Friday, September 4, 2009

Yellow Fever; miss sunshined

So there's this amazing recurrent pattern of finding Kirsten Dunst in films strange attracted to flowers or plants in general and more often then not yellow ones specifically. Above is the end credits for Mona Lisa Smile where yellow flowers sprout from her very name!
When I saw this, after consciously looking for yellow FLOWers and Dunst together, I bowed my head and shed a few tears. It was a powerful moment and felt like the Universe telling me all is good and on track, keep it UP!
Here's one of Kirsten and yellow FLOW in "Bring It On", there are a ton such examples which I will try and compile soon. A little sun sync winks hello and helps us understand the yellow FLOWer syncs.

Yellow FLOWer(RE):
The yellow FLOW of RE/Ray/Sun/Light.

The original story about this pattern and other examples is related in the post Fauna and Flora.
This yellow poster, featuring Kristen Bell (Sarah Marshall in Forgetting Sarah Marshall), caught my attention because I'm interested in Bell syncs (later..) and it feels a dead ringer for Little Miss Sunshine.
I'm into this because I'm slowly gestating a yellow submarine post, and a bus - such as the yellow one above - is an anagram for sub...
I typed Kirsten Dunst and Kristen Bell into Google a few days ago and this image of them together at a benefit was saved for further consideration.

I think I was curious that both are arising in the sync web and that there names are anagrams...
Anyways, so today I check the Internet Movie Poster Awards (probably my favorite site) and see this new version for Couples Retreat containing the yellow flower begging a closer look.
Turns out we have palm trees growing out of Kristen Bell on the far right and Kristin Davis on the far left both flanking Malin Akerman with a yellow FLOWer in her hair.

So I check the trailer because it would be cool to have the Kriste(i)n's in frame with yellow FLOWers. Then one could comfortable suggest the yellow floWer (and probably plants/flowers in general) pattern is extendable and related too that name, as originally highlighted by Kirsten Dunst.

Probably a no brainer as the name is obviously related to Christ, "the light of the world" and the yellow FLOWer clearly suggest the sun/son and all such associations.

The intimate relationship between Jesus and plants is a deep sync whole we will only invoke here.

But having connected Kristen/Christ and the yellow flower, the following reiterates a pattern suggested before in a few Sync Whole posts like The Magic of Alignment and Dead Man's Rope.
That is Christ/Jesus loudly resonating Jupiter!

Malin Akerman, just seen with the yellow flower (light/Sun/Son) in her hair in Couples Retreat, played the yellow Laurie Jupiter in Watchmen.
Yellow FlOWer resonating Kristen/Christ and Yellow Jupiter, hmm.
Note how Watchmen's iconic title also has the striking yellow as its color.

Peace In


jake's reference to Bring It On reminded me of the sequel, Bring It On: All Or Nothing, starring Hayden Panettiere...

Hayden plays the same red cheerleader in NBC's Heroes...

...alongside SOL-ange Knowles, sister of BeeYonce...

...and Rihanna.

Beyonce lookin mad fly as yellow flower/ miss sunshine / queen honeybee... Deja Vu



  1. It was beautiful.

    We were selling rich women
    their own fat asses back to them.

    He was wearing his yellow tie.

    I didn't wear a tie to work any more.

  2. Found this in my interneting. I was really interested in the red dot on the sale sign but I thought of all the shit you been doing with Kristen and thought I would save it incase it does something for you. (She has blue hair and some strange shit on)

  3. Just noticed that KIRSTEN is an anagram for TINKERS. Kinda connects her to the Bell synchronicities you hinted at in this post. I love the connection to Christ/Jupiter. Brilliant!

  4. Kirsten is Tinkers!
    Holy Crap, "pull the other one".

  5. Via Chinese Medicine the colour yellow corresponds with the LIVER

    Ciao Stinker

  6. Sm-m-mokin... jumpin jennifer/juniper jupiter jesus is a she, wonderland; peter pan was played by a girl on the stage, tinkerbell was just a light... on a string...

  7. Superb! Was at the grocery this eve and noticed Kristen Bell on the cover of a mag, and thought innocently "she looks like she's going to be important somehow." When you feel that the hints keep dropping, and the universe keeps winking and nudging you onward...well...I certainly know that joyful feeling. : ) INdeed, Keep it UP!


  8. btw, "C," that pic looks very Sailor Moon-ish to me...which according to wiki:
    "The story of the various metaseries revolves around the reincarnated defenders of a kingdom that once spanned the solar system, and around the evil forces that they battle."
    Anyone else notice the GOogle UFO today?

  9. Who is a WildCAT ?

    Panettiere - The Cat, Leopard, Panther - Ptah Netjer RA

    Hayden - Hades

    Alongside the SOL-AR Angel...


  10. Vince Vaughn always plays a wedding crasher or a frat buddy or some kind of horny dude or another and the V V in his name felt telling to me. I just realized that the Bebrew letter V or Vav means Nail, likened to the word Union or yoga, to slap two things together as one. Vav Vav is always tryin to Nail somebody is his films haha