Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jovian Pride :-)

The Winnipeg Legislature or Peg Leg is a Masonic RE-imagining of Solomon's Temple.

The dome upon which Mercury a.k.a Golden Boy stands is held aloft by 24 pillars.

Mercury is the son of Jupiter while 24 also connects to this God through the connection gymnastics of synchromysticism.
24/42 is veiled by the alchemical symbol for Jupiter/Tin.

Jim speculates that the Peg Leg is a veiled Temple of Jupiter (Jovian/Jovial/Joy).
Went for a fruitful sync cycle today.
Passed a Gay Pride parade at the temple.
The Rainbow flag under the Circle-M of 'Galactic Center Temple'.
Rainbows imply 42 as the angle of refraction that causes light to split into the bow.

I like that dog/god says Woof! or Bow WOW! (MOM).
Gay is Happy or Joyous.
Jupiter is the Jovian/Jovial sphere.
People getting together to celebrate sexual orientation and gender identity are also celebrating Jupiter/Joy.
Joy being celebrated susynctly at the temple of Joy.

I have always found it curious that the flag of the indigenous nations of the Andes in South America is pretty well the same as the one used by the Gay community.

I have often seen it displayed in a more checkerboard rainbow style as seen below. To me this design is like a variation on the more drab black and white checkerboard design often seen on masonic tracing boards.

Rainbow and Gay pride do point to Joy. They point to freedom.
Flag of the Andes. ANDes. There is the word DNA again.

Welcome to the Land of Joyful DNA.


  1. In Czech švagr [ pron - Shvager] means 'brother-in-law or good brother.
    Sounds liek Swagger

  2. Schwager in German, Sogór in Hungarian.

    june 9 09: game 'prototype' released, look his cancerclaws!

    far more

  3. Pride comes before a Phall

    That'll be them Towers again

    June 9 , muj narozeniny

  4. It's pretty crazy that as I was in bed this morning, I thought about another SC (can't remember which but the "sportscenter" thing came to mind) and found it equaled 22. Then I came here and found the exact same thing featured along with the red eye.

    The rainbow checkerboard is cool, definitely matches better with the "stars" theme implied by the checkerboard (since not everything is black and white, and a lot of stars have color to them)

  5. Love the rainbows! Stay Jovial!