Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Little R and R

I used this poster some time ago when investigating Zeus, which was the Character's name played by Tommy "Tiny" Lister (TT). He is seen above right under Hulk Hogan(HH) with a blue V emanating from his head. In gold are the words at the bottom No Holds Barred. The double R's have been reversed to mirror each other.From Watchmen showing the discussed double R's that mirror each other the(opposite way) through out the book. Actually before Hulk Hogan I had pretty much decide that something was up with this RR thing based almost solely on Watchmen. Then I see a comment on Jake's Bog by one Soundless Dawn.

Brilliant stuff Jake ~ It pulled a lot of concepts together for me. I'm still working on our 4th Video collaboration ~ This one will certainly have the Jack Black Panda/2001/Dragon Axis stuff ~ As well as many surprises dealing with the "Jericho" theme. I hope you're still down.. It's been great fun thus far ~ I'll probably send you a draft after I'm finished with my Red Ice Interview on Sunday. The nose is healing great ~ Wolverine Style. You find anything interesting revolving around Deadpool? I just found out Ryan Reynolds (RR) 99 ~ was in "Blade Trinity" produced by Wesley Snipe's company "Amen Ra Films" ~ Not only is there some interesting Egyptian symbolism in it ~ But they actually dig up Dracula or "Drake" in a necropolis in the Syrian desert.. and he shape~shifts into a reptile like thing Shang Tsung style. David Icke would be smiling ~ Peace ~ Outro.

This was on the comments of Scarlet Dragon.
This time period was very special in my opinion.... It saw the quick release of Star Mummy by Jake and Jim and the finished product my own first video called Isis Incognito, as well as the video by Steve that he mentioned above. It being called.... Genetic Hybridization, The Nines, and The Amnesiac Godhead.... All these were put up on Jake's blog shortly after Scarlet D(if you haven't seen them) on a post called Tube Triptych. I can't believe going back that Steve's video that we're about to see here just happened to coincide with my own work, let alone the beginning of Jake and Jim's relationship.... Weirdness that has basically lead us all here. Wait scratch that... It makes perfect sense.... Wait it makes no sense it's just perfect.

Back to the story...
So I was sitting there trying to figure out how the fuck Steve was seeing what I was seeing with the RR bullshit yet I thought it was just my own imagination running away with me. I quickly contacted him.

May I ask what's going on with all this RR business. I keep seeing the Mirrors every where, and then I noticed the RR in that new mirror movie are reversed of each other. Then I read The Watchmen again (for like the third frickin' time) and Rorschach always signs his notes rr with them reversed of each other. Then in the end they tell you that RR is running for president, it turns out to be Robert Redford. Then there's the Reptile Room in Lemony Snicket in which a guy named Monty Mongomery is involved. I just couldn't figure out the significance and thought it was perhaps a misfire. Why (99)? Is there something that I've missed?

He kindly responded....

Wow ~ This will be covered partially in my upcoming vid ~ Have we talked about this already? ~ Fucking nuts. RR = 1+8/1+8 = 99 Rockstar beverages have the same mirror image R's printed on the can next to an inverted star. Ryan Reynolds RR was the godhead in the film "The Nines" and he was also in blade trinity which was creatd by Wesley Snipe's production company ~ "Amen Ra" He was in "Amityville" ~ and they switched the witching hour from the normal 3:00 am to 3:15 am (3+1+5) = 9 Some really strange space time phenomenon if you asked me. Peace, S

Vid break.....

No we haven't talked about it... I did see your comment on Jakes Blogg and had to ask. It's just been driving me up the wall. Hey, The 99 thing also makes me think of the Dark Tower by Stephen King. The main character is Roland his nemesis is Randall. Every book has 99 or 19 in it.... 1999 was the year that Stephen King got hit by that van that almost killed him.... Wow this is weird. The Characters keep seeing 19 and 99 all over the place in true 23 fashion. One character who comes back to life is asked what is after death, if I remeber correctly he says 99. But it's been awhile so I have to check that.... Fuckin' strange I tell ya.

You know how we're all kinda nervous that "that weird freakin' dude" is gonna dig our work and then bombard us with constant weird e-mails.... Guess what, I'm that dude. But, hey I can't stop these weird fuckin' dreams... So sue me. Any way shortly after I started using RR examples in my post, nothing sirrus just a little here a little there... And somewhere along the path I connected it, at least in my own mind to the fact that we use the examples of Big R and Little R in the coding of Genetics.... Rr or RR or rR etc. Now lets look at a few examples that were discussed above.

This here is Roland.... He has a link to his evil opposite Randall. If either of them is killed by someone other than themselves(this isn't really explained it's just kinda hinted) it throws the balance of their little clan of followers off.... There is in turn a death expected on the opposite side. In short they are Mirrored.This here is Randall Flag AKA The Walking Dude from The Stand..... Feel free to comment on his Buttons and/or hood. Stephen King started writing The Gunslinger in 1969..... When he was 19 and The Illuminutus Trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson came out. He latter uses the Trilogy by RAW as an obvious inspiration seeing that the Characters in the book wake up to the fact that they are in the book which RAW did as well. In 1999 King was hit by a van near his home in Maine.... He was damn near killed with only the 4th book of a supposed 7 book series finished. He latter wrote himself in to the series as the Heroes have to rescue him to actually finish the epic and have them meet their goal. In real life the driver of the van claimed that he hit King because his DoGs in the back seat were getting in to the cooler of steaks he had, so he was leaned back over to wave them off it. The DoGs names were Pistol and Bullet oddly enough. In my own personal experience I read the entire series straight through..... This being right after my first reading of the Trilogy by RAW.... I often smile at the serendipity of that because if I hadn't had read RAW first, I would not have enjoyed the last part of The Tower as much. This was merely by chance because I had no idea that the books were related in any way.
This Double R sync is by far my favorite.... It took me awhile to see it for the dirty double R that it was. It being of course the logo associated with JRR Tolkien author of the Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit. Speed Racer is an interesting RR because it gave me an awesome AHA moment. The RR shines a couple of times in the form of a circle R and around here anything circled is a double. Soon after the whole 9 incident with Willner Jake starts talking about the circle R on Robin.... Look somewhere in the September October block of '08 on Jakes blog because I couldn't find it. Soon after this time period right during the Christmas season I was seeing all of these frigin skull and crossbone shit.... That was at around Penguins discuss Politics with Skull N Bones over Eggnog.
So there I am with all these Skull and Crossbone pictures on my computer and good ol' King Richard steps up to the mix and drops the bombshell over at Black Dog Star.... I'm a big fan. So I start with the E-mails again and he sends me this.It's an original by the Highlander himself and damn good I might add. We were talking about Wolverine at the time but the fact is that I put it in the same folder as all the Pirate shit and therefore noticed that the X was in some way a Crossbone. Of Course ARRowsmith(Richards last name thus the RA in the bottom corner) has 2 R's in it as well.He we have Rex Racer also known as Racer X from Speed Racer.... Mulling this over I then pull up to this below one day while winding my way through the Denver Suburbs. This is the American version of a Railroad sign.... Got honked at that day let me tell ya. Anyway I then went back to watchmen.
Another Crossbone..... Now lets look at a few more movies.
Meet the Robinsons which is a jam packed sync feast about a boy who is brought to the future to stop one of his own inventions from taking over the world, basically it's the computer from the future motif. This dealing with time travel is a clear opportunity for Consciousness to explain something to us.... This movie would take me awhile to unravel so WE/ME will stick to the obvious Circle R shown above, circle R's cover the movie.Again we see our hero(in Blue and Red) with a slight bit of halo formed by Plant Consciousness standing between two R's miRRored. His son from the future stands close by.He dons a Phoenix style cow lick and lighting bolt T.... His mother and future wife of our Hero points with the Jupiter finger(couldn't resist).
This is from the movie Invasion Starring Nicole Kidman.... Above is Danial Craig with the RoLLing Rock sign behind him that I used once upon a time and promised to give another double R with Craig latter, so here in comes in just a second. Rolling Rock is an interesting beer because of enigmatic 33 that appears on the back of all the bottles by that particular brand.Now comes my last little Double R because I think my wife just threw away my list of all the ones I had been seeing for so many months by accident and I can't remember them any more...
The Secret of the Unicorn is a movie scheduled for 2011 release already in post production. It will be a 3-D animated film by Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg and feature Daniel Craig as Red Rackhem. The name is for a Pirate in the movie and is a double R, however what is a side interest is the fact that the Jolly Roger or typical Skull and Crossbones are not always the same in historical piracy. The Red Rackhem name is mostly attributed coming from John Rackhem AKA Calico Jack Rackhem.This is the Jolly Roger Flag most associated with said pirate captian Calico Jack and is actually the same flag that flys above the Black Pearl in the Pirates of The Caribbean movies that gets talked about around here. This hints at the un spoken connection to this pirate and Johnny Depp's character Jack SpaRRow(RR). One thing however is certain and that is the fact that Calico Jack meet his end in the Port Royal that is Depicted in the movies in the same way as the Pirates hanging tarred in the cages during the films.....

RR's also investigated by Jon Kidd and James Ratte at the post, RRandomness. Embarrasingly ammended...

Tommy: Hello everyone :) More Stephen King RR syncs - One of his books was called "Rose Red", seen below with numerous other syncs ("No Place Like Home"/Oz, eye in pyramid, twin pillars to the left, rose/floWering consciousness, c-ing "red")

Never read that one, but I do recall reading through The Stand in 7th grade, so I am quite familiar with his more mainstream work. There is a dude in Florida who has a van with "Stephen King Shot John Lennon" written on the side, tying him in with The Beatles (which AFSTS mentioned in the comments section of this post). He also wrote "CaRRie".

He is connected to Moon ("M-O-O-N, that spells Tom Cullen", TC/23/W) Walker Michael Jackson: Since August 2003, King has written a column on pop culture appearing on the back page of Entertainment Weekly, usually every third week. The column is called "The Pop of King", a play on the nickname "The King of Pop" commonly given to Michael Jackson

Also - Published in February 2009, the audiobook Road Rage includes both Richard Matheson's short story Duel and also King's homage to this story, Throttle (co-written by his son Joe Hill).

(I apologize if some of this stuff was already mentioned elsewhere, if so I was not aware as this is all new info to me)


  1. Don't forget the CheRRy pie at the Double R Diner in TWIN Peaks

  2. Over at my private blog 'Order of the Stars' there are alot of syncs to do with your post you may find interesting and maybe want to take some of my screen shots. I have been doing some sync shit with the NBA and got some Dennis Rodman/NWO Wrestling/HulkHogan shit. Plus I have a whole thing with the movie 'The Stand' and Kareem Jabbar/Moster Shouter over there to you may find interesting.

    It is a private blog so all you or anyone interested has to do is email me your gmail email at and I will send you access to my private blog.

    Peace TQO

  3. That was some fresh-freshness. I myself didn't C the RR until James brought it to my attention. That post was allot of fun.

    I should try and read RA-W's trilogy. Heard terrible things about it. Sounds good to this weirdo.

    Tin Tin movie = : )

  4. I actually live in the area that is called twin peaks... At least there's a bunch of references about it here in the Malls and stuff... I've heard people in the syncro business talk about it, but I myself have never seen it, go figure.

    "C" my e-mail is but as far as being personal, I myself have a hard enough time getting people to read my shit being wide out in the open, I mean Jake puts his frikin' boxers on the net on a regular basis... I'm a nobody, but I'd be careful about that kinda stuff if I were you. Cool shit on your other blogs by the way, lotta energy swirling around over there... I'm gonna go see a Beatles cover band here soon, I'm a huge fan sense I was a kid. My dad had the vinyl of Sargent Peppers and I took the face cut outs in the back and wore them around the house like I was John.... I was a weird Kid. Anyway peace.

    Jon... The Trilogy is no joke, very hard to get through... It's no Finnigan's Wake which is damn near impossible to understand unless your AfeRRismoon, but it is pretty much an acid trip in text form. Great shit though if you get into it.

  5. Illuminatus Trilogy is wicked fun. It will probably fuck you up for a while.. in a good way.

  6. Hey Kidd.... I knew you were gonna say that as soon as I saw your avatar on facebook. Grinning ear to ear right now.


  8. What is it with the pirates...seriously....

  9. Really and truly you see some weird shit if you go and look at the wiki on Pirates... They started from the knights Templar for one. But, they also steal from the rich and give to the poor, if you know what I'm saying, the poor of course being themselves.

    I see weird shit with doctors in movies too...

    ER=5+18=23 for instance. But, perhaps it has to do with any iconic image that has had alot of consciousness on it.... Then again to define the reason you'd have to say the word "is" wouldn't you.

  10. Yup I'm feeling the Doc thing to. Like Doc from the shining connecting to Apollo.

    This project I'm working on is turning in a '77' video. Tommy was saying I should call it Red Rum 1977. Seriously not trying to got 'there' but 'it' keeps me there.

    77 and pirates... I wonder?

    Whats up and whats down Doc?

  11. Pirate Bay = P(16)+B(2) = 18 = R

    Who else finds themselves singing the alphabet song in their heads now more than they did as a child?

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