Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hey mister...Whats in room 42?

Picture below - Egyptian False Door. Please note the space separation. This reminds me of what I heard EzRA mention in Steve's newest video. Refer to 6:22 for interesting Revelations.

They go on to mention that the space between the two strands(pillars, DNA) is just another strand. This thought reminds me of the post Adam and Eve Adam and Eve resonate the pillars in my mind.

Me and the Misses have a night time ritual we've been maintaining ever since getting a laptop. We put on a youtube playlist which nine times out of ten ends up being a Koast to Koast aM track list. I get most of my audio from THEDUDERINOK Anyways he uploaded a most righteous interview with author Robert Bauval, who wrote the book The Orion mystery and most recently, the Egypt Code. Nothing really surprising so far, except for the fact that He mentioned the number 42 which perked my attention. Room 42 on the first floor of the Egyptian museum contains artifacts from the Old Kingdom. Interesting to note that the first floor of the MuseuM contains 42 rooms.

Fast forward(or listen to the whole damn thing) to 9:10 and listen to the syncnificance of room 42.

So what is in room 42-42?

For starters it holds all(pan) the artifacts from the pyramid builders.

"The old kingdom represents an important phase in Egypt's political and cultural development..."

"...The works of CHEOPS, CHEPHREN, and MYCERINUS , the creators of the three pyramids at Giza represents the peak of achievements in the architectural field. A strong centralized government , as well as a divine kingship characterize this period , but towards the end of the period, central authority disintegrated and the country fell into a state of rapid decline."

Pyramid 1.)Khufu in Greek known as Χέωψ, Cheops

Pyramid 2.)Khafra or Khafre ancient egyptian Rachaf,Greek Χεφρήν, Chephren

Pyramid 3.)Menkaura or Men-Kau-Re; Mycerinus in Latin; Mykerinos in Greek

I have always found it most interesting to see the relationship between the Pyramids and the world trade center. I also find it most curious that the 'owners' of the Two larger pyramids have names that phonetically resonate Jakes connections of the 2K.

K2 = Khufu and Khafre

Please note that the Greek translations of these names, Khufu=Χέωψ and Khafra=Χεφρήν also begin with 'X'. The 2k's and 2X's point to 2000.

One more thing from room 42...

"*False Doors:

False doors played an important part in the architecture of old kingdom tombs. Erected in the chapel of the funerary cult. They functioned magically as actual doors through which the deceased could communicate with the world of the living and receive offerings and prayers necessary for his survival in the next world."

Hmmm? I say...Hmmm? indeed WatsoN...


  1. The new banner gave me brain bubbles.

  2. Yes, I think it's Jim's work?
    It's awetacular

  3. That header fliped my shit too....

    All I see these days are Pyramids and Palm Trees... Plus everytime I look at a clock it says 9:11 and not 11:11. I think I need to become obsessed with the twin towers having never gone down that route yet. Perhaps I have missed something.

  4. yes last night in a purple haze i could C the purple dino that jesus is.
    i am still giggling.

    42 and the pyramids! perfect. i got some new 42's to download as well.

    i really really really want to visit the pyramids you know.

    peace bros

  5. Classic header... Made me laugh, so did the birthday cake. I was just thinking about Barney earlier, too. One of those random dream-generated thought patterns...

    Got a nasty callus on my finger from playing guitar, it resembles the red eye of Jupiter...

  6. I just noticed the color scheme is now entirely Barney-based... lmao

  7. In the Egyptian belief there were 42 doors to the underworld. I guess you already knew that.

  8. No...no I didn't. So we got a Triple 42 fractal. Or should I say a 42 Trinity?