Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fauna & Flora (Amended with WTC Elephunk)( Now with more 'L'ephants,penguins, and sunflowers)(Kirsten Dunst FloWer Star)

Did a post a week ago called Yellow FloWers where we saw a pattern of golden flower syncs including Kirsten Dunst (as Lux (Light) above) interacting with one in "The Virgin Suicides".
Pattern repeats dramatically in "Jumanji" where a much younger Dunst and Robin Williams save her brother from a flesh eating giant yellow floWer. Williams actually warns the characters about "yellow floWers".

It's interesting that her brother in "Jumanji" is called Peter as she is probably most famous as Mary Jane Watson, love interest of Spider-Man or Peter Parker. Further Robin Williams is Peter Pan in Hook giving us a nice cluster of Peter syncs.
Both Spider-Man and Peter Pan (Pan the Goat God) connect quite well to the animal theme.
Another shot of flowers, including many golden ones, and Dunst.
Fascinating to note a Pelican sync in "Jumanji", soon after bringing these same animals up at this very blog, also just a little over a week ago in Tinkertown & Alcatraz & Pelicans.

This is the thing right here.. what keeps baking my noodle and beckons me on to do this work. Why would two 'unconnected' things - Pelicans and yellow floWers - out of all the infinite things in the universe, show up combined in one movie, right after being invoked in a blog charting synchronicity?

Well, that's what were dealing with here..

Another animal in shot with the Pelican and Robin Williams above is the Zebra.
Which would be fine if I hadn't already seen Robin Williams in shot with a Zebra before way back in Galactic Center Temple! This is an image of Robin Williams holding the 'Holy Grail' in "The Fisher King", noted in the before mentioned post as we were interested in how this synced up with another Robin, one Robin Tunney in Cherish.
I like how there is also a rainbow emanating from his head.
Note how Robins, as birds, are also animals entraining with the theme we are highlighting in this post.

Robin Tunney's relationship with the Zebra is explored in Z is for Zebra
Another nice shot of a Pelican stealing the magical "Jumanji" board game.
Robin Williams' game piece on the "Jumanji" board is an elephant.

The next image would have been of Robin Tunney holding a stuffed elephant (whoops, she doesn't hold it..) in the TV series "The Mentalist". Alas my laptop with this still is broken and hopefully being fixed soon, at which point I will put it in here.
"Mentalist S1 E23 Red Johns Footsteps"
The elephant is held in front of Tunney by her superior passing through her profile from our perspective.
Screen objects that merge with the stars profile feel like stronger 'sync winks' then those just present in the shot.

Animals and floWers are powerful facets of Consciousness, transcending even the boundary of context as it seems the relevance of being visited by one works just as well in a movie as in real life.
The movie "Toys", sporting double Robin action in Robin Williams and Robin Wright Penn, is ruled by the elephant.
It is the mascot of the ZEVO toy company. ZEVO has those versatile letters ZEO which can become ONE, ZOE, NOW, NWO, EON etc. The V can become A (ViA) if with flip it, or 5 if we go Roman...
Above is Robin Williams in shot with the Elephant grave marker. Remember that we saw his playing piece in Jumanji is the Elephant.

Below the ZEVO Elephant is C-Ing Red on a helmet.
The Elephant is also the humanoid Hindu God Ganesh with its multiple arms and animal parts teaching us that we are all ONE in Being. The animal is part of the United State (US) of consciousness WE/ME are.
We see Ganesha above with the AUM highlighted palm and C-Ing Red third eye.
Miracle of miracles, if we don't see the same thing in "Toys" as the factory line features a giant elephant head and highlighted palm.
Robin Wright Penn (above) in shot with the Red elephant as a patch on LL Cool J's (below seated with Joan Cusack) uniform.
Ganesha looks over the ZEVO factory's model of the New York Skyline.
Why, does this mean the twins are present in this 1992 film?
You bet the farm they are..
In one mind annihilating scene our twin Robins walk through the NY city scape. There profiles merge with Tower 1 and 2.

I don't know what to say about that (ha!).
We will have to penetrate this mystery with more care in future work, flux willing.

Peace In

Side note:
Noticed yesterday that if I is the 9th letter of the alphabet then the Red 9 of District 9 is a Red I or C-Ing Red sync!
Same as this upcoming Jennifer Connelly flick 9.

Richard: I've been noticing a growing number of Elephants appearing on my own radar lately. One that syncs quite nicely with this post is an Elephant Car Insurance advert I watched last week. The Elephant mascot walks across the word 'BIG' (in Red), stops on the letter I (a Red Eye) and slides down it, opening an Umbrella to slow his descent. Now that is siriusly good car insurance:

One last thing on the 9/I/Elephant connection. Back in February, while C-ing Elephants all over the place, someone wrote a comment (I can't recall who) linking the year 2009 with the shape of the Elephants body.


The 2 represents the hind leg and tail. The 00 represents the body, and 9 would therefore symbolize the head and trunk.

So the number 9 seems to resonate with the I/Eye and the Nose of the Elephant.

I recently watched Coraline and noticed some interesting syncs involving the W/23 resonating character called Wybie:

On his mask we find a reference to the 3rd Eye:

In the movie Wybie's 3rd expands enabling him to view things from a higher perspective:

The 3rd Eye/I then rotates to become a Nose, connecting the Eye/I/9 with the Trunk of Ganesh:

Kinda like the one seen in the Elephant Insurance advert:

Above and below we see Kirsten Dunst and flower bouquets (including yellow) in "Interview with the Vampire".


Daughters B-Day yesterday. Here's two of the books she got...
Funny and completely beyond rational understanding how this sync business works.
I've never given Kirsten Dunst a second thought but since seeing her entrain with the yellow floWer I'm totally taken with this Star.

It's not even an attraction, seriously. O.K, she's gorgeous but there is so much more going on here then a personal infatuation with a celebrity.
Above she pats a WOLF/FLOW, the animal of FLOWer power.

I couldn't tell you yet if I think she's a great actress or not, yet I'm suddenly drawn to her. I rent her films and download her shows as easy as water flowing downhill. No thinking involved.

A pattern is emerging and I just happen to be in the middle, one part of a mind boggling chain of events, facilitating its arising out of the infinite sea of connections.

Dunst appears in "Star Trek The Next Generation S7 E7 Dark Page" (77/OZ/PAN). She spends most of her screen time in the Enterprises arboretum.
"Flowers of all hue, and without thorn the rose" Deanna Troi quotes John Milton as Dunst enters the arboretum, her profile meanwhile surrounded by various flora.

How curious that upon finding yellow floWers strange attracted to Dunst, and continuing the investigation with this in mind, I would be greeted by this overtly botanical scene.
Clearly Kirsten Dunst has demanded to be unveiled as a Star Goddess who resonates the plant and floWer consciousness.

I love assisting in finding sync attributions of Stars.

Peace In
Flowers decorate Dunsts, as Marie Antoinette, hand-held fan.
We see 24 (number of Jupiter/Tin) and the palm logo of The Cannes Film Festival placed over her face.
Another variation of the poster again feature floWers.
Haven't seen this since the theater but I'm sure Marie spends tons of time hobnobbing in her opulent garden.


  1. I feel the computer shit... Just got mine fixed and now the computer at the music studio is freaking out on me. It's like everything is going Hal 9000 on us.

    Which brings up something else.... And that's all the Peters. Jupiter is also called Iuppiter pronounced something like I U Peter.... Hal, Jupiter, Tin Man, and around we go. I U Peter... Even your middle name Jake is something like that if I don't miss my memory. Jupiter/Zeus seems to be the most exuberant sync mass I can see right now.

  2. That "Jumanji" yellow flower is reminiscent of another flesh-eating flower in "Little Shop of HoRRors." Here's the poster for a stage production -


    Frank OZ directed the cinematic remake (of Roger Corman's original) in which the flower is more green, but still in the Yellow Flower realm to my eye. (Corman's film was in black and white).

    The name Peter has its root in the Greek word petra, meaning stone or rock. This brings to mind the astounding carved-into-rock architecture of the Petra site in Jordan. An extremely energetically loaded site, by all accounts. The layered rosey shades of Petra's sandstone is strikingly similar to the apparent surface of Jupiter.

    May your computer woes come to a fortuitous conclusion mercifully soon.

  3. Red I - phonetics. In thought, for what we hear; red, is as read, or "to read", for where and how often "red" signs appear in movies, check out "Harold & Kumar" with red "exit" signs in their flat, and the "fire" sign for burger guy that goes crazy in drivethrough; for a deeper scene see the movie writers chair that says "shoot" in red, as the seen gets firey. We write it ourselves, so lets enjoy reading it. ?
    Synchrolinearology (can think it, but like what!? to write it down).

  4. Dunst has baby teeth... Maybe Mona Lisa's Smile will wield some interest...

  5. Dear God in heaven deliver wretched me from watching all 3 Spider-Man films..

  6. "the winding Elephant's Trunk nebula lies just right of the nebula's center."


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