Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Earn Your Stripes, now with added Pork

Ellen Page as Juno (female Jupiter/Shiva) sitting on a tiger rug. A striped animal with a lady wearing a striped shirt. Stripes (Sprites/Spirits) are also rails, bars and tracks but this deserves its own post..
In Drew Barrymore's directorial debut "Whip It", we see Page as Bliss (Joy/Jovial/Jovian/Jupiter).
The trailer sees Bliss in frame with a striped Tiger (2010 in Chinese Astrology) tatt.
And the Zebra!

Peace In

~James adds his sauce to the pot~

"featuring Babe Ruthless" ... like Babe the pig

And featuring the Double "E" reverse "E"
with Paw Prints on her TiTs
note she wears a B3 or 23


  1. Forget (k)not(work), my g8ors brethren, Ms Page played the just-passed-the-tween mark slayer of child molesters, Hayley Stark, in the feel bad flick, Hard Candy, also a junior miss Destroyer incarnation of Lord Spouting Head, Shiva, get dancin' ~ (•8-)}

  2. like cosmic butter smooth and mystical