Friday, August 7, 2009

The G Eye of the Average Joe(poked out ViA the Little MoonStars)

"G.I. Joe: The Rise of The Cobra" in blue and gold, released today.

A Joe is an 'everyman' or average Joe.
In Masonry we learn that the G (alphabetical 7) and The I/Eye of God are interchangeable.
The film poster above then talks about the G/I/Eye (Consciousness) of all us Joes.
Further the title goes "The Rise of Cobra" or rising Kundalini energy.
The rising Consciousness of all is in full affect.


Next insert by Shaman;

I C not a finer opportunity to express the thoughts I've been having lately about the I. Eye was going to use this thread as notes for the "monster" post of mine For The Dead or Dying, but hopefully it will spawn some syncs here.2009 (monster-RE-mashed) was one of my favorite Sync Whole collaborations lately.... I really got walloped by the amount of personal syncs that followed, so I immediately paid attention. Directly after I finished reading it I went to see Transformers 2, I really can't say why but special shit happens to me at the movies. There seems to be a spiral of happenings that almost always leads to an AHA moment when I go, which I rarely get to anymore. Above is a symbol used by the likes of Led Zeppelin once upon a day, that seemed to want my attention on that particular night.... It was on a bunch of peoples T-shirts that were strategically placed through out my consciousness at the time. Now grant it, these shirts are placed in every Target from here to Apalachicola, however why were a large number of pimple popping teenagers who haven't even listen to Led Zeppelin's BBC recordings sporting their shit that night, when it was so potently important to myself? I don't pretend to know why, and perhaps in some peoples head's out there it means nothing, but none the less, my psychosis allowed me to gain insight from it.
As pointed out by Richard the Hermit Tarot card is the 9th card in the deck. The Hermit is Hermes.... "But Wait I thought Hermes was this guy", you might say and show me this picture."You Know this young strapping buck"..
"I mean the wheat has been replace by a Caduceus, but it's the same friggin guy. I'm just saying he's not all old and grimy...."

And your right, but many a gods in the old pantheon had duel identities. There are two appearances of Hermes.... One young and usually seen with a purse because he stood for the ability to use cosmic consciousness against your fellow man for gain.... He, like Odin was called the God of the thieves(Prince of Thieves), and used his smarts to better his material wealth. But the old witchdoctor like Hermit(from the Hermetic spawned word for hidden) hides alone and only came out at night(hence the lantern), night which in itself was a symbol for the dark unknown of the Otherworld or the Land of the Dead. The Younger version on top of the Manitoba Legislative Building seen two pictures above also has a torch like Lantern leading us to understand that it has some Promethean like context such like Lucifer(the light bringer) and/or Loki the Norse god of fire.... YVHV the Jewish demiurge holds similarities as well from his pillars of fire and his burning bush. As said the Hermit is the 9th card and "I" the 9th letter.... I also find an interesting link to a couple of other lantern wielding Land of the Dead ventures in up coming(and not so upcoming) cinema.This is the newest poster for A Christmas Carol with Jim Carrey coming out sometime this Christmas season. Now most interesting is that Carrey in this picture(it's not really Carrey but Carrey's character and therefore Carrey) is holding the light to talk to the dead in his right hand which is the same hand that the Hermit holds his. The Hermit is an older version of the Fool card which I linked Carrey to in Hounds of Hermes and which Jake talked about with Red Ice no too long ago.
The Hermit and Fool both stand above the abyss, or the 11th seperoth of the Kabbalah Tree of Life also called Daath.... This giving us 9 11.... Am I going too fast? Ok 9 is the Hermit, 11 is the cliff he stands above. The only difference is that the younger version has no warning of the event because a dog chases him into it(or warns him which ever you chose to interpret it with) and the Hermit stands atop lighting the way for others. The others are the ones below climbing the Abyss.
Speaking of others Nicole Kidman realizes she is dead in The Others notice that in the Hermes, Hermit, Carrey, and Kidman pictures all hold the Lantern in the right hand.... In Kabbalah the right hand is the hand of communication or mercy and is associated with the color blue, as well as Jupiter and Jupiter as always will come up in a second.

Now the 9 in Numerology is for the ego actually because 9 when multiplied by any number always goes back to itself.... I actually learn this right on top of the whole Transformers experience because I downloaded the interview with Art Rosengarten over at Red Ice about the Nine in Tarot cards... And then the next day read about it in my little book about Magick that I'm reading. Let me demonstrate.... 9 times 3 is 27 and 2+7 is 9. This is true with all the numbers before 11 and if your into Protagoras those are the only ones that matter anyway. I actaully figured this out when I was in elementary, but really it was driven home with importance during that little time period of enlightenment(pun intended) Between June 11th and July 4th. There are many weird happenings with nine that I could go on about, but need to go to bed and trust that those who find this of importance will learn through their own personal synchronicity in due time. What is also cool is the fact that that is no flame within this guys lantern, but a star. A Star of David actually that has two triangles inverted upon each other. The star as I have discussed in my last egotistical dual post is a symbol of the Eye in the self. Now lets go back to
G I Joe.
At about 40 seconds to 53 seconds in the Trailer above... Please watch it.... We see the Eiffel Tower in Paris get taken out by the Hood of the Cobra. Also note that Dennis Quaid appears right after and he will probably spawn some new syncs here soon, if not by others, then by me. I have been staring at the Eye-Ful for sometime now because i see it everywhere.... For example.This is a frame from the movie 2010. It involves the Eye-Full as well as Lucifer the second star in our solar system made from the planet Jupiter.In Monster Inc(remember all the monsters?) we find Mike voiced by Billy Crystal(who seems to be gaining momentum in the sync web, so heads up), who also played a Luciferian Fire in Howl's Moving Castle, With one eye, which resonates one star(boy is this sentence a run on), it of course gets poked out by.....Sully his big Blue Pan horned Monster friend voiced by John Goodman(Blues Brothers) in front of the Eye-Full.... Also note before I head to bed that they travel in this movie trough doors into different dimensions. The doors are powered by the child held in Sully's right hand there above. The are operated when the Cing-red eye lights above them. They try to find her door.... Which of course is covered in flowers.

Monster is MoonStar. Ster is Star in my native tongue of Afrikaans, even in English come to think, in words like Asteroid or Sterling.

Above is one variation of a MoonStar/Monster, the Masonic or Islam type Crescent hugging a pentagram.

Another way of interpreting a MoonStar is as an actor/star that resonates the Moon.
Jim Carrey is too easy so we will highlight MoonStar Nicholas Cage.

Cage inside the white circle spot of the Moon on the poster for "Honeymoon in Vegas"
Below is the Cage film "Moonstruck" featuring the WTC inside the white circle spot of the Moon.
Very clear connection between Luna, WTC and Cage in the opening titles for the film.
Which should Illuminate the Divine Plan upon noting the reemergence of Cage and the WTC in "World Trade Center".

O boy synchromysticism is reliable...
I check out "Monster" and the Charlize Theron poster collection to see if Luna syncs jump out to verify her as a MoonStar and help solidify the connect MoonStar/Monster.

We see the Wolf, creature of floW and that which howls at the Moon, present on her T-Shirt.

Yes! Charlize's name smack inside the Moon on the poster for Woody Allen's "The Curse Of The Jade Scorpian".

I dont have screen shots but the ending of the Charlize StarRing "Hancock" has some wild Moon action.
We have a bit of an excuse to look at this poster featuring the WTC under the names Woody Allen and Rosanna Arquette.
The mast of the North Tower seems to be pointing directly at Arquette, a little mystery we will leave up in the blue sky.

No real excuse to mention the next sync, William does mention Jupiter, I suppose...
Here is Amy Addams (what a talented cutie) interacting dramatically with Jupiter in "Night At The Museum: Battle Of The Smithsonian".
A brief perusal of her cinematic achievements unveil one called "June Bug".
June is named after Juno, the female aspect of Jupiter.
The Red headed AA is pregnant on the June Bug poster which in my mind is basically the entire tale of Jupiter, the sphere of Joy.
The current birth of Sat-Chit-Ananda (Being/Consciousness/Bliss) ViA U.S. (the United States of Consciousness)
Note that the Jupiter resonating posters of "June Bug", "2010" and "Juno" all share the pregnancy/birth theme.

I see this as highlighting "2010: The Year We Make Contact" as the date when this birth process is finalized.

On the "Juno" poster this is expressed ViA the orange Tiger stripes, 2010 being the Chinese Astrological (a system regulated by the 12 year orbit of Jupiter) year of the Tiger.

Tommy: Since we're on the topic of monsters/moon stars, have a look at these...

LiTTle Monsters

Notice in the "Monsters, Inc." screenshot earlier in this post, we see a blue, horned mon-star holding a child. Also notice the "O" in Monsters has horns as well, resonating Taurus.
Horned monsters holding children? Sounds familiar...


Next, Jake has looked at this image before on The Blob, but I'd like to bring it up again:

The moon (hanging over the right shoulder of Isis, played by Geena Davis) and stars, Beetlejuice=Betelgeuse, the name of an actual star. This star is the Right Shoulder of the Orion constellation, the 7 stars of which can be seen over the Moon pillar on a Masonic Tracing Board:

All Dog/Gods Go To Heaven:

Featuring recently deceased Dom DeLuise as "Itchy Itchiford", or I-I/9-9. (Itchy is the little dog behind the main one voiced by BuRt Reynolds, whose head just barely touches the Moon through a red c-ap... I'm also getting some tremendous deja vu with this, I'm almost certain I've seen all this stuff pointed out before...)

Haunted HoneyMoon, notice the moon itself is not on the cover but the word "moon" and the "stars" are... Also notice how the light-source has been switched to the Left Hand. (Of course, it could have originally been the right hand and the image is mirrored.) Starring GENE Wilder...


  1. Just saw this one today; i was thinking about the rising kundalini throughout... plenty of symbolism in this film.

  2. Holy shit... I just made an entire post focusing on 9 and RR, and look what is added to this post. The connections just kept coming as I was writing my post.

    Thanks for the info on Hermes/Hermit, I always feel a need to learn more about that character...

  3. decent decoding, enjoyed reading

  4. synchtastic.

    i had a feeling Charlize Theron was gonna show up here again soon. Might need to check out her catalogue.

    The star-moon jewelry Jake posted here showed up early in my goddess research concerning the black madonna; funny- i was about to begin moving away from the goddess on my blog, and now her synchs here seem to be ramping up in response. her involvement in these patterns still holds some mystery for me... i suppose it should...

  5. BTW Eifeltower was treated swiftly. More juice on that one: the IRON (ego) tower standing in PARIS (i.e. the Trojan prince - Orlando Bloom - the skull and bones pirate that looses his heart to the dead etc). Seeing it fall is somehow reminiscent of falling ego (also think "the ivory/moon tower" etc, the European "idea" of architectual channeling, incl readopting the obelisks). And also of the waining influence of Mars (who was nearest in, when was it 2004?, to the Earth in some 50,000 years). Recalling Kali Yuga also having a close conenction the influence of Mars. Does it make sense?

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