Thursday, June 11, 2009

2009 (monster-RE-mashed)

Seeing the skyline of Johannesburg (Joburg to the initiated) in a potentially 'big' film is very exciting.
I grew up in Vereeniging, one of three corners of the Vaal Triangle, 40 minutes drive from Joburg.
Rumors circulated as a teenager that on a particularly clear day, if standing on the second floor of our High School and looking carefully, one could see the skyline of the big city on the "District 9" poster, all the way from Vereeniging.

One day, just once, I did...

I have always loved film with a burning passion.
South Africa has had a very small presence in major motion picture, both as subject and as creators of the medium.

A silly, warm and fuzzy feeling arises upon taking note of how this is slowly changing.

Further seeing an E.T and UFO, symbols of Cosmic Consciousness, placed over the South African landscape suggest to me the rapid spreading of the I-I to Africa.

From a more practical minded level just the simple fact that apartheid is being lampooned and spoofed suggests a new level of healing.
We see the green 9 of "9" to be released on 9-9-09, immediately the mind recognizes this as also 666, popularly the number of The Beast, esoterically the Sun/Light (that's what Frank Albo says) etc..

To the synchromystic 9 is equal to 6, which is alphabetically I and F.

If you think ultimately the 'sync head' can make any number or letter resonate anything else, you are totally correct.

Does this make synchromysticisms a joke, or a tool to realize the Divine?

I only beg you find out Who ultimately poses this question to begin with.
Ryan Reynolds bites the Green thread tied around his arm on the poster for 2007's "The Nines". The E becomes the Green mirrored nine resonating the similarly colored 9 we just saw on "9".
Light shines through this rope as we note the triple 9 in "Y9U NEVER KN9W WHEN Y9UR NUMBER IS UP", again evoking the "9's" release date and the luminous 666.

"District 9's" stenciled type red 9 looks similar to the Green mirrored 9 of "The Nines".
Just a few more random observations from "D-9" and I'm out.

The website for "D-9" sees the Cosmic Consciousness inside the Red Eye/I (far left above), symbol of the third Eye/I StarG8.
The ad campaign plays off the racial discrimination synonymous with apartheid era South Africa.
This poster having the NO-Symbol over the E.T, the veiled OZ/77/Pan being placed over this syncnificant I-I signifier.
See NO

Curious parties can watch the trailer for "D-9":

As well as the groovy original short film upon which "D-9" is based "Alive In Joburg" by NeiLL Blomkamp.


When I see nines and sixes, I see the sign for Cancer, or the Crab. Cancer is a water sign and ruled by the Moon. The Sun enters Cancer on or around June 22nd, right after the summer solstice and day of worship to Juno, Queen of Heaven. The Crab phase is also somewhat connected to the Sirius inspired Dog Days of Summer (July 3 - August 11th).

This still below is from the new Land of the Lost film with wiLL ferreLL. This is during the scene where he drinks the hallucinogenic plant in the desert. In this scene he is framed by the Sun, the word EL from motel, and of course a Cancer resonating giant crab.

Maybe 666 or 999 is actually Cancer 2009?

We see the top of the Royal Arch - resonator of the Rainbow and Zodiac Crescents/C-shapes - is afforded the sign of Cancer.

"In esoteric Astrology Cancer is recognized as being sort of a gateway, between the higher and the lower worlds."
The Secret Zodiacs of Washington DC by David Ovason p120

If the Crab crowns the Zodiac (a halo of star constellations) in Masonry and is considered a G8way in esoteric astrology we can confidently call it a powerful pointer of the StarG8.

How appropriate then that Jim finds the Crab in a world beyond Time/Space in "Land of The Lost".
Here is the exact same story, kaleidoscope of being ever so slightly re-arranged, the Crab in a 'Land of the Lost', in "Pirates of The Caribbean At Worlds End".

The coloring of a vast white desert landscape joining a blue sky sporadically dotted with clouds is shared between these two cinematic mystery worlds.

In this case it is recently deceased Johnny Depp as Pirate Captain Jack Sparrow interacting with Cancer in Purgatory, dubbed Davy Jones's Locker.

Both Will Farrell and Johnny Depp encountering "a gateway, between the higher and the lower worlds" in the surreal landscape of OZ, Wonderland, Interzone, Chapel Perilous etc.
This was post 96!
Richard: In the Pirates of the Crabbean scene above we see Jack Sparrow interacting with the Crabs. The very first time we are introduced to Johnny Depp in POTC 3 (who has now found his way into the dimension of Davy Jones's Locker) we see a close up of his NOSE (I wish I had an image of Depps giant nostrils but couldn't get my hands on one).

The NOZE could be a reference to the Twlight ZONE which is not governed by the same rules of space and time as the 'normal' ZONE we occupy during waking life. During our Dream Time, and most likely Death, we inhabit this 'Other World' which bridges the material (physical) and immaterial (spirtual) planes of existence together.

The symbol for Cancer the Crab, 69, reminds us that both realms (Yin/6 and Yang/9) are really One and the same. Both ZONES must exist in order for Balance to be achieved. Every coin must have two sides.

We've seen Johnny Depp interact with the Crabs in POTC (abovand this image of The Royal Arch reminded me of the poster for 'The 9th Gate':

The number 9 follows Depp to POTC where we see it in the tentacle of the KraKen (superimposed over KKnightely no less). Johnny Depp enters the Twilight Zone via the portal of the Krakens Mouth:

9 resonates with 'The 9th Gate', or the 'Rainbow Bridge', which allows us to pass from one ZONE to another. In this case we see guy swallowing the Red Pill in order to awaken the Tentacle/Serpent:

I don't think this Rainbow Bridge can be crossed physically. This Bridge manifests in thought, imagination and the Mind. The Norse called this Rainbow Bridge 'Bifrost' and it allowed the mortals to access the divine realms of the All-Father Odin and his Gods in Asgard.

Odin hung on the World Tree for 9 days in order to learn the 18 Runes (9+9) and 9 songs/chants/icaros. There where also 9 realms/dimensions to the Norse Universe just like there where 9 realms of the Mayan Underworld, or the 9 levels of the Mayan Pyramid.

If we look at Davy Jones, the Master of the WaterG8, we see that he is part Octopus/Kraken with the Hand/DNA-H of the Crab. In 'District 9' we see the same Tentacled Beard is highlighted by the Bullseye/StarG8 on the face of the ET:

We find the Tentacle/ET connected to the Blue One in The 5th Element:

We also find a Blue Sun shining in the centre of this spiral WaterG8 of Fish in 'Finding Nemo'. Notice that the Fish form the number 9:

The Crab/Kraken/Fish all resonate with the Age of Aquarius and the element of Water. Here we see that Adam Sandler is a 'Waterboy':

In this movie he reaches his potential, becomes part of the Game, and dons the number 9:

In 'Little Nicky' we find the 666/999 on the StarG8 mandala/halo of this Man Hole Cover. It suggests that the Doorway is opened through the Crown of the head. We step into this new dimensio through the power of thought/imagination:

In the Tarot deck we find the Crab on the head of the Tinman/Goldman in The Chariot card. Notice that the Charioteer also holds the StarG8 mandala/manhole cover. The Charioteer is someone who has easy access to these Twilight Zones:

In 'Bedtime Stories' we see that Adam Sandler is The Charioteer who is able to burst through from one Zone into another. In front of the Chariot we see the Mermaid, another reference to the element of Water:

Crabs are often found on the beach or on the ocean bed living in the Sand. This is fitting considering the surname SANDler. In Bedtime Stories the realms of Imagination (Yin) and Reality (Yang) begin to merge together. Sandler quickly learns that the stories he tells the children at night actually manifest during his everyday life. He realizes that he is co-creating his own reality and through trial and error begins to understand that he is the master of his own destiny. He learns to tap into the Twilight Zone in order to make his dreams become reality and brings balance back into his life.

I believe that this is the 'Way of the Wizard'. The Wizard is someone who has awoken to the fact that Magic is real. The Wizard knows that reality can be altered by focusing the Mind, believing that thoughts are a powerful and tangible force.

By observing synchronicity I started to realize that the Universe around me responded to my thoughts. If I focused on one particular symbol the chances are I'd begin seeing it on a daily basis, in movies or everyday life, or I'd visit Jakes Blob and there he was writing about the exact same thing. It was weird to begin with because it defied logic but it helped me realize that Magic wasn't just something that was found fairy tales and fantasy. It felt like I'd found the Yellow Brick Road and I was on my way to meet the Wizard.

If we look at the Tarot card numbered 9 in the deck we find the Hermit Hermes, Gandalf the Grey, or Dumbledore, or Merlin holding his Staff with his Hood up over his head. The Hermit is the Wizard /Teacher who has climbed the Mountain (scaled the heights of his own Mind) in order to see the larger picture. From this higher vantage point he can shine his light in order to help others reach the Summit of their own Mountain:

The Hermit also resonates with the Hermit Crab. Once he's climbed the Mountain he owns it. The Mountain (or shell on his back) is now part of him. He carries this mountain of wisdom wherever he travels. He knows that in order to step through the 9th Gate, or enter the 9th Dimension, or access Davy Jones's Locker, all he needs to do is to turn within:

This weeks "UPtown" a local Winnipeg entertainment newspaper.
I used to read Jim's groovy articles in this publication before I met him. He doesn't write for it anymore.
The cover entrains with what we are talking about here as it reads "Bif kicks cancer's ass".
Here is Juliette Lewis in "Old School" (starring the already crab resonating Will Farrell) with the Strawberry and Crayfish. Crayfish and Crab/Cancer are interchangeable.
Cancer/Crab as Crayfish.


  1. Of course Cthulhu comes to mind...

    "C'thulhu waits,"
    "C'thulhu dreams,"
    or "C'thulhu waits dreaming."

  2. I'm thinking of the Nine which Knowles refers to, those E.T.s that were channeled. Also this all looks alot like Halo 3, SA is the scene there too, I see the Halo Director did that second vid.

  3. Apart from that we can see the ET as KK: What resonates my mystic experience of the past is that somehow there will be a freak-alien encounter, be it orchestrated or not. It is the only thing which will be able to unite mankind (in its present state of ignorance). And eventually make the living dead Egyptian dark lords bound in ignorance enforcing some obscure control-plan: to produce haywire to produce the need for totalitarian control or possible total anihilation. I don’t think we should fear anything on the contrary – it would be kind of a transformational buffer.
    Parallel with the spiralling rise in CC there will be a climax of ignorance (i.e. symbolised by 666 which is just a commonly used symbol for the evil eye/I). The primordial beast rising out of the waters is transcendental ego believing it is master of the world, wishing to destroy its ties to the divine transcendental mother (symbolised in The Earth). What this means for each of us, in M.H.O. is that we’re facing the “choice” of the death of evolutionary matter (Earth) in the NOW or subvert to loosing possession (the ego) of our bodies. It’s open.

  4. Sup, 9erz?

    PRR 9 action...

    The original vid was really cool. Reminds of V - which is being remade.


  5. Cancer is on the Keystone! The starG8 bridge. Hmmm...

  6. Aweosome work, J & J. ZOidberg's in this joint!

  7. nice stuff richard. thanks. the context of the crab in the recent Land of the Lost is so perfect. A must see. peace. jim

  8. cancer 2009/ 666,
    is 42(!)MONTHS TO (22.)DECEMBER 2012,
    also Daniel prophecy speaks of (2x)42 months...

  9. Yup the one dominating toy that won't stay in the toy box these last few days is a little crab chew toy... Just gonna let it hang out.

    Awesome Additions....

    Wifes a cancer I'm a Gemini...
    I think not....

    L8er dizzy dreamer stargaters

  10. Bravo!

    For obvious reasons this is now my favorite post.

    Now be careful what you think of, you might just get it..

    Slowly the act of thought and manifestation will merge and what you think is what you will experience.

    what you perceive is but a reflection of what you believe you perceive.

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