Sunday, August 23, 2009

Spirit Stallion

Spirit: Sta(r)LLion of the/33 C-i-Ma-RR-ON

2 horses and a bird. In this case, an Eagle (Jupiter resonator, along with Sagittarius (the Horseman), which is associated with Jupiter in Astrology. Also, horses are automatic 11:11 generators with their legs forming the number, and the eagle looks like a V. Ready to stretch? 2 horses=11+11+11+11=44, 44+V(Roman 5)= 49, 7x7 [magic square of Venus], hmm wasn't the goddess Venus born from Jupiter [and supposedly the same goes for the planets as well]?):

Eagle and Horse, both symbols of Jupiter.

The cast:

MaTT DaMoN(mon=moon, on=oz=osiris)=MD=17
James CroMWeLL=JC(Jesus Christ)=13
Daniel Studi=DS=23(W)
ChoPPer Bernet=CB=3+2/32 (backwards 23/W)
Jeff LeBeau=JLB=24 (Jupiter number, if it's just JL then it would be 22 or 11+11)

Here's part of James Cromwell's filmography:

W again, Impact (forgot to include it in the screenshot, but it reminds me of Etemenanki), "Watchbird", 24 day 6/v, Dante's Inferno, The Queen, and the Pope.

He was also in that movie Babe, about the pig (swine). He played the farmer. I haven't seen Deep Impact (just looks depressing) but he's in that too (another Etemenanki connection?) According to this page, he said he's "a believer in non-terrestrial intelligence". There's some other interesting shit on there, too.

Matt Damon's upcoming movies list includes one called Green Zone (Zo[diac]/Oz/oN, Green [EE/33] is the color associated with the Heart chakra, a "zone" is a trance)

Chopper Bernet was in the recent GI(EyE) Joe movie, covered recently here. Having a weird "Eye of the Jew" flashback, as I recently thought of the "Joe" in GI(eye) Joe being "Jew", and a while ago on my blog I saw the Marlboro box upside down and mirrored as reading "Eye energy of the jew" (which doesn't make much sense to me, really).

(Ojo Qi Jew = eye (in spanish), Qi (Energy), Jew)


Chopper Bernet's IMDB page reveals an amazing synchronicity, as the first movie he acted in was called "Spirits of Jupiter"!

And just because I think it looks cool, here's this (the green and blue stripes are actually the same color) -

Thought this was funny, as I was checking Jake's blog to see if he had anything to say about this movie in the past I saw this:



  1. Awesome work Tommy. The Spirit Horse of Jupiter...loving it.

    I've been C-ing Horses all over the place lately so this post has arrived at a perfect time for me.

    As for Deep Impact, I recommend it. Not the most cheerful of movies but some of the synchronicites contained within make it worthwhile. The doorways to the Ark (in which the people enter to escape the catastrophe) are numbered 24 (42) and 23. Also Sirius is mentioned in the very first minute of the movie and the comet which strikes Earth is named after the Wolf. I interpret the Flood in the movie to be a 'Sound Wave' or 'Flood of Kosmic Energy' from a neighbouring Star which helps cleanse/wash the Earth...but then that's just my slant on things.

    Keep it up!

  2. One final thought on the movie Deep Impact. It stars Elijah Woods who plays the role of the horse riding jockey in the film Sea Biscuit. This brings to mind the Sea Horse, or C-Horse, which I wrote about in the post Do you see Horses?.

  3. Matt (Egyptian goddess Maat?) Damon as Spirit, very interesting.
    He is Loki in Dogma.

  4. Thanks everyone.

    The horse has also been related to the Equinox (in that they both represent movement), and "Spirit" has two I's in it (9x9, magic square for the Moon), I don't know I just think of the moon when I look at the cover.

  5. Horses / Hor(u)ses
    C-red and C-Horses.

    Excellent addition tommy! the EQUIN-OXes
    Brings to mind the dual equinoxes of March and September. The Dark and the Light (the Sun/SON giving more and less daylight in North America (the Eagle).

    If you haven't seen the movie more can be gleaned from the Wikipedia page at

    Spirit`s final leap across the gorge is reminiscent of crossing the Galactic Center.

    from the Wiki page:
    During the climactic chase scene between and on canyon walls, the two get trapped on a plateau. As the Colonel and his army get closer, there is no way to go except to jump over a large gorge. In a spectacular leap of faith, the mustang and Little Creek jump across to the other side. The soldiers do not attempt to follow. The Colonel stops one of his men from shooting the two, and exchanges nods of respect with the mustang before they part.`

    The Spirit leaves behind the militant conquering ways (the Colonel) to go forth in peace and harmony with the natural world.


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