Friday, April 30, 2010

Seth Green Radio8Ball - Sound the TrumpE.T.

"I feel like a super villain at the end of an action movie and I finally gets to reveal my plan on how I am going to kill everyone." - Seth Green right after watching StarMummy 2: FloWman.

Radio8Ball With Seth Green - 03/21/2010 from The Radio8Ball Show on Vimeo.

The EXIT is the XI/11 or IX/9 thus 911 inside of the E.T. The Cosmic Consciousness reached by opening the red door and bluing our minds.

I think William Morgan and others mentioned the house inside of the EXIT (in the negetive space of EX when tilted) sign a while ago. Only recently did I realize, while staring at one with Jim Sanders at the movies, that it is a house with a red door (on the North American Continent at least in other parts of the world it seems to prefer being green which is interesting in itself..). The EXIT leads us to Home where the heart is.

Rewatching StarMummy 2: FloWman it entrains with this scene I saw yesterday in Montana. Robin Tunney is covered in blood, allot more then ever before, making her again the Robin Red Breast which got its markings while pulling the thorns out of Jesus/FloWman's crown. The syncs with Tunney have been increasing and I think it's the 2010: Contact energy moving into and vivifying the sync web.
She is thrown through a door with a sign that reads B3, Be Free. The Robin covered in the Red Flow of Christ opens the StarG8.

Next the camera moves a bit and we see the EXIT sign, this one the inverse Red Background with white lettering. This is when we have moved through the Red Door and we are in heaven, then we live in the house with the White Door (I'm just making stuff up here right now but that's how everything works actually.., universe at play!).
Here we see the Mercury motor Andras Jokes with Seth about.
He spins the Wheel of Fortune/sync to pic the song in answer to Seth's Question "Will the world end in 2012?"
See Jupiter's sign on the right of the word Fortune.

WE/ME know that Jupiter rules the wheel by its association to the Fortune card in Tarot. Note the lightning we see through the spokes of The Wheel on Crowley's Thoth Tarot version.

Jim: I was researching TrumpE.T.s and Swans and stumbled again on this poster. Just so happens that Seth Green plays BoyD the swan in the movie.

... and I am adding these graphics because they just came to me, wanted to post them but did not want to trump this Seth Green post with them.

At 18:48 Andras explains that they have had 4 6's making it 24. Meanwhile Seth strokes his mustache with his Jupiter/42/24 finger.
Right then Andras realizes this resonates 24/42 and we see sincere surprise from Seth.
The Answer song to Seth's Question "Will the world end in 2012" is called "Little Finger".
The little finger is associated to Mercury, just like the Motor Boat Seth sits by in FloWman and which they talk about after the video.
Towards the end of the clip the talk turns to Dead Bees..
The Toynbee tiles (also called Toynbee plaques) are messages of mysterious origin found embedded in asphalt in about two dozen major cities in the United States and three South American capitals.[1] Since the 1980s, several hundred tiles have been discovered. They are generally about the size of an American license plate, but sometimes considerably larger. They contain some variation on the following inscription:


The Dead Bee points towards the Resurrection of our Jupiter/Joy non-conceptual selves in 2010: The Year We/Me Make Contact.

Jim: Car Jake and I visited 3 days ago.

DB's TREASURE STATE of being is here NOW.

Swans, lightning bolts and 42's! Oh My!

This weeks The Mentalist S2 E20 Red All Over starts with a man called Xander staggering outside where many have gathered for his party. They watch in horror as he holds his neck gushing with blood and collapses dead on this staircase above. I like how the steps make a kind of stepped pyramid shape with two pillars and an arch surrounding Xander, the sacrficial victim on our pyramid.

Blue StarG8 Burst of Network overlay entrains with Robin Tunney

Robin Tunney investigates Xanders Murder as CBI's Teresa Lisbon.
What makes this syncnificant is that the Seth Green's Radio8Ball appearance, featuring StarMummy 2: FloWman, was uploaded yesterday probably very near the airing of this episode of The Mentalist. FloWman starts with Tunney drinking blood which then cuts to Xander from Buffy The Vampire Slayer (above) saying the words "No, I think it ends with a scary, disgusting, mummy" after climbing stairs and staring at the Inca Mummy Girl (resonating pyramids).
In the beginning of the clip uploaded last night Andras tells the audience that while watching our video they might feel like Malcolm McDowell as Alex in Clockwork Orange.
This references the famous scene where Alex is reprogrammed into subservience by the authorities.
In last nights The Mentalist Patrick Jane from the CBI, reluctantly Tunney's secret weapon, visits a self help 'cult' potentially involved in the Xander's murder.
Inside their Temple we see Blue Light. Immediately reminding me of the Blue Swan event earlier this week. That is when me and Jim Sanders went to the Winnipeg Legislature (a sophisticated Masonic Talisman) and noticed syncnificant Blue Reflections in the Pool of the Dark Star.

See Hey Zeus! post at The Blob for details about the Blue Swan incident and expansion of the Blue Sun idea.
Blue Light reflects in the Pool of The Black Star creating a Blue Sun and other amazing things in the marble of the Winnipeg Legislature. (click for video)

The symbol of the group, with there Blue Lighted temple, is a Big Blue Eye. Below we see the Blue radiating Eye, a variant of the Blue or Second Sun/Swan above yellow floWers.
There leader is, wait for it... just a little longer for the dramatic effect needed.... here it comez...

Malcolm McDowell!!
Peace and Love

At the Heart of it all.
Right after posting the above stuff with Malcolm McDowell and the Blue Eye/Sun I was taking my many Alex Grey posters off of my walls. I am moving rooms in my apartment..
I get to his Gaia painting which has come up before as it features two planes passing the Twin Towers resonating the 911 Mega-Ritual.
It is clearly a prophetic piece..

It shows the world tree, the Pillar of Life that has infinite fractals up and down the macro-micro-cosm such as the human spine, the Earths and other spheres axes and the caduceus.
At the Heart of the image is the eartH which is perfect as Earth is an anagram for Heart. There is a larger Blue earth sphere surrounding within which is contained all the drama of Life's becoming including the 'good' (LOVE) and 'bad' (EVOL) that makes up existence. We then have two Blue Sphere's or Suns, again it is unveiled that the Twin Sun or Blue Sun is Earth. Earth is at the Heart of it all.
LOVE=EVOL and is crowned by the Blue Eye of Joy.

It was the Blue Eye, seen moments after the one on The Mentalist, that crowns the Earth in Gaia that made me stop, give attention and let these thoughts arise. The Blue Sun, the Earth is the heart of the matter in 2010: Contact.

Just noticed that the giant Blue Eye of God and Earth has Blue Feathered wings making it a perfect Blue Bird. Tweet!
I panned my attention down and saw this swan and duck right next to a giant highlighted Blue Eye/I palm.

The Blue Bird Swan signifies that the Blue Sun/Son is arisen.

The Ugly Duckling, humanity governed by attachment, ego and mind is turning into the Swan, Earth governed by Heart.


  1. Sorry Jake. We kept trumping ourselves putting up our additions to the post. Funny stuff. Thanks for everything bro.

  2. Been looking forward to this podcast for what feels likes ages. It was well worth the wait though. I like how Seth made a point of glugging down wine/christs blood throughout the show. Great stuff guys! Loved the extra trumping.

    The Dead Bee brought to mind a movie called The Happening where the demise of the Bee population is a precursor for the awakening of the Plants. The film stars Mark Wahlburg/Whale-burg.....which reminds me.

    Moments before checking out this post I read an article about how Hermes was considered a Bringer of Dreams. In the 'Little Finger' song lyrics I heard the singer mention the Killer Whale several times. When she spoke these words I had a sudden flashback of last nights dream where I was frantically paddling towards a beach (my exit) while a giant Killer Whale swam after me. I was pan-icking because I knew I wasn't going to make it to the shore in time. The dream ended at the very moment I made contact with the Whale. Thought I'd mention it considering the flowman video helped trigger the memory.

    Also, here's an image of Sam Worthington (from a movie called Rogue) which I uploaded earlier on today.

    It's all happening!

  3. All I could think about when I watched it Richard was Dead Bees.... Dead Bees. DB 42!

  4. Dead Bee Bee Dead 42! Thanks Shaman!

  5. Stag Stag Stag.... I was going to ask you for that picture, Jake, or look through my stuff. I think it was a picture in a Beastie Boy album.I ways just thinking about it two days ago. Swan and Stags for me right now.

  6. I had a Bumble Bee materialize in my ceremony the other night. Very funny moment when someone was rolling a tobacco cigarette and touched a bumble bee thinking it was his tobacco. The bee just stayed there and we eventually put it in a cup and let it outside.

    or maybe we brought this bee back from the dead?


  7. hey jake. that is all just ridiculous. thanks for being way more aware while watching the mentalist. i knew though when i saw that big blue eye it was going to blow your mind. the blue eye looks like that pic i took of the eye wash station at the boat place.

    things are getting very pretty