Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Starstruck and Rainbowrocked!

Rainbow - Starstruck (From the CD Rainbow - Rising)

Just reminded me of the "Moonstruck" poster that Jake brings up often, since we've put Moon and Star together in the form of "Monster". Considering who's singing, it's easy to make the connection.

Dio gives us his jupiter fingers

Not a bad song, either.

I also found the new header to be funny.

"Kool Kats" has been the title of my "followers" list at my blog since February.

~BiLLy KIDder~

Look at her Cube heart under the leg. Now that's Kool....doh!

While my laptop was out of order about a week ago an amazing rainbow sync happened in my home.

The previous evening Shaman Juan Flores' apprentice from Argentina, also called Juan, was over.

(Juan Flores, Jim Sanders (a fellow Sync Whole blogger) and the people of Winnipeg (also some visitors from around the globe) had been doing Ayahuasca ceremonies for a month helping to heal the world and realize Consciousness on Earth.)

At one point Juan from Argentina was explaining how the Aurora phenomena is caused by the Sun interacting with the equivalent of the Earths chakra system.

Thus I gathered from his comments that the Aurora is a visible aspect of the Earths subtle body.
The next morning me an my roommate were greeted by this spectacle seemingly confirming and entraining with the Aurora speculations of the evening before.
A poster on our wall featuring the Aurora was having a Rainbow spectrum emanating from it. Note the presence of the plant vine resonating Plant Consciousness and Ayahuasca.
A crystal ball on the window sill was causing the rainbow to be reflected on the wall which just happened to be entraining with a poster of the Aurora.

I now realize that the Yellow FloWers on the sill and couch in front of window are further entraining with recent sync patterns followed at The Sync Whole.

For Yellow floWer syncs see Yellow FloWers and Fauna and Flora

You can see the Yellow FloWers and the coach at the end of the video above. The FloWers are also just visible to the right of this shot below, featuring the crystal ball causing the Rainbow.
Very fitting as my overall feeling of the Yellow FloWer syncs are that they resonate light and the Sun.
Kirsten Dunst as Lux (Light) picking the leaves off of a Yellow FloWer in "The Virgin Suicides". I might make a video about this amazing Dunst pattern...
Yesterday evening another great Rainbow sync was spotted...
I had been procrastinating in watching "Iris", after renting the DVD, running out of time before having to return it...

"Iris" is a film about novelist Iris Murdoch, but also the name of a Greek goddess Iris, the personification of the rainbow.

As I had done a post before, documenting how Kate Winslet (the young Iris Murdoch) in the film resonates the rainbow in other movies, I felt it pertinent sit down and scan the film for further sync clues.

I was having dinner at a restaurant with a lovely lady from Australia/OZ 2 nights ago (more like a week at this point..) when rummaging through my backpack I took the DVD of "Iris" out and put it on the table.

A few minutes later a television in the restaurant showing a tennis match had the word Iris as a company logo plastered over the court.

I pointed out the sync to the lady from OZ, which I now realize is located "somewhere over the Rainbow" in the film "The Wizard Of Oz".

This sync motivated me to finally sit down and catch the film to see if any Rainbow or other relevant syncs jump out.
Spotted this vivid Rainbow lens flare swallowing Judi Dench (the old Iris Murdoch). A Rainbow covering the face of a woman called Iris, a name which also means Rainbow, pure sync gold.
Later in the film she is being tested owing to progressing Alzheimer's. The doctors have a screen with passing objects and words flashing, Iris as to identify them.
I liked the tennis racket syncing back with the Iris backed Tennis match on television the night before.
Directly followed by doG which Iris mistakenly reads as God.


  1. That header is from me. Its also a tattoo shop owned by one of my sister's friends...who happens to be named kitty....who happens to share aesthetic similar to Kat Von dee(not in body shape mind you;)). I was really hoping to get my hand tattooed by her but that's gonna have to wait till my funds are a little less centsitive. I'll add the other two pics from the store.

    Like a rainbow in D'ark!!! Don't smell the FLOWers there an evil drug to make you lose your mind..... I smell a Ronnie James post I hope....actually Dio don't smell to good. My friend said making fun of Dio is like making fun of retarded people...

  2. Pencil pointing at 666, and 'lotion' kinda entrained with your latest post....well the comments anyways ;^)

  3. Check out the Kat Von D sync I had yesterday. I even posted a post about it at synchromysticismforum yesterday, interesting. BTW she was just here in Baltimore about a month ago at Borders, I really wanted to go but decided not to, probably should have.

    "1st EYEball Tattoo!" , http://synchromysticismforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=1041

  4. There's that green zone again in the tennis racket pic. Cool rainbow.

    Jon - Hmm, interesting...

  5. "Spotted this vivid Rainbow lens flare swallowing Judi Dench"

    I was just talking to my wife and cousin about these. I am doing a whole post over at my private blog about these eventually. A movie with a TON OF THESE is the new Wolverine movie. So many in fact that the video game put them in there to match the footage of the movie.

    I was telling my wife and cousin I was watching a lesbian porn once and this girl was talking at the beginning how she "liked things like quantum physics" but very little people would care etc.. And in another one I watched with her (cute chick) she was driving in the back of a car at the beginning of the porn and the sunlight was shinning through the window and created an up-side-down violet triangle (a lesbian symbol), pretty interesting shit to me at least.

    I got a ton of rainbow syncs (so many i am making another post that is manifesting it self to much for me even to drop it yet) the otherday (my wife loves rainbows, me not so much) anyways I am using the following article in my post but I am sure you may find it interesting and might even get something else out of it (link below).

    Peace TQO

    PS If any of you want in on my private blog email me at mystardustc@gmail.com

    Plane beautiful: The day the Red Arrows were upstaged by Mother Nature

  6. great post! Real Interesting on the Auroura and Iris synchs Jake, its amazing that Juan mentioned the Earths Chakras and the Suns Chakras creating the Auroras and the appearance of the Rainbow. Being in synch with the Antahkarana lately, I synchronistically found an Antahkarana Rainbow Bridge Channel Healer in the Town where I work. And just last week walked around with her speaking of the Divine Mother Earth Chakra that is pure voidal love energy that emenates from the Center of the Earth, and when unified with Cosmic energy that comes from the Sun and the Zodiac creates the Alchemical VITRIOL, and reveals the philosphers Stone, as well as completes the Rectification of Spritual Energy in the Antahkarana Bridge. As the Esoteric Rainbow Bridge is the Kundalini energy that flows from the centre of Earth to the Sun and thus the Cosmos. This theme has been very strong in my life at this point If you check out my latest post at my blog I explore exactly what the relationship between the Earthly and Solar chakras and our bodies, and the ways in which Michael Jackson, another part of Me/We has added to Collective VITRIOL and thus Realization. Long rant sorry but your very in synch with what im delving into. Id love to hear what else Jauan has had to say about these Chakras sometime. Anyways man keep up the great work, and be very well! Namaste

  7. The 4head seems to be playing a role here (see Ronnie James Dio, sorry to break that boundary Jon) as I once saw a rainbow DNA helix emerging from my dog's forehead as she was laying down (which I wrote about at my blog). Iris/rainbow probably has a connection to the third eye. Still not sure what the green square means... That tennis racket kinda looks like compound eye btw, which is entraining with the recent post where I explored the Nvidia logo (an eye with a green square). I also just noticed "Nvidia" carries the double I theme (II=99=18/R)

  8. This site says that in ancient Egypt "Green symbolized opposition to death". That makes me think of Immortality.

  9. R you saying receding hairline = enlightenment? If thats the case I'm gonna start compulsively pulling out hair by the roots until I become buddhahahahah.

  10. Tommy, that Kool Kat sync fits perfectly with the post I'm currently working on. We seem to be entraining a lot lately.

    Jake, great sync story! This reminded me of the movie Wimbledon which came on TV just the other day. As you may be aware, it stars your Yellow FloWer Dunst

    Ever notice that dUNSt has the SUN within the name?

  11. Cool, Richard.

    I'm just now noticing how significant Jake's "RainbowRocked" connection is. It eluded me the first few times. :D

  12. Syn - chrome to me means Rainbow or Spectrum....seeing AUM / OM. Om has all the vowels, the rainbow has all the colors. The windowsill above entrained in my reality to my own windowsill ... timing - wise. syn - chrome, synch - chron .. my windowsill had all the syn - chrome, chron, creatures ... talked about... see the pic / talk here, please. http://tinyurl.com/m9txxf -pegcarter