Friday, August 21, 2009

Death comes ri(pp/dd)ing... more mare-ier


and speaking of Jeff Bridges and SpiderMen...

Also; since somebody brought the Moon into this [again], the dark spots on the face of the Moon are curiously known as Mares, the same name given to female horses. Not sure of the relevance, but I figured I'd throw it up here and see if someone else could make it stick;

"Dead Horse takes you into the next world"


  1. you already saw InGlorious, you bastard

  2. Havnt seen it yet.

    Heh... might watch it in Winnipeg... Oh my me.

    I started watching the 1977 version though. Nothing toooo synctacular as of yet.

    Toure that addition inspired. I heard about that legends sync I just never finished the movie. It is time.

  3. No it's Michael Clayton the Mythric Classic

  4. Pale horse? RIGHT!

    Vampires have the mooniest completion I can think of... Unless there's such a thing as a zombie with food poisoning.

    This is quite the pitt-hole-tomb Jake has unearthed. I suppose it would be a cliche to say when we get to the bottom of the pitt we may have to dug through to China. Showing up out of the ground in the true fashion one should when researching death.

  5. Legends of the Fall is a classic in my book. Clean cinematics, smart writing and amazing acting all compliment a feast of understated symbolism and allegory.

    Micheal Clayton is a pretty damn good movie as well...

  6. Um I just had a huge thought, don't you gno that they bury a dismembered horse along with three people in earth mounds like newgrange