Sunday, August 23, 2009

dropping the f-bomb

one last note before I drop the subject of the f-bomb:

One definition that I failed to include was to fuck-up, or to be a fuck-up as in to make a mistake. Mistakes are important. Often I think my whole life is one continuous mistake, but I swear I'm learning. So then, the play-house word-of-the-day is forgiveness.

For suffering to have any value, and it has value, we must forgive the mistakes of others so that we can end the cycle of abuse. I'm thinking of my blue flowers now and the violets perpetrated against them. How can we forgive a monster like Leland Palmer? What events really took Dorothy and Alice to their fractured fantasy-lands? Why are all the Lostboys broken? At some point, love was not the answer. The chain began with fear, separation, and violence. Today is the 7th day, I'm going to try and open to the world. Can't we give ourselves one more chance? Why can't we give love that one more chance? Why can't we give love . . .?


  1. Our abuse does not come from a lack of forgiveness, a lack of love, from a cirular source or even a secular source, pardon the pun.

    Anyone at this site does not have a forgiveness problem.

    Abuse stems from psychological disorders which manifest in our heirarchial society. I'm not even sure if there are any living indivuals responsible for our prediciment. I see no other answer for WE/ME than the complete and total annihilation of culture and social mechanisms. Which is quite the opposite of Love and Forgiveness, unless your intentions and love are in the best interests of the planet. I can kill a CEO out of love.

  2. Wow. This is the argument in my head. Do we blow up the island to save it? Can the holy fire renew existence? Does Adrian Veidt really know what is best for everyone?

    I totally agree that the origin of our disease is probably long since gone, but does this make the idea of vengeance silly?

    When Zeus killed his oppressive father, he became the oppressive father.
    When Parzival healed the king, he freed the prisoners.

    Parzival is the story I keep returning to.

    I don't think anyone "here" has any types of problems too.

    I speak to me like I was the we.

    -I'm also thinking about these abstract ideas concretely too. A little boy was tortured and murdered in my community this summer. This doesn't happen very often here. Should his abuser also be murdered? Most people think so. I don' know how what this one man did is any different that what our whole government did. We too tortured and murdered. Is someone going to hold us accountable? Likely yes.

    The annihilation might actually be underway. Like *The Happening* I think we are killing ourselves. See we are the monsters that we fear. We are the aliens. There is no other. I totally blame this all on you James!
    Thanks for the conversation.
    Be well. I could actually go either way on this depending on the day. take care.

  3. I can go either way depending on the degree.
    I could easily replace the death sentence with excommunication if we had a second planet for terrible human beings. I'm a firm believer in the law of equivilant exchange, it is the Golden rule after all.

    I understand the merit in seeing ourselves, our identity as an illusion, underneath we being completely responsable for all that happens. However, this notion is vastly too conceptual for fundemental realities which should be taken just as significantly as the metaphysical.

    We have been made complicit in a system of self erradication, but you can resist.

    The Dark Knight was such a good movie, if only the Joker was real. He was a true hero and I definitely didn't understand that until recently.

  4. This song will always remind me of "Ice Ice Baby".