Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shine Get! (shroomed & cooled UP & in 3D - pug style)

In my last post I connected Blue & Shine. The word blue possibly has origins connected to the Old High German word blao, or "shining".

Let us synchromystically delve into the word Shine and it's use in films and pop culture.

What first comes to mind is the film Shine. This is a film about a pianist from Australia/OZ who suffers a mental breakdown and spends years in institutions only to eventually rise to play in front of a crowd once again.

Sounds like the path of a true shaman. You can't know Heaven if you don't go through Hell first.

The poster for Shine resonates all we have been talking about here. The pianist is seen opening his arms in a crucified Jesus-like stance and he is facing the sun that is shining onto him. The rain is over, as he has a rain jacket on, and he is now basking in the warmth of the sun.

He is bathed in a Blue Sky and he is Shining Blue.

This makes me think about the relationship of a shining sun and our blue sky. They go hand in hand. When the sun shines it means the clouds are clear and we have a blue sky. If we did not have a shining sun then our day's skies would not be blue. I am increasingly feeling like Blue & Gold are the colours of the garments of enlightenment that are inspired by a GOlDen Sun and a Blue Sky/Heaven.

This could also mean that when our inner sun shines we become Mr. Blue Sky like in the Electric Light Orchestra song.

Gold Sun and Blue Sky = Shine

I have always found it interesting that supposedly the Inca did not value gold in a material way, but rather spiritually. Gold obviously was symbolic of the spiritual gold one could attain as a human being. The indigenous people understood this. Real wealth is spiritual.

To find the Lost City of Gold one must ingest a plant like Ayahuasca, not trudge through the jungle looking for ruins. That is why the new Indiana Jones movie came close to this idea. In the end, the Russian evil woman was after knowledge, not treasure. What the Crystal Skull missed was how that knowledge is obtained. I would argue through plants (Green). Hmmm.. You know one does get blue and gold/yellow from green. Plants as the key to enlightenment.

The latest Indy flic did get the idea right that Aliens/Gods are interdimensional beings. They come from the inside not the outside.

I move on in my quest to understand what it means to shine.

We have already brought up the movie The Shining starring Jack Nicholson and directed by Stanley Kubrick. It has been shown to sync up with 42/Jupiter and Blue quite well. Kubirck resonates all that Jupiter jazz automatically just for being the inspiration behind the films 2001 and 2010.

The poster is a striking yellow/gold colour highlighting the role gold plays in the shine of being blue.

Put the two posters together and it looks like a golden face of a sun looking down at Jesus. The face of the sun is even embedded in a T, a letter that resonates the cross that Jesus was crucified on, as well as the pianist in the poster for Shine.

Further research into the word Shine in modern pop culture led me to a video game.

Super Mario Sunshine is a sequel to the original Super Mario. It was the first 3D platform for Super Mario and it has since followed by Super Mario Galaxy.

Super Mario brothers has already been synced to the WTC and K2 by Jake Kotze. Check out starMummy for background on it all.

The Super Mario Bros. are definitelty shining blue in the movie poster above.

The Super Mario universe and the character strongly resonates much of the current transformation in consciousness.

Especially the circle M on his hat. M being the 13th letter is is very much symbolic of a Christ in a starG8 circle. The 13 in a circle was just recently seen in the poster for Any Given Sunday. 13 is symbolic of the ONE, or the full realization of Christ Consciousness. The circle is the doorway we must step through to join the ONE. Fittingly, the M turned upside down in the circle is a 23, or B.C., Before Christ. 23 becomes 13. W becomes an M. Notice how to go from 23 to 13, a 2 must become a 1. This seems to suggest a loss in percieved duality. The 3 however remains constant because there is always a Trinity in this cosmic interplay. The power of 3 is even more evident as the M in Mario's hat can also become a 3 itself. Onward we go....

I also feel the M symblizes the Roman Goddess Moneta, also known as Juno Moneta, Queen of Jupiter/Heaven and wife to Zeus.

Supposedly the temple to Juno Moneta was near the Roman Mint. In Winnipeg, the Manitoba Legislature/Temple has a couple prominent circle M's placed above entrances to the building.

Considering that Winnipeg is home to Canada's Royal Mint, I feel the M on the Manitoba Legislature is clear pointer to Juno Moneta, or Jupiter. The logo for the Royal Mint is a circle M as well.

Now that I think about it coins are little starG8 symbols in their own right. Just think of a gold or silver coin. Mini halos in honour of the enlightenment that Juno Moneta brings us.

June is named after Juno for this exact reason as June is the month in which the days are the longest and the sun shines the brightest. June 21st to be exact.

On that day we have maxium Golden Sun and Blue Sky.

Anyways, back to the Super Mario video game. Considering we have linked the circle M logo with the circle M on the Manitoba Legsilature, it should be of no surprise that the game console is called a Game Cube. The logo for the Game Cube is a G in a box or square.

This G in a square logo sounds a lot like the Freemason symbol of a G in a square and compass.

God in the Ark perhaps.

Now Super Mario SunSHINE stands out right away as the cover art shows Super Mario coming out of a Gold & Blue watery starG8. Notice the title Sunshine is blue and highlighted by the colours of the rainbow.

The star shape behind Super Mario is a Shine Sprite which are entities that are the source of life on the Isle Delfino.

Armed with the FLUDD (Flash Liquidizing Ultra Dousing Device) that squirts water, it is Mario's job to return all the Shine Sprites back to what is called the Shine Gate. At the Shine Gate there is a huge Shine Sprite that has been covered in black graffiti by Shadow Mario and does not shine. It is Mario's mission to help it shine once again.

Shadow Mario is actually BOWser Jr, otherwise known as Koopa Jr, son of King Koopa (2k/k2/2000).

The word JUNior resonates JUNO. Juno is related to the word for Youth as well, hence Junior being someone younger. BOWser makes me think of a Bow and arrow, or perhaps Sagitarrius ruled by Jupiter and pointing to Galactic Centre (Game Cube). As we see in the image above, Bowser Jr. likes to shoot the sacred hoop with Mario and friends ( 3 on 3, or 33OZ).

Are Bowser and Bowser Jr., or King Koopa and Koopa Junior, pointing to Super Mario and the Shine G8?

The Shine sprite is a golden 8 ray star that resonates the 8 ray black star in the Manitoba Legislature. A sprite in general is really a spirit, or perhaps a fairy. TINkerbell is a sprite.

Should the Pool of the Black Star really be the Pool of the Gold Star?

Once the Shine Sprites return to the Shine G8 then life is REnewed once again. It is by collecting Shine Sprites that Mario is able to open new levels that he can enter.

Shine Sprites are also available by collecting and trading blue coins. Blue mini starG8 symbols in honour of the Queen of Heaven - Juno Moneta. Of course these coins would be worthy of exchange for some Shine Sprites.

And so shall they gather in great numbers once again...

As Super Mario knows better than anyone, the act of liberating shine sprites is sure to reward you with the powers of the Blue One and the starG8.

This is clearly seen below with a jumping and shining blue Mario painting a RED C around himself in the sky.

I really wonder what Super Mario Galaxy has to offer for sync fuel?

One last sync to mention while I am talking video games. There is also a game called Golden Sun. The hero wears Blue & Gold clothes and the plot revolves around alchemy, the planets and psychic powers.

One collects sprites in the game in order to gain more magical powers.

Shine ON my friends.



The Pope's name is Joseph raTzINger aka Benedict XVI.

The Pope from Latin: "papa" or "father" from Greek πάπας, pápas, "papa", Papa in Italian.

We see that the Pope is helping the Light Shine Forth in the title of the book above and here we see Pope/Papa Smurf being liberated as he emerges from the Golden Egg/Pine Cone:

Jim mentions above that Plants play a key role when it comes to our current Hatching. The Magic Mushroom (or Amanita Muscaria seen above), like Ayahuasca, is a gift from MOM that can help us get in touch with POP - the Blue One. As we've see above in the POPes book title these entheogenic plants help our Light Shine Forth.

If I didn't stumble across Jakes series of videos back in 2007 while browsing Youtube I would never have come across Synchromysticism and my life would have panned out very differently. This video, which connects the Mario Shroom with the Ark which is found in the Winnipeg LEG (and therefore the Circle M), literally Blue my mind back in the day:

Check out Atlantis & the Magic Mushroom for more. Well worth a revisit!
Two very talented truth-seekers made a video called The Pharmacratic Inquisition in which they connected Santa (Satan?) with the Amanita Muscaria Mushroom and inspired me to consume this magical plant just over a year ago. The result was something I'll never forget. Here we see the Horned Pan and the Horned Santa/Satan who both help us POP open the StarG8:

The 7 UP logo sees the Red Eye Ball.
I think of this as a fiery Third Eye. Once the Kundalini snake worms its way UP the spine through the 7 Chakras the Ajna heats UP eventually releasing through the purple crown.
"Cool Spot" was a game for the Sega Mega Drive featuring the early 90's 7 UP mascot.

The Cool Red Spot strides across the beach (the setting of the game) connecting the Red Eye Ball to the Sea/C. He looks like a Red Sun (The Shining ONE) in front of the a blue sky.
A Sun wearing StarGlasses, showing us the Sole/Sole/Sol of his shoe.
He has a purple surfboard bearing the Yin Yang, symbol of union of opposites.
Clearly this tells us that when Red Spot and Blue Sky combine we can surf our Purple chariots over the UP and down wave of life like Cool dudes.

Spot also has the black hole mouth, making him a Black Hole Sun just like Jupiter in the movie 2010.

See The Red Eye Of The Blue ONE for more red spots and Jupiter connects.
Spots attack was shooting bubbles - gorgeous, tiny, delicate, fleeting and transparent spheres - don't know what to make of bubble syncs yet..
Spot was in a sequel "Spot Goes To Hollywood". Hollywood is TINseltown or JupiterCity.
PiRatS (22/7 Stars), Yellow Brick Road, King King (K2), Ghosts (SpiriT) etc etc...
Looks like sync heaven.
Wiki says it was considered exceedingly difficult to play, which is scary, as I remember giving UP on the original.
The film "UP" synchromystically gives us the exact same message as the "7 UP" logo.
The Rainbow of balloons that lifts us UP into Heaven is comprised of 7 colors.

Peace In Is Peace Out

Jim again:

I just thought I had to ad the artwork for Sprite - the Coca Cola answer to 7UP. If you notice the colours are Blue, Yellow(Gold) & Green.

Are Blue & Gold created by Green? Can Nature or Pan (green) gift us by helping us awaken our inner golden sun and make us a shining Mr. Blue Sky?


As a small Outro I'd like to rimind the readers that the Movie UP is featured in 3D.... D being the 4 letter in the Alpha-Beth creates 3+4 or 7.... Literally 7 Up.


Before there was cool spot there was...

Jim Once Again - Dammit Jim! why aren't you doing the work you are "supposed" to be doing?"

So it is very interesting how one Power-UPs in Super Mario brothers by taking mushrooms.
The plants as energy boost. The truth is we all depend on plants to Power-Up every moment of the day. We all take plants that alter and ideally raises our consciousness. To think otherwise would be an arrogant omission of what keeps alive on this beautiufl heart of a green planet.

Ever breath one takes is a gift from plants.

I also feel that plants can absorb and store cosmic energy in ways that us humans can't on our own, and so for us humans to benefit from these ever changing energies coming to the earth, we must ingest plants. They are our interface with much of the divine.

I now realize that 7UP is also GUP, which reversed is PUG.

A Pug is a Dog.

Above is Frank the Pug, really an Alien in disguise, from the Will 2K film Men in Black.

Fido Dido, as mentioned by Jono Kiddo, also resonates Dog.

Which reminds me of a Canadian film called FIDO about a world where zombies are like pets. It star Billy Connolly (Billy Connolly starting with B & C, therefore winking us to the number 23 again). Check out the OZ logo worn by the Zombie played by Billy Connolly. The poster also keeps to the Blue and Gold theme, as FIDO, the zombie dog is in blue and the lady in the back is in a Yellow/Gold dress.

Wikipedia mentions that he was born William Connolly, Jr. on 24 November 1942. Wow! he is heavy on the syncs this guy. 24/42 and the word JUNior all in one sentence around his name. His last name Connolly makes me think of Jennifer Connolly, our beautiful synchrist, or JC. Now that I think of it this all ties in well together. If Billy Connolly is BC/23/Before Christ, then Jennifer Connolly is JC/13/Jesus Christ (J=10 C=3, 10 + 3 = 13).

The funny thing abou the movie FIDO is that it was directed by a Canadian director from Vancouver who a few years ago was making a TV series in Winnipeg for the same aboriginal owned production company I was working for. I met him as he joined me for the last two days of the Sundance ceremony I was participating in. I have never watched Fido, but maybe I will now.

I will leave you with this priceless poster that says it all after this 7UP/PUG sync activity.

Lord of the Pugs.

The Rainbow colored balloons sync kiss the U or C Crescent shape. This connects with the crescent as bow or rainbow...

Bow Wow!


  1. And I just dropped a post that features the 3 Stripes of the holy trinity... 3 is the magic number.

  2. WOW JimArrow..

    That was awesome.

  3. Mon = Moon = Month/Monday

    Money = Moon Eye

    I've always wondered what Money, the Moon and the Eye had in common (think of the All Seeing Eye on the dollar). Now I have Juno Moneta to add into the equation.....

    Also the word Shine reminds me of the Shin which is part of the LEG.

    You always give me plenty of food for thought Jim!

  4. you guys are silly. i thought of shin as well. or how about a shiner, as in a black and blue bruise.

    so cool

  5. He He

    I wanted to talk about Sprite but got sided into 7 UP..

    Then it magically appeared minutes later.

  6. WOWWY! That was ridiculously reasoned.

    When I put the misses to bed she usually requests I put on a Coast to Coast playlist on the Utube. Last night was Crystal skulls...I don't remember the last time that was even brought up at the blob!

    Starting to see 'G's as '7's which in turn is making things extra cool.

    CYA at da beach brothers!

  7. nice work crew. and thanks richard for revealing the syncnificance of 34.

    I have been c'ing many 34/43's lately and you are right is 7 or G!

    I might even drink a 7UP today.

  8. HA! Turn 7UP into GUP or PUG. Just to add a dog to the whole thing. Or guppy mixed with pug = puppy.

  9. hi jon

    so we all think Pug at the same time. right?


  10. "Super Mario Sunshine is a sequel to the original Super Mario. It was the first 3D platform for Super Mario and it has since followed by Super Mario Galaxy."

    Don't forget Super Mario 64 (8x8, 64 squares on a checkerboard)... That was the real first 3D polygon Mario game.

    Now back to reading this huge post...

  11. AWESOME! I was looking at the Zombie fido and didn't even C the OZ wink!

    'FIDO' Dido, didn't catch that either...man!

    Cool mutha fuckin post!

  12. Jono Kiddo - I'm a chinese dog to boot eh!

  13. yeah and belated happy b-day juneboy jon

  14. THanks Jim and Tommy!

    Anyone catch Tom Hanks lunar performance on Conan last night? It was Loonar.


    Take note of silver tie and silver streaks in hair...

  15. Mario 64... There's 64 different measurements of change in the I Ching.... And half of 64 is 32 which is 23 backwards. JC=13.... And in secared geometry you can't have more that 12 spheres around a centeral sphere.... That BLUE my mind.... This was a great run gentle men thank you all... I love this the comments are even a more fullfilling part of this whole art. Hot damn I feel like a better person for just reading this blog.

  16. Jake - Glad you posted that UP poster, I pointed out at Conspiracy Grimoire that it seems to have a link to the Winter Solstice star alignment (Orion-Isis[Sirius]-Horus[sun]), just slightly out of order: Old man (Osiris)->Boy scout (Horus resonator? He has a horn)->Dog (our Isis/Sirius resonator), and then a house in the heavens or House of the Zodiac. I'd be willing to bet there are 12,212,012 balloons there...

  17. Someone who has a Pug Nose has an upturned Nose that is reminiscent of the Pig.

    Pug and Pig also share similarities in the spelling.

    Smell you later.

  18. pUg is to pIg as U is to I...

  19. http://news.yahoo.com/s/space/20090609/sc_space/cosmiccloudpoisedtobirthmassivestar

    this is quite interesting.....oddly enough the to pic on the heade looks like the pagan celtic cross reminiscient of the 23-24
    galactic cycle.....

    Cosmic Cloud Poised to Birth Massive Star

    Andrea Thompson
    Senior Writer
    SPACE.com andrea Thompson
    senior Writer
    space.com – 1 hr 30 mins ago
    PASADENA, CALIF. — A massive, tranquil object found lurking in a dark cloud in our galaxy could be about to transform into a massive star or stars, giving astronomers their first glimpse at such a region on the cusp of stellar birth.

    The cloud, located near the Aquila rift in the galactic plane 23,000 light-years away, has a mass 120 times that of the sun, but it is all compressed into a volume smaller than the Oort cloud of comets orbiting our solar system, astronomers said here today at the 214th meeting of the American Astronomical Society.

    The temperature of the cloud is less than -427 degrees Fahrenheit (-255 Celsius).

    Massive stars, or those that weigh in at more than eight solar masses, are much rarer than more intermediate-sized, sun-like stars. The stellar whoppers produce much more radiation, causing them to lead short, spectacular lives that end when they die violently in supernova events, explosions that are so luminous they can briefly outshine an entire galaxy.

    In their death throes, these stars can quickly destroy any evidence of the environment they formed in, which makes it difficult for astronomers to study the birth of these beasts.

    But catalogs of cold, dense gas clouds, such as the new one found with the Submillimeter Array (SMA) atop Mauna Kea in Hawaii, are now giving astronomers a chance to probe regions that look likely to spawn massive stars.

    "Perhaps the most exciting thing is that we now know that massive and dense cores with no sign of star formation activity do exist," said team member Jonathan Swift of the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

    How massive stars form is a matter of fierce debate.

    Studies of nearby star-forming regions show that smaller, sun-like stars form inside dense cores of molecular gas, but whether or not massive stars form in the same manner isn't known.

    Some astronomers say that if massive stars were to form in a similar process, their cores would have to hold 100 solar masses of material in a relatively compact volume.
    "The mass and density of this object along with the lack of evidence for star formation activity is unique, and this fits very well with our expectations for massive pre-stellar cores," Swift said.

    Recent theoretical studies and computer simulations suggest that a core such as this could form massive stars in as little as 50,000 years – a blink of an eye in the life of the universe.
    More study of this region is still needed, Swift noted, and astronomers plan to use the SMA to probe the cloud more deeply.

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