Saturday, June 20, 2009

Juno Temple ( Made Bad )(electroplated in Gold)

The Blue sky surrounds the 24 pillars holding aloft the dome and Golden Boy of Manitoba's Legislative Building.

Researcher Frank Albo has unveiled the structure as being possibly the most complete representation of Solomon's (Sol(Sun)/Moon) Temple on the planet.

Golden Boy is Mercury son/sun of Jupiter while 24 is the number also associated to Zeus/Jupiter.

See Jovian Pride

The building is then resonant of Jupiter.
Jupiter's female form is Juno resulting in the building at once being a resonator of both Juno and Jupiter.

Associations sometimes feel loose to the mind, even my hodge-podge bean.
Let's move beyond mind and listen to the music of sync instead for verification of what is suggested by association...

Hidden in the depths of the unknown, three silent beings weave the endless thread of human fate. They are called the Sisters, known to mythology as the Norns or Fates who incessantly twist between their fingers a tiny cord, which one day is to be woven into a living garment - the coronation robe of the priest-king. To the mystics and philosophers of the world this garment is known under many names. To some it is the simple yellow robe of Buddahood. By the ancient Jews it was symbolized as the robe of the high priest, the Garment of Glory unto the Lord. To the Masonic brethren, it is the robe of Blue and Gold - the Star of Bethlehem - the Wedding Garment of the Spirit.
Manly Palmer Hal

Manly P. Hall compares the Blue and Gold robe to the garb of Buddahood and calls it "the Wedding Garment of the Spirit."
Powerful associations revealing Blue Gold as colors of the Master and enlightenment.

More words from Manly P. Hal
We all like to be well dressed. Robes of velvet and ermine stand for symbols of rank and glory; but too many ermine capes have covered empty hearts, too many crowns have rested on the brows of tyrants. These are symbols of earthly things and in the world of matter are too often misplaced. The true coronation robe - the garment molded after the pattern of heaven, the robe of glory of the Master Mason - is not of the earth; for it tells of his spiritual growth, his deeper understanding, and his consecrated life.
The title for "YEAR ONE", from the trailer, reveals ONE of the most primary Blue and Gold situations, the Blue Sky and the Golden Sun.
We find Micheal Cera painted gold, becoming a Golden Boy, inside the Temple. Both words Temple and Golden Boy are actually used in the film for the scene being highlighted in this post..
Above is Cera as Oh painted gold in a building called the Temple. This building is clearly resonant of Solomon's Temple even having a Holy of Hollies as mentioned in the trailer.
Oh is at this point a human statue at a Roman orgy, being haled by one attendant "Golden Boy!".

So we have a Golden Boy at a Solomon's type Temple. Comparing this scene to the situation at the Legislative building is a breeze.
The Universe decides to practically insult all synchromystics by making it crazy overt as along comes actress Juno Temple, love interest of Golden Boy.
No Joke, she is called Juno Temple!
Juno Temple and Golden Boy inside the Temple.
The film is a June release, the month named after Juno.
19 of Juno to be exact, the birthday of sync Goddess Robin Tunney. In my latest post at The Blob we see how vividly Tunney resonates Juno.
Micheal Cera/Golden Boy spends a large chunk of "Year One" pursuing Juno Temple.
NOW we learn he impregnates Juno in "Juno".

Synchromystics will be without a job if this keeps up.

What will there be to point out when actresses and actors named Cosmic Consciousness and Self Realized Being star in movies called "I Am that I Am" or "The Eternal NOW is Here!"?


I am still reeling from the Michael Cera/Year One/Juno syncbomb that I experienced with Jake. I am glad you posted this Jake.

Not only did we see Year One with its Solomon's Temple, but we also hung out with Mr. Albo (The individual who has revealed the deep esoteric history and meaning of the Manitoba Legislature) the same evening at Bar I/Eye. Which it should be noted was mentioned in Jake's new Blob post of the same day - June 19th. A perfectly poetic day it was.

Since we saw Year One this sync has sunk in even deeper. Let me try to explain how.

It was this winter that I first started thinking about Juno, or the feminine side of Jupiter. It was actually while I was up North in Thompson, Manitoba that I was woken up to her presence.

I wrote about it at Centreportal in a post called Juniper Flow.

It was also the same time that Jake mentioned the presence of the number 1 in the alchemical symbol for Jupiter. I had already isolated the 4 and 2, but he saw the 1. The true ME/WE in action.

I saw this as both related at the time. For some reason the added 1 brought in the full balance of my perception of Jupiter, or King of the Gods/Planets.

At the time my hotel room in Thompson was number 214, which added to my focus on these numbers.

Now recently I have been thinking about numbers and letters alot. Especially the first 4 of the alphabet. 1A 2B 3C 4D.

Somewhere along the way my silly mind focused on 214.

214 spells BAD.

My first thought was this was interesting as the feminine side of divinity is often demonized or made to seem BAD. Juno is bad?

Anyways, around the time I was thinking of the word Bad and the numbers 1,2 & 4, a banner was posted here at the sync whole that had the poster for the film Into The Wild. In this film and in the real life story the Bus that the guy lived in and died was numbered 142.

Interestingly enough in modern civilization what is WILD is considered BAD. Nature is wild and often associated with the feminine. Perhaps one reason for the imbalances of humanity is that in order dominate Nature and everthing Wild we have demonized Juno, or the feminine side of ourselves.

If you can believe me, the emergence of 214/Bad in my head sent me thinking about the film Superbad.

This mental connections was but a blip of a thought. But what is exciting is that increasingly I am aware and present that no matter what thought arise within me, it is profound and a piece of the infinite puzzel we find ourselves in. I am not trying to sound arrogant, this is the same for everyone and every thought. The divine is always there in everything, it is all about how much we have awaken to see it. A process that clearly just keeps on going.

What is cool about Superbad is that it stars Michael Cera, who we now know is also the Golden Boy from Year One. The guy totally entwined with Juno.

He is also starring in the upcoming film Youth in Revolt.

Once again he is wearing a button that says "Be Bad" or as we know now, Be 214, Be Juno.
This film is thick with syncnificance. Youth is a word which probably has the same origins as the word the Juno. Both derived perhaps from the proto-european root word "yeu" which means "vital force." Hence the words Juvenile and Rejuvenate.

Also the word Revolt is telling as well. RE Volta.

The Voltage of the Sun God Re. Is the power of RE facilitated by Juno, our feminine side?

Youth in revolt are also Bad youth. Once again the demonization of Youth, Juno and the feminine.

This image of above is a of Juno and the Peacock.

If you read the Juniper Flow post you will notice the Peacock I took picture of at the local Zoo in Thompson. This was way before I even knew there was a myth about Juno and a Peacock.

Happy Juno Day



I'm sure Will(W77M) would have been all over this post like white on rice so, in honor of our Silent Shaman I will post a wonderful refresher video he did called Isis Incognito. Quite relevant to this entire post.

Michael Cera as golden boy with golden shorts and, therefore golden genitals(explained in above video.)Note Nike swoosh in there...

Michael Cera born June 7, 1988making him a Gemini as well. Kinda looks like a demonic chipmunk to me....

Heres some BAD videos highlighting these themes...

LL CooL J - I'm Bad "Mcs cant win I make em rust like tin, They call me jaws my hat is like a sharks fin"

And MJ(23) You know I'm Bad...

Ooooooo that's gotta hurt ;P

Coffee incident this afternoon at a friends place...


  1. whaaat. get the fudge out. Juno temple. the universe laughs at us and we laugh back...

    We are actively creating a reality in which there can be no denial for the synchnificance of the all; the pattern of meaning/meaning of pattern.

    Thanks for the invite guys. I've been crazy busy recently but best believe I got synchole material ready in the wings.

    great stuff

  2. BAD=214 Awesome.

    Bad=Good, no doubt.

    The trickster or dark aspect of Deity (Kali/Loki) is vital and 'secretly' excites us no end.

    Think of the type of scene where I woman has seduced a man and he dam well knows this and loves every moment.
    "You're a BAD girl!" he might say, never for one moment would we imagine he wants her to stop.

  3. Every thought emanates from the eternal and infinite perfection of Self.
    Learning this the 'inharmonious' thoughts are healed and brought to bay via the awareness of I Am.

  4. In Year One Micheal Cera pees/P's over himself.

    The Peacock/P-Cock or Penis Pees.

    Makes allot of sense that the P-Cock and Pee/P appears with such frequency in the sync web considering the Juno connect to this Blue Bird.

  5. Niiice.

    Man, this one really came together... ref'd in my Voice of Reason update...

  6. When you talk about 214 or reminds me of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy...42 as the answer to life the universe and everything...also, Lewis Carroll's rumored favorite number was 42, and he put a coded theme in his book "Through the Looking Glass..."

  7. bingo cosmic. welcome to the syncHole ;]

    I think my favorite article on the number 42 is probably The Tinman's Rainbow Lodge & the Gnosis of 42 from our boy Jim at the CentrePortal.

    but yeah, them 42's having been gettin all up in the syncHole lately... go figure

  8. Funny, Jake! The system will render our mechanisms redundant indeed. That bird you speak of rocked up in the UK CCs/KKs tasting quite AztastiK, no?!

    Nice, Jim. There's BG's all over the place.

    Kidd-Oh, MJ's seem 214 by default. I dropped an image of RUN DMC's Peter Piper 12 over at PRR. There's a cool line in that PP-PePPered rap classic. And it goes a little something like this:

    Tricks are for kids he plays much gigs
    He's a big bad wolf and you're the three pigs
    He's a big bad wolf in your neighborhood
    Not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good

    The song is an ode to Jam Master Jay.

    Eternally emanating eternity, G8 M8's

  9. I loved this post!

    "What is exciting is that increasingly I am aware and present that no matter what thought arise within me, it is profound and a piece of the infinite puzzel we find ourselves in. I am not trying to sound arrogant, this is the same for everyone and every thought. The divine is always there in everything, it is all about how much we have awaken to see it. A process that clearly just keeps on going."