Wednesday, June 10, 2009

C-Ing Arrows

Here curved/C-Shaped/Crescent Arrow theme.

Red C Arrow (above and below) in "Land Of The Lost" beneath the triple crescent moons.

This is a land beyond time and the StarG8

See C-Ing Red
Red C Arrow (below) in trailer for upcoming "The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard".

Funny spotting both these on last Friday.. 2 Curved Red Arrows in one day.

Its pointing at a stewardess on an airplane.
Another one, this time a Black Curved Arrow, noted today in "Across The Universe".

See Black Arrow
This one pointing at Evan Rachel Wood.
Seconds later the Black Arrow has been replaced by the heavens.
The Arrow points at the location of the opening HeavensG8/StarG8.

Here are some 'real life' Crescent Arrows spotted around Winnipeg 2day after work.
A white one inside a G of GO2 Cola. G is also 7 (El/L).
Subways S and Y have curved arrows..
This ones very cool. Two Red Crescent C Arrows, circling the blue logo "OMG" of a Winnipeg recycling bin advertising group. Not sure what it stands for but popularly OMG is "Oh My God!".
Yip there, everywhere.. This is the blue Windows Shortcut signifier.
Firefox's blue Refresh.

Mr. Smith: I've been C-ing Arrows as well, this one in the form of the Moon Goddess Artemis:

Reminds me of the Arrow/Moon combo in the Land of the Lost image:

The Arrow fired from the Rain-Bow hits the Pot of G:


  1. Damn.... I got some for this.. To bad i gotta go!

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