Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dog Breath

This is a follow up to Mr. Wolf with pUPpies where Jim finished off his additions with this image:

In the movie Napoleon we find the Golden pUPpy once again flying high into the Blue sky. The pUP wears a Red Ribon and is accompanied by a Penguin, an OZtralian Koala and a Red-breasted paRRot:

Notice above that the 4 white strings connecting the basket to the Rainbow Balloons form a Pyramid which highlight the letters POLE of 'NaPOLEon'. This resonates with Polaris the North Star, but it's also linked to another syncnificant Star.

I've tried to restrain myself from harping on about Sirius but to interpret this sync I'm going to have to turn once again to the Blue/Black Dog-Star.

Archaeo-Astrologer Walter Cruttenden believes that Sirius is our binary companion and is responsible for the cycles of Time and the 'Great Year' aka The Precession of the Equinox. The Precession is caused by the Earths wobble and Cruttenden believes that this tilt is a result of our motion around our partnering star. Although there's no conclusive evidence to back this up (yet) Sirius is the likeliest candidate for causing the Poles of the Earth to change orientation.

If we turn to the movie Beethoven we find that the Dog is connected to the Red I, or Red Eye, and the pUPpies. If we join the imaginary lines of this Red Carpet we'd find that the Nose of Beethoven is located at the apex of this Red Pyramid:

I was watching TV this afternoon and the original Beethoven movie was playing (for what feels like the 100th time). I've never watched the whole film but I happened to catch a scene where Beethoven had been fenced in due to his bad behaviour and was trying desperately to dig his way out. The camera pans from a shot of his Paws digging at the dirt to a hedge at the side of his enclosure. On that hedge, I kid you not, was a huge sculpture of a Nose. Just a human Nose sticking out...nothing else. Strange!

So feeling like this sync was leading somewhere I continued watching and the very next scene we're taken to the fathers workplace. Above the head of the father, who was sat behind his desk speaking to David Duchovny (FOX Mulder), there again was the giant Nose. It seemed to be the symbol for his company. A week ago this sync wouldn't have meant anything, but now I know the Nose is linked to Gnosis - knowledge of spiritual matters; mystical knowledge - this Nose reference didn't seem odd at all.

So I found the Dog Beethoven connected to Spiritual Truth and the deeper wisdom of the Gnostics. I've often thought that as our twin Sun (Sirius) moves closer to Earth we begin to awaken to knowledge and wisdom which has long been forgotten. As Sirius moves away from us in it's binary orbit mankind begins to forget, to regress, and ultimately we lose track of our role in this Universe. As Sirius swings back around and begins moving closer to Earth this process begins to reverse. We begin to awakening to the finer forces of the Nature. We begin to remember and like someone who has just blown their Nose, the nasal passages of Spirit become now unblocked. There's nothing to inhibit the floW of KKonsciousness and as a result we begin to inhale the sweet scent of the Divine. It's like those smelling salts that doctors use to snap someone out of their unconscious state. That's the theory anyhoo.

So getting back to the Dog we find that actor Gary Oldman has also payed the role of Beethoven in the movie Immortal Beloved:

Gary Oldman, or the G.Oldman, might resonate with Beethoven the Dog but he's also been Sirius Black in the Harry Potter movies. Oldman has been one of my key Sirius actors right from the very beginning of my journey into synchronicity.

Jim mentioned in the Mr. Wolf post that the Space Dog is connected to this sync-web. In this childrens book we see that Sirius is a Space Dog who is 'man-kinds closest companion - on our world and in distant times and places':

Notice above that this Sirius Space Dog above is also connected to the name 'Potter' (think Harry whose Godfather is the G.Oldman/Beethoven/Sirius).

In Mr. Wolf with pUPpies Jim points out that the Space Buddies resonate Blue and Gold. We see that the Blue Sun shining behind the title is connected to our Blue binary Buddy/Companion (Sirius) which may help us become One with our inner-Buddha:

In this next movie we find the Black Dog (Sirius Black) sat right on top of the North POLE and in the title we see that the Red I/Eye (albeit reversed) is connected to the Paw Print of the Dog:

Let's recall that the Red Eye of Shiva is really the Red Eye of Sirius. In Hinduism Shiva (the Blue One) and Sirius (the Blue Star) are interchangeable with one another. Could Shiva/Sirius be responsible for the wobble of the Earths poles? Could it awaken the Dog/God within?

In the past the Dog may have Gone (Dog-Gone) as it moved away from our Sun (plunging us gradually into a Dark Age of ignorance) but fortunately for us it seems to be coming back which is why we are beginning to ascend once again, just like the pUP:

The Beethoven/Nose connection (mentioned earlier) makes sense when we consider that the Universe ebs and flows just like the rhythm of the breath. When we breath in we are pulling Spirit towards us - we are absorbing and moving closer to Source. Symbolically this is when Sirius is moving in our direction. As we breath out through our Nostrils we release Spirit - we disconnect/distance ourselves from Source. This is symbolic of Sirius moving away from our Solar System. We become distanced from Gnosis. This process has been happening for Dog knows how long. It's not that the lack of Gnosis is wrong or bad or the work of the Devil. It's a natural cycle/rhythm that keeps the cosmic symphony of life floWing.

I feel optimistic about our future because I believe we are currently in the process of inhaling Spirit and as a result we're climbing UP to higher dimensions of thought and imagination. This is being reflected in the rapid evolution of our technology and we can see it here on a personal level by the rapid evolution of Synchronicites which seem to speeding up as we draw more Spirit into our Sync Whole/Nose Wholes. The more Air we inhale, the more we connect with our serious Buddie and the more we align with the Gold/Blue Buddha:

As the pUP is REborn the Collective Egg is beginning to break. The nasal passages are being opened so that we can inhale and integrate more Spirit than we where able to in the past. It's the 'Big Break' in Life that we've all been waiting for:

The Big Break is helping a crack open our fragile Eggo. As the light spills in, bringing Illumination to the Dark Age which is now coming to an end, we see that the G.Oldman begins to stand up/awaken. Notice that the G.Old Beethoven stands with his arm open just like Christ:

As the light shines through the hole in the Egg we are REborn and free to hatch from our Chrysallis which housed us during this transitional period. With new Wings of Gold we can now fly Up nto the Blue:

In the childrens tale it's the Wolf who helps Blow/Blue down the the Pigs houses. The arrival of the Big Bad Wolf (star) helps break down the Walls so that the Pig can breathe in Spirit in through the Gnostrils of Gnosis:


  1. I see blue spirit palms behind in the Big Break poster.

    Goldman was also taliking about Beethoven in The Professional right before killing Natalie Portalman's dad.... Anyway, happily waiting the second star with ya, brother.

  2. in total sync with you guys, without stopping by I read about the nose of the sphinx and see anna to the infinitive power at 2.24:
    light block and nazi themes...
    All the best

  3. so close... woof woof.

    peace bros


  4. Will, I also recall that sync in Leon where Oldman mentions Beethoven. I'm pretty sure he even spreads his arms out wide (ala the Immortal Beloved Christ pose) while he mentions it.