Saturday, June 6, 2009

Return of the Nose

Return of the gNOSEs.

This video was made over a month ago with children from the rural Manitoban town of Grosse Isle (Big Eyeland).

They came up with it all themselves and I thought it was quite rich in syncs and resonance of the times we are in.

Now that Arrowsmith has dropped his Udderly Potty post over at Blackdogstar, it seems fitting to post this little video now.

So here is Return of the Nose...


  1. Those girls are getting good at what they do. Right on Jimmy!

  2. You helped create a great vid once again Jim!

    I've been wanting to write about the Anubis/Sphinx connection for a while now but keep getting sidetracked. To cut a long story short the author Robert Temple (writer of The Sirius Mystery - in my eyes an amazing book) has claimed that the Sphinx wasn't based on a Cat/Lion afterall, but was in fact a statue of Anubis, the Dog/Jackal headed God, who was the guardian of the Pyramids. Temple went into great detail about this in The Sirius Mystery and has gone into even greater detail in his new book The Sphinx Mystery. Check out the cover to see an illustration of this Anubix/Sphinx connection.

    Robert Temple is an incredible author so I'm eager to read his latest book to see what new evidence he's uncovered. In The Sirius Mystery he made it quite clear that the Egyptians symbolized the Dog-Star Sirius in the form of the Dog of the Underworld Anubis (and Osiris, Isis and Horus for that matter).

    The Egyptians, like the Dogon tribe in Mali, Africa, believed that when our soul passes over it returns to Sirius (Anubis/Osiris) from whence it originally came which is why both cultures placed it at the very heart of their calendar, religion and life itself.

    The Dogon knew that Sirius has two binary companion long before modern day astronomers did and they also knew that Jupiter had 4 major satellites even though this should have been impossible. They claimed they where taught this info by beings who descended from Sirius so who Gnose? Anythings possible I suppose.