Friday, June 5, 2009

Mr. Wolf with pUPpies.

This started off as a response to Jims Out of the Blue post and kind of evovled from there. This time I want to take a closer look at 'the Blue One' via the K9.

The Wolf huffed and he puffed and he Blue the house down...

While thinking about the Blew Wolf who resonates with the Air/Breath/Spirit a comment by Billie the Kidd made me think about the relevance of Santa and Rudolph, a Reindeer who has a bright Red Shiny Nose. Rudolph is known for landing on the Roof (Woof?) of houses so that Santa can climb down chimneys to deliver his gifts...

Jon Kidd regarding the name Rudolph: 'It is of Old German origin, and its meaning is "famous wolf".

Adam Sandler has appeared in relation to the Nose/Breath/Spirit in my post Udderly Potty.

The name 'Sandler' reminded me of 'Santa' and the (S)Antler, a Horn found on the head of the Wolf resonating Rudolph:

A Horn can also be Blown, or Bluen, reminding me of the Balloon from the movie UP. Above we see that the Horn is carrying Santler up into the sky.

We find the Blue sky highlighted in Little Nicky where Santler plays the Son/Sun of Satan/Santa whose best bud is the Horned Dog seen in this poster:

Santa was known as 'Old Saint Nic' which gives 'Little Nic' above further Satan Claws resonance.

So let's take a closer at the Horned Dog and the Blew Wolf...

Why is the Blue Dog Blue?

I don't know who did these 'Blue Dog' paintings but they seem to resonate quite nicely with recent Sync Whole themes:

White Dog + Red Eye = Spot ON

In Jims Out of the Blue post we saw that the movie 'The Shining' (and the word Shine) resonates with Zeus/Jupiter, the number 142 and much more.

Here we see Adam Santler and the Shiny Jack Nicholson coming 'Nose to Nose' while C-ing Red:

Jack Nicholson starred as the Why So Sirius? Joker in the Devil/Satan/Santa resonating Batman movie. We've seen that Batman is a 'Blue One' and when we combine the movies Aladdin and Wolf we arrive at the 'Blue Wolf' who falls in love with the Cat-woman Pfeiffer:

Before the Joker (Nicholson) shoots Bruce Wayne in Vicki Vale's apartment, he delivers the line 'Ever dance with the devil by the pale Moon light?'

In Aladdin we find 'the Blue One' in the form of Princess Jasmine who has a Tiger as a pet. Here we see the Cat lying beneath the Cracked Egg Fountain which houses the floWing Peacock in it's centre:

Above we see Jasmine and her Tiger looking up at the MooN (23) which is our local satellite which helps regulate the floW of our ocean tides and the natural currents within our bodies. The Moon is closely connected to the cycles of Time (think of the 12 Moonths in a year) and in myth/legend it's always the Moon which helps bring out the Were-Wolf/floW when the Time is right.

One of the games I often played as a kid was 'What's the Time Mr. Wolf' which we see here in this NoiseTTes cover:

Reminds me of this image I used in Raining Rainbows which focuses on Adam Santler and Willy Wonka the cDNAy man:

The Red Eye, the Red Nose and the Red Mouth (think of the Joker) all seem to be resonate with the same themes. We also see this with the Tiger/Cat and the Dog/Wolf who also seem to represent two sides, or Two-Faces, of the same coin. The Cat and Dog are REflections of one another:

Maybe the Time of the Catpeople is 2010, the Year of the Tiger - the Year in which we begin to find our floW. The Tiger might be Crouching but maybe it's ready to spring next Spring.

Above we looked at Robin Williams (the Blue Gene-ie) doing an imitation of the Blue Wolf Jack Nicholson. If we look at the company that Williams started up with his ex-wife we find a direct reference to the Blue Wolf:

So let's look closer at the Blue Wolf to see where else he appears. In Out of the Blue I was hit by a Bolt of inspiration while reading the lyrics to the song Mr. Blue Sky by E.L.O:



We're so pleased to be with you

Look around see what you do

Ev'rybody smiles at you

I recalled that Mr. Blue was a character in the Quentin Tarantino movie Reservoir Gods. Here we see the Dogs in the same dress code as the Blues Brothers (minus the hat):

When I think of a Reservoir I think of a vast expanse of Blue Water.

If the wolF and the floW are one and the same, it makes sense that the Blue Wolf would resonate with the Reservoir-Dog, or Water-Dog. The Moon, as I've already mentioned, helps regulate Water, Time and awakens the inner-K9.

In tarantions movie the Reservoir/Water Dog named Mr. Blue is played by the real-life heist-meister Edward Bunker:

I get the feeling that when Edward Bunker was on his crime spree in his younger years he really did go by the nickname Mr. Blue (something that Tarantino pays tribute to in his movie):

In Little Boy Blue we find drops of Blood (Blue Blood?) which resonates with the Red Eye/Nose/Mouth:

Mr. Blue also wrote Dog Eat Dog:

If we follow the scent of the Blue Dog we find that Edward Bunker starred alongside Harvey Keitel in the critically acclaimed Reservoir Dogs.

Keitel also starred in Pulp Fiction, another Tarantino flick, in the role of 'The Wolf':

In Pulp Fiction 'The Wolf' is called out to help John TraVOLTa and Sam Jackson clean up blood and brains splattered across their car. TraVOLTA has been the Blue Dog (electricity = Blue) in the movie Bolt and we've also seen him in Old Dogs beside Robin Williams - the owner of Blue Wolf Productions. Robin Williams was of course Aladdins Blue Gene-ie (mentioned earlier) who transforms into Jack Nicholson the Blue Wolf who likes to Shine.

Notice above that the Robin has the V/Horns/Antenna protruding from his head and then notice below that we see the same thing repeating on the head/hand of 'The Wolf' Harver Keitel:

In Little Nicky we find that Harvey Keitel is the father of Adam Santler who we saw earlier in relation to the Horned Dog.

If we get back to the Water/Reservoir connection we find that Little Nicky, the Son of Pan, resonates with the Blue/Gold which Jim has been focusing on recently:

Sandler, the Son of The Wolf/Pan, is a Water-Boy, or Reservoir-Boy, or Reservoir-Dog.

In The Longest Yard we find Adam Sandler starring alongside Edward Bunker - Mr. Blue from Reservoir Dogs. Notice that Adam holds the Vesica/Pig Skin and wears the Blue football shirt:

In this poster we see the HAND/DNA-H placed on the Vesica/PYG/GYP-skin with the Chain adding extra resonance with the theme of Blue Blood and Genetics:

23 is a key number in our DNA and we find the number highlighted beneath the letters AND (in the name sANDler) which when rearranged becomes DNA:

We also find sDNAler beside his buddy whose also connected to the number of the MooN:

The Waterboy is once again seen holding his favorite element in the image above and if we look at another Water Dog we find one in the form of Wolf-erine who is best mates with the Blue Beast/Pan/Devil:

So this kinda brings us back to the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf who Blue down their house. Here we see that the Swine Flu is also Blue, just like the Water-Dog Wolverine:

The Pig has a Pug Nose and when the Nose is highlighted it suggests that Gnosis can be found nearby. Here we see the Pinochio Nose of Steve Martin in Roxanne. It looks like Roxanne is inside the O of the Moon:

Steve Martin can be found connected to the (PP) Pink PANther (resonating Cat/Tiger) who we see doing the V/Antenna/Horned Hand:

Steve Martin resonates with Zeus/Jupiter/Pan, Roxanne, the Dolphin (or RuDolph-in the Red Nose Reindeer?) and the Blue floW:

Sheesh. That was long-winded but hopefully some of it made sense!

L8r G8rs


p.s. nearly forgot this one. Russell Brand in Adam Santlers 'Bedtime Stories' blowing his Horn:

Jim has pointed out that number 13 resonates with the One and here we find that Russell Brands number 13 on is his role as Mr. Wolf:

Number 15 is White Teeth reminding me of this NOSEttes song:

It's dinner time. Over and Out.

p.p.s Just saw the trailer for the movie '77. There's a lot of Moon action going on, a quick flash of the 42 and much more syncage.


Famous Wolf

"1936 Sergei Prokofiev was commissioned by the Central Children's Theatre in Moscow to write a new musical symphony for children. The intent was to cultivate "musical tastes in children from the first years of school". Intrigued by the invitation, Prokofiev completed Peter and the Wolf in just four days. The debut on 2 May 1936 was, in the composer's words, inauspicious at best: "[attendance] was poor and failed to attract much attention". He could scarcely have foreseen quite how successful his playful classic would become or how consistently it would delight and inspire children and adults of all ages for years to come"

* Bird : flute
* Duck : oboe
* Cat : clarinet
* Grandfather : bassoon
* Wolf : 3 horns
* Hunters : woodwind theme, with gunshots on timpani and bass drum
* Peter : string instruments

Note pug nose

Part 1/2

Part 2


Let us see. Blue Dogs. Hmmm...

Well I stumbled onto an interesting Disney Series called Air Buddies. It is a movie series based around the exploits of 5 Golden retriever puppies.

Five Gold Dogs that star in the series. As well they are pUPpies. The word PUP stands out at me as it has the word UP embedded in it, and here at the Whole we might be syncing, but our purpose is to go UP. This first film in the series, Air Buddies has the pUPpies as basketball players, otherwise known as worshippers of the Sacred Hoop of Life.

Next we have the film sNOW Buddies. The design is fittingly Blue & Gold.

Next we have Santa Buddies. This ties into Arrowsmith's work connecting Rudolph and the Wolf/dog. As Rudolph is a buddy of Santa just like these Golden pUPpies. Make note that this is a BLU-RAY Disc as well as a DVD. I will get to that angle later.

Finally we have the 2009 film Space Buddies.

Now Space Buddies is a step closer to us tying Dogs to Space and the Stars. That is cool in it's own right. But where this all ties into the Blue One is through the main character in the Air Buddies series and that is BUDDHA the Golden REtriever pUPpy.

Below is a fascinating interview with Buddha the dog.

"...and I have even meditated on the Moon." - Buddha the pUPpy.

So a Moon meditating Golden Dog named Buddha. That is cool. But where does the Blue come from? Well, from I understand an aspect of Buddha is the Medicine Buddha which is a Blue Buddha.

From a site on the web about Blue Buddha:

"Eternity, truth, devotion, faith, purity, chastity, peace, spiritual and intellectual life - these are some of the associations that appear in many different cultures. All express a general feeling that blue is the coolest, most detached and least material of all hues. The Virgin Mary and Christ are often shown wearing blue in Christian art, and it is the attribute of many sky gods including Amun in Egypt, the Sumerian Great Mother, the Greek Zeus (Jupiter to the Romans), the Hindu Indra, Vishnu and his blue-skinned incarnation, Krishna. In Buddhism both light and dark aspects of this mysterious color are important."

So we have space traveling dog named buddha. If he was a Blue Buddha then we could connect him to Jupiter amongst much more.

Well we have the Dalai Lama's support with this theory at least as we see him below holding a PIGskin Vesica Piscis and a Blue & Gold helmet for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

One last thing before I go watch the fourth season of WEEDS.

Tomorrow June 6th is D-Day.

D-Day is a day in which the Allies honour the landing of forces at Normandy that turned the tide for the Second World War.

D-Day is 2D day and since D is the 4th letter, D-Day is 42 day.

Guess what beach they landed on 65 years ago and returned to for the ceremonies this year?

JUNO beach in France! Jupiter Beach for Christ Sake. It is June, or Jupiter's month I guess.

One last thing to leave you with.

Think about it for a bit:

I was wondering why I kept seeing 43/34 and not the usual 42/24 that I often see. I think I know, at least for now.

24/42 is 2-D, as in 2 dimensional.

42 = 24 = 2D = DD

Well both buDDHa and buDDies have 2-D.

Therefore 3-D is then 34/43. It seems that as Movies move from 2-D to 3-D, or 24 to 34, that we ourselves are going from 3-D to 4-D.

We all shift UP a D it seems now.

Peace All



  1. Holy smokes. That was as tight a pattern as you can get trying to mash Santa Claus into Reservoir Dogs... well done!

    Just saw Travolta as mr Blue in the new Pelham 123 trailer a few hours ago; the resonance of that character imprint got me thinking about that actor some more. A friend and I were discussing him being a (unconvincing) hijacker again, like in Swordfish [alongside wolverine], and wondering about the seemingly unnecessary scene where Halle Berry is hanged. Since Halle did play Catwoman, I wonder if there is a significant role for the sacred fem in this pattern...

    anyways, keep up the awesome synchage guys. Lovin the blue and gold; seeing it in strange places these days.

  2. Wow I never say OMG.... But awww fuck it...OMFG!

  3. Speaking of unnecessary hangings, from Wikipedia, and I quote, "On June 4, 2009, Carradine was found dead in his room at the Swissotel Nai Lert Park Hotel on Wireless Road, near Sukhumvit, in central Bangkok, Thailand. A police official said Carradine was found hanging by a rope in the room's closet,[13][14] and the Bangkok Post reported that his body was found curled up in the wardrobe with a shoelace tied around his genitals and neck."

    Farewell, Grasshopper …

  4. Life dosen't move at 24 frames per second... I might have to take some time and update this little booger here soon.... Thankyou so much.

  5. What a way for Carradine to go. I loved his role as Bill and have vague memories of him as Grasshopper as a kid. With Steve Martins Pinnochio nose in Roxanne and this Grasshopper connection I can't help think of (JC) Jimminy Cricket.

    Awesome Pulp Fiction pic Toure. Great addition Jon. Peace all.

  6. awesome. will mash for sure later. peace.

  7. "Steve" (St. Eve?) links to the Blue Dog through Blue's Clues, a possible precursor to synchromysticism... (I believe you did a post which featured Blue's Clues a while back, Richard)

  8. Blue's Clues=BC=23=W. Gah!

    St. Eve Tin Ram, wouldn't EVE be VVV (666) if the E's were replaced with their roman numeral? If 666 is the number of our Sun, then you've got "Spirit of the Sun (Leo), Jupiter (Sagittarius) and Mars (Aries)..." All are ruled by Fire Signs!!! Holy crap, his "shadow" spirit is the Pink PANTHER in that one poster...

    There is definitely something uplifting about this whole thing, just that one rapid-fire burst of synchromystic thought managed to make me forget some troubles...

  9. Toure that Pulp Fiction picture was to perfect.

  10. yeah toure. wow. awesome java cups of blue and gold.

  11. i couldnt believe that pic when i found it. in my excitement, i tried to explain it to a friend who happened to be nearby, and he just stared blankly and nodded...

    My co-blogger described our research as the dancing frog (Michigan J Frog) from the Looney Tunes.

    I dig the 4D analysis... is 4D what we find on the other side of the synch hole? Maybe the fourth dimension is a state of mind -a way of seeing things- that is more attainable than one might think. The difference between 2D and 3D is essentially just a change in perspective, right?