Wednesday, August 19, 2009

vessica mater, gravity key - LL/77'd


it's still so strange to me how the many (infinite?) strands of the pattern seem to intermingle, like clasping many-fingered hands... the fingers writhe and flow together like worms, resonating soundly together... synching so strong you can almost hear the brain go pop... your stuff starts getting all over everybody else's stuff and vice versa...

I have been wrestling with my f-cking reality over here, trying to accept the concept that the contradiction of myself could just be an illusion, like Wonderland; which happened to be the title of my attempt to wrap up this weird pop princess web i've been caught in.

Party In The USA

Miley Cyrus's new over-sexed (pole-dancing) performance at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards went down in front of giant Vesica-shaped lights on a Vesica -shaped stage,

she Climbs a pyramid between pillars,

all after presenting a giant blue Vesica to a disheveled Britney Spears.

and then i saw this:

and was immediately reminded of some oddly similar Beyonce pictures:

More Parties!

by juxtaposing this strangenes with another PoPular mama associated with crucifixion,

i saw a reflection...

Jake's Moonstruck poster (which is like synchromystically connected to everything ever) reminded me of another Madonna-crucifix reference;

which brought me back to my pop-princess go-to girls;

Again, Beyonce falls... but you see what i mean? all over my stuff. Note the two G's in the above set [77 say hello, Pan say hello, Oz...]. Let's not forget the Gucci Logo;

on top of all this, i've been analyzing Gwen Stefani's "Sweet Escape" for my Wonderland stuff.

GG as a key

I saw something in the pending section about a tiger cage;

"Time to (re)wind the clock," she says, taking me by the hand. "Here. You can use me."



C'ing all these hanging women and GGs brought me back to a moment I had in  Clearwater Manitoba around two weeks ago. It was day after an Ayahuasca ceremony and I had just finished a big discussion with Maestro Juan Flores about our desire to start a centre here for future in depth work with the plants. I was packing the car as we were about to drive back to Winnipeg. We had stayed in the old local elementary school which is now the base for the Harvest Moon Society.  This school is a recently painted Blue & Gold building complete with pyramid pencils at the front door. A great Purple Jesus dude sitting on 7 flower petals is appropriately seen on the front door. 

My daughter Cloe and Juan's daughter Alexandra enjoyed themselves on the tire swing. Alexandra had a sheet of stickers in shapes of letters and numbers. She was sticking them everywhere. 

She put LL on the tire. LL is 1212 (1221/ABBA/Father/Midnight). At first I thought the LL was 77, or GG. Maybe it is. 77 or LL, it doesn't really matter, it all leads back to the same place.


  1. Nice post. The first pic is great.

    Those sunglasses Gwen is wearing in the first pic of her have 7 sided lenses, making another GG(77).

  2. I fucking love this place.... And who ever did that snake eating itself pic is a LUNA tic... Butterflys fly away.

  3. our goddesses wear seven-sided sunglasses, and gold gate keys 'round their necks, keys to wonderland and neverland and now...

    butterfly eye away...

  4. Has anyone done a blue flowers post.
    -Think A Scanner Darkly: once Keanu sees them they are everywhere.
    I'd start w/ Laura Palm-she's a blue flower case
    And Dorothy
    And Alice
    any help?

  5. Mr. Bolles... There are no rules here... Do what thou wilst in other words. Because of the high turn over rate for new post, reiteration on already covered topics is encouraged.... But, what do I know, I'm just a drunken shaman.

  6. 7roovadelic.
    Sacred 7eometry.
    7oddess's helping to animate, in real time, the inner workings of this hologram.

    Nice thread brother.

  7. some older FLOWers...

    The Blue Lotus:


    The "Blue Rose of Forgetfulness" in the 1940 film, "The Thief of Bagdad"

  8. Richard Arrowsmith did a run up on the blue flowers, it's in Batam, there are blue lotus and blue poppi flowers

  9. Willner mentioned them as well... In a vid. But, hell if I'm gonna go sort through that library lookin' for it.

  10. Great stuff! I've been noticing a few vesicas recently so it's good to find it highlighted here.

    Hey Doug. I did a post about the Blue Flower a short while back. Here's the link if you fancy a perusal.

    btw, welcome to The Sync Whole!

  11. I do fancy a perusal. I think I remember reading it too, so I look forward to seeing it w/ new eyes.

    Thanks btw. It is great to be here!

  12. Glad to have you, mr bolles.

    I just re-read that BLue FloWers post; that was a good'n, Rich!

    What beautifully harmonic additions. 77 on the wheel...

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