Sunday, June 7, 2009

7 (mashed)

Here then a 'dead post' salvaged from ruin in the depths of "The Blob's" belly.
Parts of me want to finish it, parts of me want it far away so I can concentrate on what is exciting me right NOW.
Guess the 'away' part WON.
A feather floats through the Air - element of the Age of Aquarius (dawning of KKonsciousness) - and touches down gently against the right Nike runner of Tom Hanks as "Forrest Gump".
The Greek Winged Goddess Nike (Victory) can be seen above in the 3rd century B.C. sculpture
Nike of Samothrace.
Having a feather touch a shoe bearing her name resonates soundly profoundly .
The angle of the "Gump" shot above shows two red Nike Swooshes. The Swooshes resemble the number 7, the letter L and the Tick/Correct/Check/Yes mark. Two red swooshes/checks or 77.

77=Pan=OZ (ViA Gematria). PAN to me is the Whole or Totality.

NIKE is also ENKI Sumerian God associated in esoteric circles with the Gods who came to Earth and tampered with our DNA.

This becomes silly when we note Arrowsmith's recent observation that dna=pan (the d rotating and letters rearranged).

Some more traditional consensus type wiki facts:
Considered the master shaper of the world, god of wisdom and of all magic, Enki was characterized as the lord of the Abzu (Apsu in Akkadian, perhaps equivalent of Greek abýssos, English "abyss"), the freshwater sea or groundwater located within the earth.
Enki was considered a god of life and replenishment, and was often depicted with two streams of water emanating from his shoulders, one the Tigris, the other the Euphrates.

In Sumerian astronomy, Enki also represented the planet Mercury
The NIKE/ENKI connect starts making sense if WE consider the Mercury resonance of ENKI.

Above is an Alex Ross painting of the old school Flash, clearly Mercury...

At this point I must interupt myself and attempt to convey some of the wonderful mystery involved in being a sync blogger.
Since starting this post, just adding bits and pieces over a period of weeks (some posts ebb, some floW (this MoFo ebbed big time)), William a.k.a A Few Shots To Shaman did a post covering similar themes. He goes into the syncnificance of 7 as L, 77 as Pan and OZ, focusing on Lamed the Hebrew letter for L. Of particular syncnificance to this post is his observations that Lamed resonates Lightning. He even uses the same Alex Ross image above.


The ancient alchemist had a long history of cryptology.... For multiple reasons including to conceal their art.

Lamed is the L of the Hebrew Alpha-Beth.
In the slight majority of the Codes shown above Lamed is represented as a lightning bolt.
See When Lamed Strikes Twice

What I was trying to get at myself in the work above is that NIKE, ENKI, Mercury and Flash resonate each other very loudly, all being strongly interrelated through a combination of Wings, Speed or the Wave/Zig Zag/Lightning Bolt.
  • Nike is the winged Goddess, while the feather touches "Forrest Gump's" Nike runner displaying the red double swooshes or 7's.
  • Enki is the anagram for Nike while he is often depicted with the Wave/Water emanating. The Wave form Zig Zags and resonates energy symbols like Lightning. I believe there is a caduceus connect present with Enki, which would sync with Mercury and Wings, but I can't verify that right now.
  • Mercury, the speedy messenger, has Wings on his feet and helm plus the Winged caduceus. Mercury is the son of Jupiter/Zeus/Eagle (thus also Wings), the god who wields Lighting Bolts.
  • Flash has the Lighting and Wings on his feet and helm.
If we take WiLLiams 7/L as Lightning Bolt resonator WE find a common thread to all these Gods at least in the context of this post..

It seems extremely susynct that I would try and tie all these gods together, while writing about 7/L, putting it off time and again, until WiLLiam provides a key in his own 7/L type post.

That was how far I got with the post..

The original purpose for that posts creation was never even reached, maybe this will surface again in some other form.

As it stands its just a collection of things we can do with seven and a mish-mash of interrelated god types.

Here is another thing we can do with 7, spotted yesterday in "How I Met Your Mother S4 E7 (7 nice..) Not A Fathers Day"
An unknown (to me, any ideas?) stained glass biblical figure with a Red Eye/I Halo looks on as Neal Patrick Harris prays.

The scarlet cloaked, bearded man holds what looks to be an L/7 shaped square. This is particularly fascinating if we consider the recently mentioned fact that G is the 7th letter of the alphabet.
The Masonic compass and square design in its typically blue and gold coloring with the central G/7 and square. Both Square and G resonate 7 thus having a veiled 77 in the design.

Maybe this means or stained glass fellow above is Jesus as the Bible often mentions Christ in the context of a cornerstone the builders rejected that later becomes the head of the corner.

"Jesus saith unto them, Did ye never read in the
scriptures, The stone which the builders rejected, the same
is become the head of the corner: this is the Lord's doing,
and it is marvellous in our eyes?"
Matthew 21:42, KJV

Keeping in the Masonic flavor of things WE note that the Tubalcain (Two Ball Cane) symbol also resonates the 7.
Perhaps the scarlet stained glass figure is Tubalcain, he is holding a Cane..
Tubalcain in "How I Met Your Mother", surely not?!
Just got back from a walk after posting the above.
Walked past 7/11. We have already seen how this is the ratio of the great pyramid or half pi and also how the curved red strip or Red C highlights the green letters EVE.
Here is a crop so you can better see what I want to highlight. The 7/11 has strange attracted the G and the lightning bolt, all elements already strongly associated in the text above.

The lightning bolt points at the letter P highlighting the Pee in Slurpee.

Tom Hanks, seen above as "Forrest Gump", has a peculiar sync pattern of appearing on screen in situations highlighting peeing.

P is the 16 letter of the alphabet, 1+6=7.
PP is 16+16=32
I also took this photo because of the word Strawberry, a plant which has been following me around.

When I sat down to read my email, after the walk, Jim had sent this during the time I was away outside:

"tonight is known as the Strawberry Full Moon by indigenous people
or the Rose Moon

Rose is also the flower of June/Juno

LL/77 and the Lamb. C below P behind...


Well we have been stationary at 24 followers of late. The 24 is just another arrow to 12 or L.
24 is actually L + L/12 +12. The 24th hour is Midnight.

The crossover time of LL.

L has been coming up much lately. My first movie sync came when I saw the Land of the Lost poster. This was right after reading A Few Shot for a Shaman's post on L. Moments later everything he said was confirmed with this poster. Check it out.

First of all this alien world that wiLL ferreLL has used quantum physics to travel to has a purple sky with three moons. The Purple Jesus is strong in this land where all time and all dimensions come together.

What got my attention was that the name wiLL ferreLL is loaded with double L action. Even the name of the film is an LL - Land of the Lost. So is the dragon energy strong as this land is all about dinosaurs and reptillians. This all after reading Shaman's post.

That is how the gnosis works. Power sync confirmations, the most powerful one's being those shared with others. They are coming faster and more furious it seems.

This tells me Midnight is upon us.

El = LL = 1212 = 2112 = 2121 = 1221 = ABBA = Father

Also, 12 + 12 = 24, 21 + 21 = 42, 12 + 21 = 33 etc....

Increasingly I feel like I am looking at a geometric shape with infinite sides.

Anyways, back to L.

Jake and I went and saw Land of the Lost last Friday.

This movie experience was loaded with syncs as he can attest. But what isn't these days?

Anyways there is this whole scene in the desert where Will and troupe are hanging around a swimming POOL drinking a hallucinagenic plant. The scene is framed by a large Motel sign buried by sand. The word EL hangs around the aura's of the characters throughout the whole scene. The sun is also present as it rises behind them. In this still from the trailer below you can also see the opened starG8 umbrella.

The real L sync I wanted to add is not the Land of the Lost one, but rather what seems like an obvious one considering everything we have been weaving here at the synch whole.

Our legs are L's. 2 L's actually. The leg is the vertical line, and the foot is the horizontal line.

So L is connected to LEGS therefore also the LEGislature (Manitoba). Perhaps the Manitoba LEGislature is like a big clock whose hANDs are about to strike midnight. L is therefore also connected to EGL/Eagle, or Zeus/Jupiter.

Two Legs that allow us to walk and move around, just like the God/El that made us.

L8er G8ors



  1. as well as cats and dogs behind the g-force sign.
    raining cats and dogs no less.

    i even think that looks like a blue dog hanging on to
    a red letter C.

    as well the whole photo and sign is framed by an ELM Tree.

    or should I say L-M Tree.


  2. That's funny Jim.

    This whole lot happened on Academy which is crossed by ELM street.
    I was thinking about the word ELM as MEL (Gibson) during the walk.

  3. "Enki's emblem was two serpents [twin human DNA] entwined on a staff - the basis forthe winged casuceussybol used by modern western medicine and the rod of Hermes" from, My opinion on the red cloth on the shoulders man in the window with the staff. It's "Jesus" in his form of "tender of sheep" - the rod is a shepherd's staff.

  4. Meant to post the above earlier but also walked away. "77" is "GG," somehow related to "HH" and Enki: and yeah, ur post fit perfectly. U bring me Good Luck, Thanks, J. - "PegCarter"

  5. Digging the Bible stuff Jake.

    WillIAM Morgan Freeman told me not to turn my back on my religious upbringing. Glad he did cause I feel we're gonna crack the bible egg too.

    Exciting knowing that we don't have to phase out old info.... just fuse it into the NOW.

  6. LL = twin pillars (legs)?

    I didn't have a religious upbringing so the bible stuff has a bit of a negative vibe for me, but if it brings gnosis to others more power to 'em.

  7. I'm really enjoying reading yours and other's blogs on these themes, but I have to confess I'm still unclear on how PAN=77? And can you explain more precisely what OZ signifies, that is, how do you conceptualise it in terms of human experience? Ta.

  8. Of course LL eauals Leg Leg.... How could I be so blind... Even Allah is Arm Leg Leg Arm Head!

    Plus I've been thinking about SaLLy Feilds... She's Tom Hank's mom and Natalie Portalman's as well.... She's also Robin WiLLiams ex-wife... Plus Jake, if you continue with Forrest Gump Sally is wearing feather earrings.... If I remember that correctly.

  9. The LL brought to mind a movie which played on TV lately called 'Boogeyman' (or Bogey-man!) which starred (LL) Lucy Lawless.

    While reading I was also reminded of the bingo term 'Legs Eleven'. Seems to resonate with the 7/11 sign that Jake mentions from his walk.

    On the topic of Bingo check out this video for Foxy Bingo to see Lightning John TraVOLTa, the Red Nose/Ball, and the Fox all merging together.

    Eggcellent post Jake/Jim. Cracking stuff!

  10. Anthony - Google says: "Liber OZ" (or more properly "Book 77") is a single page "book" by Aleister Crowley.

    ON is another name for Osiris and the N can rotate to become Z. Pan and Osiris are essentially the same character/being. They pretty much represent the Sun itself, think Sol-Om-"On". Oz is also the term for "ounces" of Gold, which has an alchemical symbol closely resembling the symbol of the Sun in Astrology. It can also represent the Heart, the astrological sign "Leo" (the K in K2, the connection between two hearts, the stargate). The freemasonic twin pillars feature Orion (Osiris) over the Moon pillar, but the Masons are known to secretly switch the meanings of the two pillars in their rituals (the pyramids at Giza are aligned to the three stars of Orion's Belt). Just think of Pan-Osiris as "Time" (otherwise known as El) or even Infinite Time and Isis as "Space" or Infinite Space, in their respective "god" forms.

    Someone please correct me if I'm wrong as this info has been stagnating in the back of my mind for a pretty long time now.

    When thinking of Synchromysticism, I am reminded of seeing a Pizza Hut (pizza=edible octagon/8 rayed black/chaos star) commercial where the "Panormous" pizza is advertised. Pan is obvious, Ormus is another name for Monatomic Gold.

  11. I am the guy who made the G-force sign for 7-Eleven Canada. What exactly are you saying about it? That there is some occultic or new age symbolism to it? Please clarify so I can respond accordingly.