Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Defying Gravity Because I Weigh Less ON the MoON

Bigg Ups Monsieur Kotze for the inspiration and invitation.

Parrots or Patriots? but's it's got some RR and Tee Tee. What's really fascinating is the GG or 77.

While fixing the H2IK (hell if I know) you can see a K2. Personal Note, I've made the shotgun corner labeled K2 in The Pit on Halo 3 my WTC altar.

Ganesh "The Lord of Obstacles..

and the Lord of New Beginnings"

The ever so delicious Laura Harris as Zoe Barnes. I suspected she was born in 77' but I was 42 days off, November 20th, 1976. She has a great IMdb ... Stargate, 24, Pure 24, Outer Limits, X-files, Total Recall, Sliders

So she had sex with Maddux Donner, her mission Captain & Instructor. He is played by Office Space Legend Ron Livingston. So Donner, as he's always called, told Zoe that he had a visectomy. She got pregnant and this scene is from Donner's vision. I notice an immaculate conception Solar Diety thing happening.

Love this poster for "Moonstruck" with its two overlapping O's making a Vesica Piscis, a symbol of the Womb or StarG8, directly beneath the WTC.
Fitting as the 911 event marked the start of a period of rapid world wide birthing of Consciousness.
Cher shares amazing degree of similarity with the iconic image of crucifixion. Arms spread, head cocked to the left while standing on one leg mimicking the typical depiction of Christs legs as tightly together.

Jesus connects with the theme of rebirth and the WTC ViA the immanent global realization of Christ Consciousness after 911.
Being born again, loosing the ego, realization of Joy or "I Am" are all different pointers towards the same 'thing' beyond all things.
Another little gem worth noting is Shares ("She who gives") ruby slippers above the WTC and the letters ON, or if we tilt the N, OZ.

This becomes more vivid if we remember that the yellow brick road ends at the WTC in the film "The Wiz" (image pending).


The O's are almost yearning to become ONE as they perhaps move closer together and start to overlap.
MON/WON/EON/ONE/ZOE/NWO (as the M of MOON/MON can be tilted as well as the N)

Peace In



  1. They just had to overlap the G's....

    Superb observing architect.

  2. Like the Moonstruck vesica O's.. I'll post it in a while.

  3. Nice to see Cher in a 'Y' pose.

    That man on the moon poster is a cave of wonders.

  4. Was just thinking... reading the Maddux Donner name, her pregnancy would make him the
    MAD "X" DONOR.

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