Monday, June 8, 2009

The Spiritual Stripes of the Sprites

The spirits of creation are throughout Nature. They are the builders of matter. A shaman is able to heal someone because they work with these spirits, or sprites. An Ayahuasquero sings to them and sends them the vibrations they desire and in return they heal his patients. Our very bodies are made by and of these spirits. By working with these beings we can become what I would see as Free Spirits. They can teach us much.

By working with the Sprites one may gain their Spiritual Stripes. By working with the Green force of the plant spirits one can become Blue & Gold.


Arrr me hearty's. Obey the (S) Pirit/Pirate.

Awaken the Sprite Palm:


Rainbows are made of colour stripes/sprites/spirits found within the spectrum of light.

Seeing a rainbow is perhaps one of the best ways to bear witness to the work of spirit. Of course to see a rainbow, the light must be refracted at the jovian angle of 42.

I like how the whole Rainbow is held within what is a Red C.

New film poster for Robert Rodriguez's "Shorts" sees the Rainbow surround a bunch of kids.
It can also be seen as radiating from the SpiriT Palm's of a giant Tin (Jupiter/24/42 (The Angle of the Rainbow)) Man.


  1. Had a crazy, quite silly thought for the past few years. Thinking about alcohol being the literal 'spirits' of the plant we're ingesting.

    Spirits, hops, and grapes.

    Getting pissed of the souls of plants.

    Yes I smoke MJ

  2. "Yes I smoke MJ"

    How did I manage to overlook that 23...? WE-3D!

    *takes sip of Sprite*... O_o

  3. then there is 'Holy Spirit' yellow-black band STRYPER with guitarist OZ FOX and singer Michael SWEET and the GREEN researcher boy from Atlantis - the lost empire Milo Thatch is voiced by Michael J.FOX

  4. Wow, is that some straight up Green Movement/Socialist propaganda? I like what they represent, but the way the corporate world seems to interpret them is way, way off... (Or do they know exactly what they mean but they're just bad guys/gals and want to make us think consumerism is the way to the heart?)