Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Purple people Eaters - I Love You, You Love Me...

This is in response to Jim's Purple banner.

This is an image I stumbled when Googling the words "Strawberry Christ" on a 'non Barney' related matter and then hitting images.
I'll explain my Strawberry sync later, when I understand it better. Already tried explaining that to Jim's wife (nice moment), I'm not quite there yet I'm afraid...


The Magical Striped Egg and the Rainbow Star leading to the Purple Heavens! 

Oh, yeah and in the right bottom corner it says DVD, or 4 22 4, 42 and 42. 


  1. You the purple monster is a Gosporn theme, being that it represents the One eye Purple Monster, to illustrate further if you weren't aware, it's purple because the blood flow; kinda like when a guys says he's got blue balls.

    that's what I see when I look at the banner

  2. Well that puts a new spin on the PPE movie poster. Its jizzing musical notes!

    Was thinking about
    Barny Rubble - which turned into -
    Cheeseburger rubble -
    'G'rimace the Oblong 'G'rape -
    which eventually turned into Bam Bam -
    Wifes ends up watching show about the worlds strongest toddler - BAM BAM 21 13 21 13.