Thursday, June 4, 2009

Galactic Center Temple Strange Attraction (Mashed)

Some Photos of stuff that entrains with the Winnipeg Legislature (Peg Leg) as Solomon's Temple, Earthly Galactic Center and such..

See Galactic Centre Temple for more syncs about the building.

A Polaris brand light overlooking the rotunda and the Blazing Black Star.
This area is the central axis of the building just as Polaris is the star that crowns the pole of Earth.
The Golden number 211 (1111) Blue Bird school bus parked outside...

See SpiriT of The Blue Bird for more on this sync theme.

Frank Albo believes this war chest is a thinly veiled representation of the Ark of The Covenant. It sits above the Blue/Gold room and like the Ark is flanked by two plumed folks.

Synchromystics would see it as an Ark resonator regardless of the sculptors intent.

See Frank's Masonic Parlante for details about building as Solomon's Temple and the Ark.
A truck that reads ARAMARK, bears a anthropomorphic red pentagram and is numbered 24349 stands near the Ark.



There are many peculiar pieces of art and design throughout the Manitoba Legislature that reveal much to its purpose. A few that can be noted here, is this BOWL that is found in the Holy of Holies, or Blue & Gold room. The Great Pyramids of Giza are carved on it, of course with PALM Trees carved as well.

Below is a statue of General James Wolfe that is on the West side of the building. General James Wolfe was a mason and is known for his role in the British defeating the French. The historical James Wolfe does little for me, instead I see his presence as a clear reminder of the teachings of the Wolf.

Which is to be humble and to floW with what comes your way.

Is not the Wolverine's name James?

Here is a great GOLDEN BOWL with two twin PAN like fellows. If someone knows who they are please let me know.

Of course we have the infamous Moses statue in the actual chamber and this Moses is special as he has two horns. Supposedly old statues of Moses had him horned and that horns should not be seen as "evil" but rather as a form of spiritual antennas.

In my internet travels I have spotted some great images that reveal much about the Manitoba Legislature and what it points to.

I like this ad for something called Vision Winnipeg. I like the colour scheme first of all, because it has our Blue & Gold theme once again. The Golden Boy who stands on his PEG LEG and the LEGislature itself is blue. The whole things sounds like a shamanic excercise. The orange border is nice, as orange is the Complementary Colour to Blue and it is also the colour of a Tiger. 2010 being the Year of the Tiger.

I have always felt the job is to imagine how far our imagination can take us.

Now this image below is an ad for the 1999 PAN American games that where held in Winnipeg. the temple firgures prominenantly in the ad campaign.

This last photo is my favorite Galactic Centre Attractor image. The thousands of youth that gather in the shadow of the temple and smoke MariJuana (MJ = 23). They do it on Jupiter day - 4/20. Notice the 8 ray MariJuana leaf that resonates the 8 ray Pool of the Black Star inside the Leg.


  1. One letter moved, one space added shows "Rama Ark". Getting dizzy... In that first pic of the truck, 11 11 pillars are seen above it.

  2. When I was in Winnipeg last summer I noticed allot of older architecture in the down town core. Almost like Winnipeg is part ghost town. I've heard Detroit is kinda like that too. Empty car shells and empty buildings everywhere...

    I was really disappointed I didn't get to explore more of that old city. But around that time ... Before going to that city I had a dream where a group of us went on a synchro tour, with Jake as tour guide. He was like a curator to the whole city.

  3. The entraining is in full floW. I'm going to look closer at the Feathered Head-dress/Antenna/Horn relationship in my next BDS post and here it is mentioned in relation to the PEG LEG, Pan, Wolves and all the rest.

    Well spotted Tommy. I totally missed the reference to the Chariot/Ark of Rama.

    Check out God's Tears over at James Ratte's new blog for more on the Golden Boy who stands at the top of the LEG/Pillar. Seems to resonate nicely with Jims recent alien dream.

  4. A Horn in Hebrew = QRN
    The Crown = KThR

    I assume QRN has morphed into Crown, which opens a few connexions

    434 = DLTh - a door


  5. as for the two Pans, I'm reminded of Pan and his son/father/twin-brother Aegipan...