given to Dead Pool played by Ryan Reynolds(RR). Ryan has his head cut off in the film, symbolizing the disconnect of the all seeing eye.... This can be interpreted a couple of ways including the cut off of power to the NWO, Or the 2012 whata whata whata.... Drunk, tired, and want to go to bed so I'm not posting links anymore....

Now Ryan was seen in Definitely Maybe with a Pineal Gland hint seen below. Also covered in the post Love Syncs....

Ryan stared in the movie Nine about a amnesiac god... Nine being "I" seeing(pun intended) that "I" is the 9th letter in the alphabet.... This lining up perfectly to 27 Dresses seeing(pun intended) that 2+7=9 as well.


  1. Wow!

    Nice sycn on that image Jake.

    Durned kids. Impossible to pace.

    'The Box' appears to be based on an episode of the '80's TV revival of The Twilight Zone that was called 'The Button'(?)

    Gawd, I'm gonna be up all night.

  2. A friend and I were confused by the meaning of the boy hiding in the attic, thank you for the "Darkened Mind" association Mel.

    Will - the original X-Men logo (see here) is the Malkuth "circle X".

    Rose Byrne is purty...