Friday, August 28, 2009

Yellow Cats (Kidd and Yellow floW at the Peg Leg)

Jake has done some great work on Kirsten 'the Yellow FloWer' Dunst in recent posts like Fauna & Flora. I've been encountering the Cat more and more over the last couple of weeks so it was interesting to note that Kirsten Dunst is the star of 'The Cat's Meow'. Also, in the role of MJ she often calls her Spidey-lover by the pet name 'Tiger':

In this article entitled Tobey, or not Tobey it states that:

'On the first day of rehearsal for Spider-Man, he (*Tobey Maguire) brought Dunst a yellow flower, signifying friendship.'

If we look briefly at Tobey Maguire we see him (the Dog on the left) staring straight into the yellow Cats Eye in this poster:

Notice ^ that the device strapped to the Cats collar displays the time 2:14 - the numbers of Jupiter/Juno.

If we look for another Yellow FloWer we find one in the hands of the Love Guru:

Mike Myers (MM/2K/KK) has been accompanied by the pussy in the Austin Powers movies:

And he's also played the Cat in the Hat.

The Cat's Eye seems to be focused intently on the Age of the Aquarian Water-Bearer:

The Cat seems to be a bridge which can help us step forth into the floW of the MOON/MON/NOW:

From Wise Woman's blog:

First off I must defer to Linda Tucker again, who while wondering on the mysteries of lions one night, heard the roar of what was for her, her sacred lion. She explains that unless you have heard the roar of a lion in the wild, you cannot conceive of its power it shakes the ground. Apparently the sound can be heard some five or six miles away. My understanding of her interpretation goes like this- that the sound of a lion's roar IS the sound of the sun. She also explains that the traditional understanding of the opening of that Oscar award winning screenplay, the Bible, is a little off balance. It is not so much that in the beginning was 'the word', rather that it was 'the vibration'.

So lets play with my favourite new words.

What if lions are greatly favoured by those in the know because of the magic of their sound. Have a look at their sound - lions 'roar' - ROAR. Shuffle the letters a little - 'RO' is 'Or' (Gold) reversed, followed by 'AR' which is 'Ra' (the Egyptian god of the SUN) - in reverse.

The sound of a lion = Gold + The Sun - the holy trinity for this post all rolled into one.


Met with Jon Kidd "The Accidental Alchemist" and felloW Sync Whole blogger at the Winnipeg Legislative Building this morning.

When I showed up this John Deer electric car (above) called a Gator (written in Yellow) was parked right by the entrance. This is syncnificant because The Sync Whole is called G8ors and this name has been associated to people of sync. G8tors as in those who open the StarG8.

It's sync welcoming our Dear John/Jon the G8tor.
Took the official tour through the building and noted this sphinx topped lamp with blue worm type squiggles and golden/yellow flowers.
They opened the Lieutenant Governors room for me and Jon. The public are not allowed to walk past the velvet rope set up at the door.
This is the room that Frank Albo believes is actually the Holy of Holies of the building, which itself is a model of Solomon's Temple.

I was very happy to notice the 8 petal golden/yellow flowers embroidered into the rug of the Holy of Holies.
Our tour guide also pointed out that the stone used throughout the building, local limestone, contains many fossilized remains from an ancient sea bed.
Right in the center of this image above is a circular element called a sunflower coral yet another yellow flower sync.
There are better examples and I must go get some more snapshots.
Jim joined as the guide was showing us these fossils all over the building. Above and below Jim and Jon sit in the center of a building that represents the heart of North America, the Galaxy and Being.


  1. Some "Secret Knowledge" story on Youtube listened to yesterday explains the Lion as guardian/v Dragon story.

  2. Love that Spider-Man Tobey yellow floWer sync Mr Smith. There are some groovy yellow flowers in Spider-Man 3. I'm continuing scanning Dunst films and will compile this mind bending stuff asap.

  3. I was a little tired and unfocused today cause of a lack of sleep...for obvious reasons...

    What a day. A golden day in so many ways.

    I didn't even see the yellow flower in the HoH. I shoulda snapped a pic of the other sunflower fossil but I'm sure you'll be back ;D

    Thank you Jim and Jake for your warmth and positive vibes. If anything you guys have planned for the future materializes I'm sure many will feel better cause of it. So much is on the golden horizon.

    Woosawww G8ors

    Anyone with the resources should go to Winnipeg and just be a human observing in that city. So many syncs I honestly could'nt keep track. Its like the singularity of a black hole. Anyone who lives there is very brave.

  4. It was great to connect Jon in person. Thanks for coming. The black hole just got a little bigger. Next is Ayahuasca in Fort McMurray. Hehehe...

  5. Looks like a good time. Jon, you do look really tired, lol. I was thinking "wow he doesn't look too excited", but that explains it...

    Loving that John Deere "Gator" tractor!

  6. I want to try and tackle you Jon ... I'm only Jim's size.

  7. Wow, Just realized that Mary Jane, Dunst's most famous character in Spider-Man, is marijuana. This heightens her plant consciousness resonance to the nth degree.

  8. Great to see you guys hooking up in the Peg Leg. Looks like you had a fine time together.

    Jake, loving the MJ/Marijuana sync. Did a quick google search and found this article which says:

    'Megan Fox has joined fellow Hollywood stoner starlets Kirsten Dunst and Cameron Diaz in praise of pot. She tells Maxim, "I've done drugs. I didn't enjoy anything other than marijuana - it should be legalized.'

    MJ the Stoner Starlet.

    Funny how we find another MJ stoned on this album cover.

  9. niiiiice. mj stoned.

    sorry for being absent recently guys; my computer went down so i've had to borrow time on friends machines...

    great stuff.

    Yellow flower suns, tiger stripes/grrrreeeat, raining cats and dogs... there is a real sense of [flower]Power in this pattern.

    LoL... the cat's meow...

  10. James - The whole right side of my body is weak. Especially my ankles. If your gonna tackle me, its gonna have to be a cheap shot to the knees. Don't let me get a hold of any limbs though cause then its game over. LoL!

    Yup KD smokes this MJ in Eternal Sunshine.

    Really liking how KD seems to command allot of yellow. But she is a goddess right?