Thursday, June 25, 2009

Passing of PoP (version 2.5.2)


I of the tigger

I know this vid was already posted, but in Light of Micheal Jackson's untimely (timely?) death today, and recent revelations made here concerning the synchnificance of subway trains and BAD214, the experience of watching this was just that much more powerful...

EDIT: As my awareness of the pattern has developed, I have really tried to steer clear of numerology -as one of this blog's researchers stated, you can attach numerical meaning to anything- but on some occasions it's pretty hard to deny. The 7 minute length of the above video was winkin at me heavy as I posted this, I just didn't know it yet.

"'Bad' was a 1987 hit recording by Michael Jackson. The song was the second of five (2 & 5) Billboard Hot 100 number-one hit singles from the album Bad, and was his seventh number-one single overall.[1]"

"Bad" was released as a single on September 7th, 1987 (7th day of the 9th month). The album Bad was MJ's 7th studio album. Matter of fact, before he died, Micheal's as yet unreleased album was being recorded under the cryptic working title "7even" (with the number 7 representing an S rather than the V like the film Se7en). Just gettin warmed up...

The artwork might be fake, and the album title might've changed, but that seems irrelevant now. A quick google search combining Micheal's name and the number "7" didn't return much, but the first result under the news was a youtube link for "Scream", his duet with Janet Jackson. Once again, I was called by the Voice of the pattern, screaming at the top of it's lungs for my attention.

Y so many guitars? and where is that ramp going?

"Scream" still holds the title for most expensive video ever made, costing $7 million. In the video, MJ is seen paddle-balling in a shirt with a big "7" on the front.

The shirt is most likely a reference to the fact the Jackson was the seventh of nine children (7 of 9[?]), but knowing Mike, who knows. Both Bad and Thriller produced seven number-one singles ("Thriller" was the 7th), and Thriller (9 tracks, 7 singles) was re-released as Thriller 25.

Outside of the fact that 2+5=7, 25 is significant as the date of Jackson's death (Juno 25), a date he shares with Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes (died April 25th), Aaliyah (died August 25th) and the Voice himself, James Brown (died December 25th). On March 25th, 1983, Micheal Jackson became a household name worldwide during his performance at Motown 25, in which he unveiled his now-infamous moonwalk. That August, Micheal turned 25 (born 1958 [1+9+5+8=23]). The following year, Micheal swept the Grammy Awards with 7 wins for Thriller. Well, eight, if you count the award he won for the song he contributed to the soundtrack for E.T.-The Extra Terrestrial entitled "Someone in the Dark" (E = 5, T = 20 [whatup Will]).

a C of light

seven lights; again, looking too hard perhaps?


My last post on The Voice, and recent viewing of the film Notorious (analysis forthcoming), has been pushing me towards the musical aspect of the Voice; the music of Soul, of SpiriT. The Negotiator is but one aspect of the greater power of 3rd ear gnosis and it's visible[!] effects on the strange times in which we Now Flow.

"Are you a good guy trying to be bad,
or a bad guy trying to be good?"

-Faith Evans, asked to Christopher "B.I.G." Wallace in Notorious

We are awakening, C'ing the I, speaking truth to the Voice, reflecting the active evolving spiriT pattern...


I was just reading an article about the death of the Moonwalker when I noticed this phrase
and some peculiar numbers in it.

"An unidentified man called a 911 emergency phone line from the mansion at 12:21 p.m. local time, saying Jackson was unconscious and not breathing"

911 and 1221 all in one sentence. 1221 of course reads as ABBA and points us to the Heavenly Father, among other things, and 911 points us the opening of emergency starG8 door in 2001.

Richard: I recall watching a documentary about Michael Jackson and his infatuation with plastic surgery. The researcher stated that MJ became obsessed with the singer Diana Ross and wanted to mirror her image by reducing his own nose. Diana Ross, and therefore MJ, both entrain with the color Blue:

Toure mentions in his update that 25 and 7 are key numbers in the late singers life.

In the comic book 52 (which is priced $2.50) we see the Cross in the negative space between the two numbers in the title:

Notice above that the Cross is also found in the shape of the Sword.

Toure said: Matter of fact, before he died, Michael's as yet unreleased album was being recorded under the cryptic working title "7even" (with the number 7 representing an S rather than the V like the film Se7en).

The Sword/Cross in the image above pierces the S/7 on the red Superman cape.

In the first Transformers movie (starring Shi(v)a LeBeouf) we find John Turturro (the Purple Jesus) wearing the 'S7' on his Superman T-Shirt:

Combine the 52 cover with this Transformers image and we see that the Sword/Cross/25 points towards the Heart of the Purple Jesus. Michael Jacksons death has helped open the Hearts of millions of people and it'll be interesting to see how these ripples of Love affect future events. I feel a Summer of Love coming on...


  1. Sent an email to Jim about the new 'spot' developing on Jupiter. First reported on june 18... I think. Anyways, He said, "Storm there means something going on here for sure."

    Good reflection Toure.

  2. Jackson moved himself and his children to Bahrain...

    The Kingdom of Bahrain (Arabic: مملكة البحرين‎, Mamlakat al-Baḥrayn, literally: Kingdom of the Two Seas)

  3. Was just sent this via facebook; James Brown passed on Dec 25th, Aaliyah passed on Aug 25th, Lisa "LeftEye" Lopez passed April 25th & Michael Jackson on June 25th.

    Good point about Bahrain, Jon. 2c's, ba rain

  4. king of pop is dead. mom is here.

    the charlie angel and king michaEL are dead.

    is this a pointer to the archangel michael?

  5. WoW, thinking unrelated today about the phrase ET being E=5 and T=20.... 25. Then I thought that the 25th letter of course is Y!

    Don't forget Micheal Jackson=MJ or 23.

    Lots of changes right now.

    The Tao is rising.

    Love and Thanks


  6. Couldn't have said it better Toure!

    Agreed Will. I've been smelling the change in the air and seeing it first hand in my own life recently. It feels like Summers ushering us into a new phase and I take the sudden death of the King of PoP as a sign that one era has just come to pass.

    I've been seeing the number 25 on a regular basis for several weeks now. I've wondered why this particular number has been winking at me from beyond the veil and that 25/ET/Y connection feels spot on. The plot thickens...

  7. i am all over the 25 as well. it is everywhere.

  8. Drew Barrymore does the Moonwalk in Charlies Angles (2000/2K). The little girl who makes firts contact in E.T.

  9. funneling the new info into an update...

    I agree with Richard; the 25/Y connection does feel right for the Moonwalker, especially with the Y being connected to the Man on The Moon via Jim Carrey.

    Awesome synch Jake; wish I could find that clip.

  10. Toure, your post focusing on 7even filtered in to my dreams last night. I was walking in an old school w/ you and Jake Kotze and one of us said, within the matrix of being, there are only 7 people. It was a pretty "solid" dream for me. Mine aren't usually that distinct.

    I have a number of things coming together right now wrapped in the book/film *Revolutionary Road*. I need to do some real writing today regarding this, but I have honored our moment here for now:
    do well be

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