Saturday, October 31, 2009

Open Road

12:12 20:20
Love is, it's what I got

the one eyed man

boogey woogey woogey
it's electric

water sign

the triangle merges through the head

the swastika merges through the heart

the pyramid

crazy horse


Marilyn Monroe is a Mind Kontrolled Slave
So is Justin Timberlake from Mickey Mouse

Masonic Floor

(a long sitter)

CC 33
where blue meets red
right in the head

dogs do like to swim don't they
that's not so much of a question
but rather an affirmation from experience


Look Close... Awake!Cross the Bridge The Road is Open
Jump Fool!

With Hatred in his Heart
And Fear in his Eyes


  1. Might watch this movie. I went out tonight in "zombie land", had a good time. For being the ani-social kinda guy I am, I think I saw some positive signs.

    That Crowley pic you posted was the exact picture that was on my shirt I wore tonight (one of my fav shirts). Plus Johnny deep got his start in a John Waters film (Cry Baby) just like myself (Cecil B Demented). I might have got into this more if I felt the need to continue my blogging, but oh well.


    Anyways I thought of you guys well the Little John aspect cause when I first got out tonight. All by my lonesome (I would like to think there may have been some dead spirits "chilling" with me though) I heard a guy explain a whole "bit" about what/who Little John was in Ronnin Hood (quite amusing [to me at least] on this level).

    Well I just existed without being of this world but among it and had an alright time, to be honest. I am always a "strange" guy but, Halloween made me feel for once "a little less strange".

    PEEP THIS PIC (you should a saw her cleavage, It was to die for). Hate to be superficial but, tonight [if just tonight] it felt good.

  2. they almost boarded a Jet Blue airplane, I probably should have included a picture of that since Jet Blue could easily synch with Blue Bird

    Quark ... I can't see your pics for some reason

    Will ... great additions, I just thought of one more

  3. Bridges said a line in Open Road that I can't recall exactly "Number 11 in your (pamphlet or roster?) number 1 in your heart"

  4. Bridges and ex wife had a chat

    MoM "I was having this dream"

    Bridges "What was it about"

    MoM "I don't know, you were there but I rember that and it was nice" (I missed a couple of words)

    Bridges "Well you know how that goes, you're gonna get up and have your coffee and then as the day goes on, you are gonna see little clues" (Little Clues)

    MoM "Yeah I love how that happens, little clues. Life is so new and exciting"

    Bridges "Yeah it was"

  5. Quark... Kick me over a invitation for Order of The Stars mine expired...

  6. @ A Few Shots to Shaman, I shut it down. I just have it open till I get my info copied onto my computer. I am done blogging. To much energy "wasted" on it. I will be around here thought. I only plan on "following" a few blogs anymore and this is one of them. Most of the other ones "needles" are way over on the "negative" side of things. If that makes sense.